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aramis July 7th, 2019 05:09 AM

Alien RPG - Fria Ligan
I decided to get in on the pre-order.

The books won't ship for some time, but the starter kit PDF was sent a couple days after payment.

I ran it. Took my players 3 sessions of 2.5 hours.

The stress & panic system worked pretty well.

Looking forward to a just-shy-of-400 page book.

Includes references to Prometheus, as well as the first 3 movies...

The starter kit is over 100 pages... 1/4 setting, 1/3 rules, balance, the adventure. The plot could easily be ported to Traveller.

Mechanics are a pool of d6 ...
Base dice count success on 6, have no panic.
Stress dice count success on 6, trigger a panic check on 1.
1 success succeeds. Extras have uses.
Difficulties adjust base dice.

The things I find interesting ...
  • The zones for ranges... like CT Bk1-'77, 25m per move...
  • The maps are schematic, not deckplans.
  • The Aliens used are new strains...
  • Combat is brutal. Like Warhammer FRP 1, 2, &4, & the FFG 40K games, out of HP is take crits... the crit table is d66...
  • the adventure has a number of contingency plans - one of the best I've seen for it since the demise of DGP... It took 'til session 3 before my players managed something not covered...
  • The adventure is tuned to the PCs, but another crew could easily be substituted. The biggest change would be the agendas provided for earning story points (which are essentially 1 success able to be added after a roll.)

for those familiar with Tales From the Loop or Mutant Year Zero, it's a variant of the same engine, from the same company (Modiphius has a distribution deal with Fria Ligan, also known as Free League.)

mike wightman July 7th, 2019 09:44 AM

They are the ones behind Coriolis too - which is a good little game in itself.

Your heads up of this is going to cost me a fortune :)

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