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pendragonman May 12th, 2013 10:52 PM

[T5 ATU] The House Rules: The Permatic Imperium.
This thread is to codify the various rulings and house rules put out by Magnus.

pendragonman May 12th, 2013 11:00 PM

On Robotic Life Control Codes.
I am sorry Citizen, but here in civilized space we don't implant people with control codes unless they have been proven to be a danger to themselves and others. Control codes are for bad people, so until you go and start becoming a menace to Life, you a never given a control code.

Have you considered that you aren't a company product, but the child of a Machine Life family? Meaning that just like Organics you brought into the world because someone want you, that you made for a parent to pass along their code and memories. Something to consider.

Just so we are all on the same page here, I mean what I say and when I say robots are people I mean robots are people. Which also means you are a person and free until you give society a reason to take that freedom.

Now, that also means that not just robots, but people who are seriously dangerous are chipped and coded, but that requires trials and such. So, not that common. Besides, mind-wipes are easier and generally cheaper.

On Robotic Life Control Codes.

All OtherLife such as Synthetics, Androids, Robots and Mechanicals are equipped at the early stage of development with a complex identity datalink (IDL).

This link allows a variation of telepathy which all Machine Life share. The IDL can access (and allow access to) cybertelepaths and mechanical telepathy implanted sophonts if the owner gives them permission either by registered contract or personal trust. Two or more IDL equipped sophonts can engage in a data handshake in which they exchange pages of data regarding the sophonts' identities, standing, missions or orders, as well as socialize in mere seconds or minutes for very detailed handshakes. Though some of the ancient Personalities can require handshakes that take hours and persnickety ones can take years just checking facts, reports and references at jump speed at best when offended or slighted. It is not wise to disrespect the Elder Ones it is said.

This IDL is funded out the Imperial Treasury under Imperial High Law covering the subject of Citizens Data Access and Other Cybernetic Rights.


Mass: 0.01 Kg Cost: KCr 0 Range(s): 7 Very Distant (50 Km) or 11 Satellite (250km)*
*[Satcomm upgrade and support. Mass 0.1 Kg Cost: KCr 50 (installation), KCr: 5/year (service).]
The Satcomm upgrade may be installed in certain OtherLife (and ManKinds) at the expense of the Imperium. The equipment may also be further upgraded by the requirements of position or function or service of the sophont installed with an Imperial Satcomm+ unit. It should be further noted that such units can have 1 Kg or larger masses and cost in the three figure KiloCredit range to MCr 4 before the classifications like [TOP SECRET] or the end stuff marked [CODE WORD] Material or worse the elusive EYES ONLY: X. (Rumor say for HI&RM and a select few RUs)

pendragonman May 12th, 2013 11:22 PM

On In Character Posting Format
In-Character Post Format Style.

Ref thinks to self how about some format guidelines.

Like Character Thoughts are Italicized. Say a PC is bored and is thinking about food, it might look some thing like this:

John Q. Publiic Example Citizen.
I sure could about kill some one for a good ham samich! he thought as he responded to the lady's question, "No, really it is a very nice dead animal you are wearing." He turned and tried to snag one of those little puffed thingies from a passing tray, any thing to eat.

Characters Speak in "Quotes, quotes, I say!"

Oh and of course the Character's Name, Career and/or Position with the adventure when those are assigned and such. It would be easier for all involved if they announced them selves when "Speaking", Thinking, Acting (or *Acting*) as preceding example of Character Examples.

Actually as long as Name and Function are there, you can play a bit with style, why not I do, but be sure to mark "Speaking", Thinking or Acting in a distinctive fashion for each.

FORMATTING NOTE 01: You do not have to underline (or *asterisk*) regular actions, but do use it for Referee Attention Actions. Might make this easier for all of us later.

pendragonman May 12th, 2013 11:53 PM

On Fonts

Font1. Arial (A useful and all around font, in "Blue" it is the Referee Voice. [The Ref politely ceding "Green" to the House of Martel from this point forward (127-2013).])

Font2. Arial Black (For Government Use mostly. "Synthetic Voices" are shown in "SeaGreen".)

Font3. Arial Narrow (Sometimes used for Notations.)

Font4. Comic Sans MS (Dear Gentlebeing, for handwriting there is no other and I can not lie.)
Note: Regarding italicized Comic Sans MS in the following combos represent the Voices of House of Thornwood (DarkGreen) and House of Daarnulud (DarkRed)
[The Ref would prefer if you didn't use these colors, but it is permissible.].

Italicized Comic Sans MS in the following combos represent the Voices of The Imperium (DarkOrchid) and His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Vlad II (Blue) are off limits, Ref Only with this Font.

