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ChaosBennett August 9th, 2013 11:19 PM

Rather than start a ruckus, I simply decide to stop playing with him and... start asking people if we're there yet.

SpaceBadger August 9th, 2013 11:28 PM


Originally Posted by ChaosBennett (Post 448182)
Um... I accuse Max of cheating.

Bruno laughs and tosses a handful of chips at Gayne. "Yeah, right. Quit goofing around man; do you feel that vibe in the air? My mojo tells me we are coming out of Jump."

Janna nods. "Yeah, I think I'm gonna check out the Bridge and see what's kicking, then get some shut-eye before we hit dirt." She speaks aloud to the Crew IA, "Please set main viewscreen in crew commons to Bridge view."

The viewscreen wipes its last setting (someone had chosen Classic Artwork, and it was showing Galvan's "Sunset Over the Pacific") and clears to reveal Leo P. Henry sitting at the pilot's station.

"Hey, Henry," Bruno calls out. "How's it look?"

[OOC: That reminds me, I think the main Crew IA and Passenger IA will each have names, but I figured I'd wait and let you guys name them. Any suggestions?]

[OOC: Also, anyone who wants their PC to have a custom IA that he/she prefers to interact with instead of the main Crew IA, you can name your own "special friend". :) )

ChaosBennett August 9th, 2013 11:45 PM

[OOC: Alfred and Jarvis.]

SpaceBadger August 10th, 2013 12:02 AM


Originally Posted by ChaosBennett (Post 448191)
[OOC: Alfred and Jarvis.]

[OOC: For the Crew and Passenger IAs? Those sound good to me. Any other suggestions, or approval by acclamation?]

[OOC: Do y'all (esp Captain and pilots, I guess) think that when you made your jump you would be aiming for the Gas Giant nearest to the mainworld, or aiming for the mainworld itself? Devonia is in the 4th occupied orbit of an F5 V star; there is an asteroid belt in the 5th orbit and a GG in the 6th orbit.

Devonia itself has open water, so you could most likely buy fuel at the starport or even set down somewhere and fill 'er up yourselves; Pop is only 2 million for the whole planet, which should leave plenty of wilderness beach areas unoccupied.

Heck, here is the basic world data; I will have more details for you tomorrow:

Devonia (Reavers' Deep 3125) C566674-8 Ag Ni 213
Size: 8000 km (5), Atmo: Standard, Hydro: 60%
Pop: 2 M, Balkanized, LL: 4, TL: 8
Star(s): F5 V M5 V, 12 Worlds, 1 Belts, 3 GGs
Independent, No Bases

Devonia is the 4th planet of an F5 main sequence star, and is somewhat hotter than standard, but still within human tolerance. Much of the planet is wilderness, as 75% of the planet's 2 million people live in a coastal metropolitan area around the starport, which is ruled by a charismatic oligarchy of wealthy families. The balkanized government rating refers to the other 25% of the planet's population, who have colonized various islands not too far from the starport city and live under a variety of different governments.

Fritz_Brown August 10th, 2013 12:09 AM

Donoma has posted a listing in the starport: "Master Navigator available for starship posting (other ratings, as well)". She is also keeping an eye on the arrivals, and hanging around the starport area when a new ship comes in. Always best to observe folks in person, see how they operate.

Donoma turned down the carnival offer. She didn't get a good feeling about the guy running the joint. But, she has been making ends meet - barely - with the courier service, and a couple of sailing jobs at the local harbour. (It might not pay much, but you can keep what you catch, and there's usually tips from the passengers when you help them land something, too.) She really wants back into space, though.

sabredog August 10th, 2013 12:20 AM

Re: jumping to a gas giant first...I think that would be the best SOP for travel. We can gas up before hitting the world and try to stay topped up. Speaking of which: someone might want to check the buscreens before we skim..

SpaceBadger August 10th, 2013 12:38 AM


Originally Posted by sabredog (Post 448199)
Re: jumping to a gas giant first...I think that would be the best SOP for travel. We can gas up before hitting the world and try to stay topped up. Speaking of which: someone might want to check the buscreens before we skim..

Bug-screens, as in filters on the scoops? Good idea, if it hasn't been done for awhile, plus it lets somebody go out and play EVA!

OK, I will work from assumption that y'all were aiming for the GG in 6th orbit.

sabredog August 10th, 2013 12:43 AM

I get on the intercom, "Who needs EVA time for thier certificate log? We need the scoops ptepped and checked for FOD soon as we're outta jump."

samuelvss August 10th, 2013 09:50 AM

Henry is a bit distracted, thinking about the card game he's missing. They could be playing Daibei Hold Me...

He registers the indicator, and announces, "Transitioning from jump space," and calls out the elapsed time.

He initiates contact with the starport, to confirm the information that their transponder should already be automatically broadcasting.

He checks how close they are to their destination GG, and check sensors for any traffic or anomalies.

"Alfred, patch me to the Captain." Gives Rhodes a report of their position, any traffic, anything else sensors have picked up, or a negative report on the last two.

Initiates the download of Library data from the starport, giving them a feed of everything from traffic reports, weather, news, updates of white and yellow pages, ads, and spacer bulletins. Oggles picture of Donoma whil no one is watching.

OOC: Sorry, but I've been unplugged.

atpollard August 10th, 2013 02:38 PM

Max Black (Engineer/Steward)

Max rises at 04:00, just like every day. Logs into the Engineering terminal to see if any red flags have been raised, just like every day. (A string of yellow cautions a mile long that will just have to wait a little longer and two new red warnings, bringing the total to five - all not critical systems so they, too, will need to wait a little longer, just like every day.) Max hates jump space ... 16 hour days dealing with the public plus his regular engineering duties. Of course he doesn't work all of those hours, but he needs to remain on-call in case someone needs something.

Today or tomorrow the ship will exit jump space and Max will be free to focus on Engineering and the Doc gets to deal with the passengers jump sickness complaints and medical screening.

Max perks up at the chance to play cards with some of the crew ... at least until time to start baking breakfast. The cards like him today ('there really is no substitute for luck' he thinks as he rakes in the pot of pretzels).

The lurch washes over him as the ship transitions from jump space. Max sighs.
"Deal me out" he says as it passes, "Time to deal with the public and check on the M Drives."

The drives are fine. By 06:30 trays of baked goods are ready to enter the oven, and by 07:00 the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls and muffins and bread fills the galley and commons, silently announcing that breakfast is now being served.

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