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Magnus von Thornwood February 4th, 2019 06:29 PM

Round 2. VOODGI!
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This thread is for the Voodgi, a minor race of the Far Stars. Currently their world has not yet fallen to an invading army as the game year is 0195 PI

The Voodgi are a minor race once slaves, freed by a genocide, they then went on to have their own flourishing world within the distant outposts of vast Fifth Imperium of The Emperor's Home Galaxy. Chosen to host an Imperial Headquarters, a command center for the spinward side of the Far Stars sector of the then thriving Fifth Imperium their place among stars seemed on the rise.

Before the Fifth Imperium came they had joined the Edendextu in their vast trade empire.

All in all, since the Edendextu freed them (or from the Edendextu perspective left them to themselves and their world) they feel they have done quite well. However the Edendextu point of view is not all that inaccurate. Their war with the Voodgi's progenitors left the Voodgi with a smashed world. (It's thought this might be the reason for said discrepancies in its UWP and maps.) To the Voodgi however it was a chance to use the grand technologies left by both sides to boost themselves to the status of a free spacefaring then starfaring species, which is also true.

Then came the Great War, and their world became one of the Important Worlds indeed as the Depot there brought it war and ruin again. And yet again, left as inconsequential the Voodgi made their way back up space and are their way to the stars by their own right. Currently they have been importing a lot of their starfaring ships. But they do have a robust spacecraft industry. They are if nothing else a pragmatic and tough species.

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