All others are fair game. Though it might be noted that the Great House of Martel has claimed "Green".

Font5. Courier New (Usually for citations.)

Font6. Franklin Gothic Medium (Chinese) [Language] uses this font with "Sieanna" color.)

Font7. Georgia (Bilanidin [Language] uses this font with "DarkOliveGreen" color.)

Font8. Impact (Voodgi Sign [Language] is this font plus the color "DimGray".)

Font9. Microsoft Sans Serif (Battle (Imperial) [Language] is formatted in the color "DarkSlateBlue" for Marines, "Navy" for Spacers, or "Olive" for Army.)

FontA. Tahoma (Used with the color "SandyBrown" represents Spanish [Language].)

FontB. Times New Roman (Educational Texts & Newspapers still use this venerable font.)

FontC. Trebuchet (When coupled with "SlateGray" it becomes Old High Terran [Language]. A language that we in the 21st Century would call Future Terran Anglic and known in the late Terran Federation period through the mid to late 2nd Imperium as simply Anglic.)


This is a matrix of the colors available in current use or waiting for future assignment.
Except when I use Advanced Edit where I can't see the little square of color boxes for some reason hence this matrix. Any chance someone in CIC could look into that and PM if they need specifics of machine and software used, but I am not waving that around to much in public. This took a lot of cut and paste to do.
It lists the color (in the color cited) and in parenthesis the Language, Skill, Sense or Voice associated with that color in the Game. The challenge is to eventually see if it gets filled, which ought to be fun for the resident linguists (both playing and helping).

Row1. Color11.
Black (Anglic). Sienna(Chinese). DarkOliveGreen (Bilanidin). DarkGreen (House Thornwood). DarkSlateBlue (Battle-Marine). Navy (Battle-Navy). Indigo (Color18). DarkSlateGrey (Voodgi Sign).

Row2. Color 21.
DarkRed (House Daarnulud). DarkOrange (Color23). Olive (Battle-Army). Green (House Martel). Teal (Color26). Blue (Permatic). SlateGray (Old High Terran). DimGray (Color29)

Row3. Color31.
Red (Referee). SandyBrown (Spanish). YellowGreen (Color34). SeaGreen (Synthetic). MediumTurquoise (Color36). RoyalBlue (Color37). Purple (Color38). Gray (Color39).

Row4. Color41.
Magenta (Color42). Orange (Color43). Yellow (Color44). PaleGreen (Color45). Lime (Color46). DeepSkyBlue (Awareness). DarkOrchid (The Imperium). Silver (Perception).

Row5. Color51.
Pink (Color52). Wheat (Color53). LemonChiffon (Color54). PaleGreen (Color55). PaleTurquoise (Color56). LightBlue (Color57). Plum (Color58). [White]) (Shielded Telepathy*).

This Gentlebeings is the Official Formatting Matrix for the 1st Permatic Imperium Play by Post Game.

*Shielded Telepathy is a form of telepathic communication that could best compared to encoded laser transmissions.

pendragonman May 13th, 2013 12:07 AM

On Traveller's Aid Society Memberships
Characters who have Earned a Lifetime Membership in the Travellers' Aid Society and roll at TAS Fellowship may take the Fellowship with the "Understanding that it will awarded by the Life Member to worthy Fellow Traveller whose actions or words have benefited or furthered the sphere of both the Society and Interstellar Civilization."

This means you can't just give to a crewmate so they don't have to raise Passage, but reward them for grand deeds worthy of the Society's recognition or graduated. You may award it to your crewmate if what they did rates by Society standards. Basically, would TNS or JTAS use 500+ words to describe the events which earned the Fellowship.

This is part of being a TAS Life Member, who are expect to keep an eye (or other sensory organ(s) open for prospective Members.

pendragonman May 19th, 2013 01:17 PM

On mustering out DMs:
One is not required to use your DM when One Musters Out. However, the aforementioned Sophont must declare whether or not the DM is being used PRIOR to the actual roll.

EDIT (FOR CLARITY): The decision on whether or not said Sophont uses any applicable DM is done on a PER ROLL basis. Decision needs be made before each individual roll, and definitely before posting to thread.

Magnus von Thornwood May 20th, 2013 01:42 AM

[Referee] Life Insurance and the IRAS.

Originally Posted by Jazzlvraz (Post 435249)
From above:

If you roll Life Insurance more than once, then you've got a "saved" re-scan to use sometime during play, which saves you ICr100,000. How one gets enough experience to need a re-scan, I'm not sure; most of my Traveller games, even those that've had experience included by design or House Rule, use such long time-frames (multiple years) that players stay the same throughout the campaign.

