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nats September 11th, 2011 12:57 PM

Mongoose Core Book Errata - Animals
Animal Speed
For animal speeds add the following to page 72 after the flee column of the animal reactions table which is in the format of Animal type, Speed dice throw, (Speed Range):

Filter 1D-5 (0-1)
Intermittent 1D-4 (1-2)
Grazer 1D-2 (2-4)
Gatherer 1D-3 (1-3)
Hunter 1D-4 (1-2)
Eater 1D-3 (1-3)
Pouncer 1D-4 (1-2)
Chaser 1D-2 (2-4)
Trapper 1D-5 (0-1)
Siren 1D-4 (0-2)
Killer 1D-3 (1-3)
Hijacker 1D-4 (1-2)
Intimidator 1D-4 (1-2)
Carrion eater 1D-3 (1-3)
Reducer 1D-4 (1-2)

Note that this is sauntering (walking speed), running speed is 4x faster.

Terrain DM Chart page 71
Some of the ocean type/sizes seem suspect to me according to original Classic Traveller so I have changed:
Ocean Shallows type to +2 and Size to +2
changed Open Ocean to Ocean Surface and the Type to +2 and Size to +3
Deep Ocean (Depths) Type to +2 and Size to +4
I also added Cave/Ruins as a new terrain with a Type of -3 and Size of 0 and W,W,W,W+2, F-4 and F-6 for the Creature Movement Rolls

Creature Sizes page 71
Not errata but as the rolls for animal size can effectively go up to 24 and well below 1 I added a 0 throw as a 500g animal (rat) with 1,1d6-2,1 as the stats and I added a load of new animals for the 14 to 24 rolls that go from 10000 kg up to 180000 kg in order to cover animals such as Tyrannosaurs, Megladons and Blue Whales increasing the stats as they go.

Weapons Table page 71
Again not arrata but I changed the 'no weapon' to Hooves and Horns (I dont know any animal that has no weapon at all) and added Stinger +2 and Claws +3 and Teeth +3for the 14, 15 and 16 rolls at the bottom of the table. Gives a bit more variety like the Classic Traveller animal weapons did.

Damage Attacks Table page 72
I altered this table to extend up to 100+ (increasing the dice by one each time) to cater for the much larger animals I added as above.

I personally think all this gives animals more variety and realism but if you dont agree dont change them. The only one that is really errata I think is the animal speed which should have been in the book (cant see how this was left out).

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