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samuelvss September 21st, 2013 07:34 PM

Henry awoken by Alfred, stumbles to the galley, helmet clipped to his belt, Vivian slung. He gets some caffeine into his system, and reports to Max in engineering. He comms Gayne to let him know he's working in engineering, and ask if there are any security concerns.

Fritz_Brown September 21st, 2013 09:20 PM

Donoma (shiptime?)

Originally Posted by sabredog (Post 454018)
"Donoma, how does traffic out here look right now?"

"No one else but us in this region of space. We're clear all the way to jump. I've adjusted for the Leozard. Approximately 3 hours and we're clear."


Originally Posted by SpaceBadger (Post 454022)
Fortunate Son is just under an hour from 100-D when a Jump Exit is detected, another ship jumping into Devonia system, not too far from the point you are planning to make your Jump out. ("Not too far" in space terms; about 30,000 km. Assuming the other ship sets course directly for Devonia, nearest approach to you will be about 20,000 km, unless one of you alters course for nearer approach.)

"Captain, I have a Jump Exit - 30,000 out along the 100D."

"Leozard, please confirm Jump Exit at [bearing, distance]."

Donoma checks that she is still tied into the beacon network, and waits for an ID to be transmitted. She also checks what she can with the sensors to figure displacement, configuration, emissions (including any engine information that sensors can provide).

sabredog September 22nd, 2013 12:55 AM

"Hello, and who are you? - Donoma, suss out what you can on that ship. We'll stay on course and continue to the jump. I doubt this ship is here for us."

SpaceBadger September 22nd, 2013 01:30 AM

The new ship's transponder identifies her as Wells Fargo VII, registered out of Delphi, Captain Eberi Vilshivuus commanding.

Shortly after you receive the transponder report, Alfred notifies Hampton of an incoming laser-comm from the other ship. It is a recorded message:

The image shows a man in a dark green uniform, recognizable as a tailored vaccsuit, with a logo on the left breast and a namepatch above that. He is blond and bearded and looks more like an Old Earth Viking than a Vilani, but he smiles and says: "Greetings! I am Eberi Vilshivuus, commanding Wells Fargo VII, registered courier. I hope that I have the honor of addressing Captain Rhodes, yes? I have a proposition for you, Captain Rhodes. You do not poke at my ship with active sensors or targeting systems, and I will do you the same courtesy, yes? Wells Fargo VII, out."

sabredog September 22nd, 2013 02:56 AM

"Donoma! Did you poke his ship? I'm shocked at such rudeness, really.", Hampton laughs, "No more poking, just quiet caresses with passive only."

"Kalos, if you're not to busy could you get in a turret now just in case this new guy is twitchy? Keep the fire control off and power off until we need you to shoot him full of holes. It's probably nothing but one never knows."

Hampton makes sure the Return Fire program is running in case someone shoots at the ship.

SpaceBadger September 22nd, 2013 03:04 AM

Fortunate Son (1940 shiptime, 3731-08-15)
Lt. Quigley comms to tell Hampton that he received the same recorded message from Cpt. Vilshivuus, that he has gunners ready but is holding off any active sensors or targeting at this time, and to confer with Hampton. (He is not under Hampton's orders on this mission, but as an escort - and also as a younger, less-experienced officer - he wants to make sure they are working together.)

Fritz_Brown September 22nd, 2013 06:39 AM


Originally Posted by sabredog (Post 454056)
"Donoma! Did you poke his ship? I'm shocked at such rudeness, really.", Hampton laughs, "No more poking, just quiet caresses with passive only."

"Aye, sir. Actives in standby. He's about 47,000km out from us at the moment."

Donoma continues to monitor the Fargo. She also runs a secondary/tertiary set of calculations for jump - if they want to adjust distance from this guy, or if they want to hit the limit running.

[OOC: [st]We are currently somewhere under 37,000km (out of 800,000km, and our profile, that's right at an hour from the jump) from the jump point. Does that mean he came in on our jump point? And will pass us directly?[/st] Disregard. I misread the numbers.]

SpaceBadger September 22nd, 2013 01:06 PM

Fortunate Son (2040 shiptime, 3731-08-15)
Wells Fargo VII having passed without any further exchange of messages, missiles, or coherent photons, Fortunate Son and Leozard reach Devonia's 100-D limit without further incident.

Donoma checks the Navigation program's jump parameters against her own and makes a few minor tweaks, then passes the corrected parameters to Hampton and to Leozard.

Hampton approves the parameters and presses the Go button on his holo-console. The Jump drive sucks in an enormous quantity of liquid hydrogen, and blue energy fields crackle out through the jump grid all over the exterior of the ship. If anyone looks quickly enough, they can see a similar phenomenon engulfing Leozard. Then there is a brilliant flash and the exterior sensors show nothing - or at least nothing perceptible to Human senses; the readings are correct for a normal entry into Jumpspace.

For the next 168 hours, plus or minus a few, Fortunate Son will be at the center of its own little universe... and then: Nexus system.

SpaceBadger October 12th, 2013 11:31 PM

The game continues in [SBRD] IC Game: Chapter 02 (Nexus) .

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