I'd prefer Life Insurance to be a "if you get it twice, re-roll until you get something else", but it doesn't appear to be so by design.

A couple of House Rules from the Ref.

:ssb: Life Insurance: Personality Scans and Recordings.

If you have Life Insurance it is assumed your most recent update was done on your birthday or at Muster Out (the last day) of your last Career before beginning adventuring.

Thereafter if you want to update (remember, it is not just Skills and Knowledges that are backed up, so are all your memories) then you have to reach a minimum of a TL-C+, Class A Starport with a full medical suite, a hospital, or other licensed Medical facility (staffed by an MD with board certification in Personality Handling) and pay the required fees2 with adjusted Base Cost of KCr 100. For the best possible update results it is recommend that the sophont return the same scan provider that created the initial master recording but is not required.

:ssb: Life Insurance: The Jazzlvraz Clause.

If you roll Life Insurance a second time the former employer (whether government, institution, company or corporation) or maybe just a Patron guarantees to pay the required fees anywhere within the Imperium that may legally preform the updating service for one time only.

If rolled more than one time, the character may with permission bank the additional rolls.
1 A full medical suite includes the following sections (3+ rooms/section):
Reception/Waiting, Intake, Triage, Diagnostic, Trauma, Surgery, General (includes a ward), Infections (includes isolation ward), Neural, Pathology, and Morgue. All connected to a dedicated, isolated Model/5 Master Computer Array.
2 Fee rates are subject to change depending on locations.

2a I will get to working out how prices and cost are affected by QREBS, TL, World of Origin, stuff like that. In other words the Ref has to read the Benchmarks stuff again. *shrugs* It takes a while to get it into permanent memory, there is a lot of competing important data trying to get there. Just know that there is no "One price out of the Book, all pistols are the same and cost exactly Cr 500." thing going on here. (Hans should be happy. :p)

Where you purchase goods and services affects the price of said goods and services. Assume QREBS and Benchmarks in full effect. Which means for those of you who merit titles and honors and get fiefs and offices you can improve them in game and if successful (there is always a chance of failure. :devil:) reap the rewards of your work.
:ssb: Scholars: Muster Out table blank spots.
For the blanks on the Scholar Muster Out tables, if you roll an 11 or 12 on the table consult the table below:

Muster Out Additions.
2 Scholar

11. IRAS3.
12. Knighthood4.
13 Barony5.

3 The Imperial & Royal Academy of Sciences (IRAS).
The IRAS can trace its ancestry back to mythical Terra and pre-dates the Institutes or so it is said. There was a Terran Federation Academy of Sciences It is known to have existed as the Imperial Society of Arts and Sciences during the middle age of the Solar Imperium. It is not known why and when the split between the Imperial Society of the Arts and the Sciences occurred, but most theories based on the current evidence agree it was during the middle to late portion of the reign of the Psilords' Imperium. Around this time the Society of the Sciences severed their relationship with the Society of the Arts and formed the Imperial Academy of the Sciences with a Imperial Charter from the Empress Vashti XI (also known Vashti the Breaker for her love of dismantling the guilds, societies and megacorporations). Vladimir II has chosen to continue to recognize and endorse the IRAS' Charter throughout His reign.

Membership in the Academy is by invitation only and is only open to Scholars. Once invited the prospective member is interviewed by the Membership Board and if accepted presented to the Academy of the Sciences in the Whole Assembled for a vote. The time between an invitation to join and an Acceptable Vote can sometimes take years and is only really considered a possible snub when the process takes decades. These "snubs" are often Amateur Scholars whose subjects are still considered "fringe" sciences. Once membership has been extended to the Scholar they begin receiving certain privileges and perks of the IRAS.
  • The IRAS maintains a reciprocal faculty housing arrangement with the members of the Imperial University system and some private University and Institutes. This agreement allows a Scholar the status of Visiting Professor and full faculty privileges for a week per month.
  • The Academy understands that sometimes you need Crowns for continuing research and experiments more than you need another bloody High Passage. Instead the IRAS grants a member a KCr 10 Research Grant every 30 days. (This comes to an annual grant of Crowns 121,667 if requested as lump sum grant.) The grant may spent as the Scholar sees fit with a requirement to give a rough accounting of how they spent the grant at the end of the year. It is expected that a minimum of 30% of the grant be spent purely on direct research or experiments.
  • The IRAS gives special member privileges when it comes to cashing in Ship Shares. If the Scholar has 1 or more Ship Shares they may consult the table below before they spend their Shares.
:ssb: (See here for entries on an individual IRAS starship type.)

