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acgetchell November 11th, 2019 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by aramis (Post 605535)
Werror? I'm not familiar with that word... :rofl:

It's when you tell the compiler to convert warnings to errors.

acgetchell November 11th, 2019 06:57 PM

Impact rules don't make sense
On page 202 of Core Book 1 it says to calculate "Ram Number", but I don't see where in the rules it's given how to calculate it.

Instead, there is an Impact Number calculated from the Speed. "The Impact Process" further down details the Target Number for the Attack as Defender C2 minus Impact Number, but that's nonsensical, as it makes it easier to hit more agile opponents (and nearly impossible to hit an immobile C2=0 target).

Indeed, in the example given it's actually a roll by the defender to avoid impact.

In absence of errata, I'm going to go with the latter implied interpretation that the Attacker tries to Ram (I suppose Ram number should be 12 - defenders speed, or somesuch, on 2D) and the Defender tries to avoid using C2 with higher speed attackers being more difficult. The Ram number, if it ever surfaces, should probably also account for the defenders size (i.e. it should be easy to ram your starfighter into the enemy battleship, but the reverse is not necessarily true).

acgetchell November 11th, 2019 07:24 PM

Enjoying rules
I should say I'm enjoying this incarnation of the rules. Reading through the rules in between compilations, as it were.

As a physicist, I'd probably replace "Jump" with "Alcubierre warp", "Fusion+" with "Monopole Catalysis", and a few other things (e.g. Hard AI proves impossible), but this toolkit certainly allows all of that.

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