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timerover51 July 9th, 2019 02:35 AM

Jump Space and other descriptions
I found the following comment in quite an old thread, and rather than doing a resurrection of said threat, thought that I would bring forward the idea of the original poster, and generate some new discussions.


Originally Posted by ACK!!
This thread is intended to give new ref's the opportunity to ask old-time Traveller hacks about how to describe common tech/items etc ... from a Traveller point of view.
As long an human anatomy does not change significantly, I assume that lower Tech Level items will not change that much, A mousetrap will look like a mousetrap (but maybe by other names). a shovel is still a shovel, and entrenching tool is likely to look like something in current use, knives/forks/spoons/plates will look like current dinnerware, those sort of things. Now, high tech items, those might be quite interesting, although I am not sure how much smaller cell phones will get, although they may be much more capable.


Originally Posted by ACK!!
How do you describe jumpspace? Is it a blank gray space? Is it a sparkling field of gray and silver?
As for Jump Space, I sort of view that, if you are looking out through a port or on a video screen, as the rendering by a crazed chimpanzee of the Aurora Borealis that is in constant random motion. Viewing for even a short time may trigger an epileptic attack in susceptible individuals, while extended viewing can result in a catatonic state, which may or may not be permanent. For these reasons, direct viewing of Jump Space is highly discouraged.

Straybow July 13th, 2019 03:02 AM

IMTU jump is enabled by unraveling three or more of the eight convoluted dimensions of the universe that correspond to the four forces. The three normal physical dimensions are collapsed into a unidimensional line along which the jumping ship travels.

Inside the jump bubble is an aurora-like display in the diffuse plasma that conducts the jump field holding the deconvoluted dimensions open.

Condottiere July 13th, 2019 04:37 AM

It's three dimensional space plus time imposed onto a two dimensional plane.

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