1) The IRAS may grant use of a standard 200 ton Wakanda Hawthorne class Research Vessel (Type-N) for 1 Ship Share. This ship's primary mission is data-collection after Scouts have been through the system a time or two first. The R/V may or may not have that Scout data when it arrives in a system. The vessel is designed for frontier conditions and includes a full fuel system including purifiers. It has an enclosed air/raft and a 4 ton lab space.

2) The Scholar either gains (at the discretion of the IRAS) half-ownership for 2 Ship Shares in the previously awarded Type-N which is now four years older. [Adjust QREBS accordingly] or upgrade to a standard 400 ton Laknir Lab Ship (Type-L).

3) For 3 Ship Shares the Scholar may own the standard issue Type-N, (if awarded) half-ownership in the Type-L or again at the Academy's discretion may grant the Scholar the use of a standard 600 ton Lakshmana Khukek class Long Range Lab Ship (Type-LN). This is a ship that combines the frontier ruggedness of the W. Hawthorne class with the utility and on-site data analysis of the standard lab ship. It has the full frontier fuel suite, an enclosed air/raft, and a 50 Modular Cutter.

4) If the Scholar has 4 Ship Shares they may completely own a Type-L2. If they have 5 or more Shares they may work with the Referee to either be granted an improved version of the standard Type-LN, the Type-L3. Continuing the trend 6 Shares would let them own a Type-L3.
4 The Scholar is Knighted in the The Eldest and Most Credible Order of the Institutes. (see Library entry below)
The Eldest and Most Credible Order of the Institutes.

Archivist (Initiate) is the first Rank and Title in the Order and its linage goes back to Volcker's Imperium. They are Charged and Sworn to keep accurate, politically neutral, psychohistorical records of the Imperiums and to protect the Repositories and Old Empires sites. They keep a fund that they disperse to latent psionics that missed the pre-screening due to poverty, Citizen or Subject status within the Imperium or other reasons of misfortune. They have both civilian and military members. Which is good since the Order is also Charged with keeping military forces for fulfillment of their duties to the Institutes, the Imperium and the Crown. The membership is fairly evenly divided among sophonts, worlds, or service with civilian side being filled with academia and functionaries of the bureaucracies (Imperial and Royal) and the military side is mainly ex-members of the Dump Defense Forces.
5 The character is elevated to the rank and title of Baron (World) [Imperial] and granted the standard fief. If all the Imperial Baronies have been awarded to other Barons there are three methods for awarding a Holding to the new Baron.
  1. The Baron will be awarded a Holding on a World newly entered in the Imperium and currently without Resident Peers.
  2. If the Baron's Homeworld already has a Resident Baron (Imperial), the new Baron may created on a non-Mainworld in the system and awarded.
  3. A new Barony will be created out of the Royal Holdings and be awarded to the new Baron (Surname) [Royal].
Cross Posted in the OOC thread.

Magnus von Thornwood April 7th, 2014 08:39 PM

More Play Style Guides.
Just so as people know, I actually have been and will continue using a sort of style guide for how I format posts in this game.

So, here is how I post and will use my mighty Junior Mod Powers to edit all posts eventually (I figure I may miss some in the first round, plus the priority isn't that high). So, I present the following guide for Post Title Icons (using the Post Icons box, in columns):
  1. No Icon: Not used.
  2. Paper: A document such as a Mercenary Ticket, a Cargo Manifest, a Contract, a newspaper, some form of media.
  3. ImpStarburst: A PC or NPC speaking or interacting, used for speaking or actions or even thoughts and senses. It is the active role-playing Icon. Also used for Setting materials posts.
  4. QuestionMark: Used for asking questions, or wonderings, such as asking a NPC a specific question, or to request more detail from either a Player or the Referee on a specific detail.
  5. Cool: Those dark suit wearing, comdot sporting, black shaded, Men from the Ministry. MiB types, Commandos, black project type interactions.
  6. GreenArrow: Mechanics or House Rules notes.
  7. ExclaimationTriangle: Danger or Classified documents. This indicates the post contains some element of danger the character might want to be aware of before acting.
  8. Lightbulb: An Idea! Or other item of notice.
  9. Down/UpThumbs: Expressing a negative or postitve vote regarding a post or idea previously presented.
  10. The Emoticons: For expressing that emotion, if you want to stress its use in a post.

Magnus von Thornwood April 18th, 2014 02:40 AM


Originally Posted by Supplement Four (Post 474487)
Here's a GENERAL RULE OF THUMB for T5 Players.

If your target number is close to the number of difficulty dice, you are almost always better off by making the task harder and hoping for three ones and a Spectacular Success result.

As a fair warning to players in general and mine in specific: Following Supplement Four's General Rule of Thumb for T5 Players is most def Meta-gaming the odds and will be punished by the Gods of FairPlay. Be thou warned! :omega:

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