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Nathan Brazil July 2nd, 2014 12:12 PM

Secret Superweapons of the Rebellion?
I have had T5 for a little while and been reading a thread elsewhere about alternate history where there was no "No Virus". This got me to thinking, what other dirty secrets does the Imperium have hiding in its Research stations?

The ones I am aware of were:
Psychohistory (if the Psionic Suppressions were truly such)

Part 1.Were there any other actual projects in place?

Part 2.What other projects might you consider to be in place or development?
The highest TL standard in the Imperium is 15, however a few planets have TL 16 (examine T5SS and MgT publications). Sabmiqys does not count (it is interdicted not a big player in the 3I...). Once you have created the "base TL" of the research lab (TL 15 or 16)...

From a MgT standpoint, you can prototype items 1 TL higher than than your base TL so TL 16 or 17 items might exist.

From a T5 standpoint you can create "experimental" items 3 TL higher so TL 16 thru 19 (!) might be possible...

Lycanorukke July 2nd, 2014 12:38 PM

The 3I seemed to be doing a lot of biowarefare research. It seemed in the adventures than every day a secret bioweapon lab would leak its contents.

I vaguely remember a brief blurb in a magazine (Challenge?) about the factions supposed super weapons. Lucan had an earthquake inducer (using seismic maps you focus grav beams at weak points in the crust), and I can't remember the others.

There was an adventure a one point in the Marches, where the adventurers had to obtain experimental disintegrators from a Depot to fight off a Vargr fleet. And another where the IN misplaced some experimental antimatter missiles.

flykiller July 2nd, 2014 03:30 PM

you might see some ideas in the "forbidden science of the second imperium" thread. link in my signature below.

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