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Magnus von Thornwood February 4th, 2019 04:13 PM

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This is the thread for the starship(s) used by the Player Characters and other general starships that may make an appearance. BONUS: Also Spaceships!

This is an example illustration of the TL-G (16) Type-S 100-ton starship intended for the use by the Player Characters.

The starship the PCs will be using is not the named ISV Something Cool1.

Instead they will be Travelling in the ISV Whatever's Clever [Tail Number IS-4872D]2 a Block 1 Type-S which has been issued to the PCs by the IXSS (Imperial eXogalactic Scout Service, also known as The Service3). It is a class mate of the Cool having been made in the same ShipMaker Yards aboard the World Class Starships (WCS) that comprised the Vault Fleet in which The Emperor of the Permatic Imperium and Prince-Regent of the Fifth Imperium Vladimir II made His appearance known within the Far Stars sector some 200+ standard years ago.

Yep, this ship is over two centuries old, however it was also constructed by TL-M (21) ShipMaker Yards using the extreme technologies available to Vladimir II's Home Galaxy. It was made to last at least half a millennium before one really needs to think about it having to be scrapped out.

It is currently listed on The Admiralty Registry of Vessels as Current Status (001-0195): Detached Duty with the deckplan as noted below.

1 The Cool is merely the class' namesake ship and thus used in most illustrations of the class.

2 The D at the end of a scout vessel's tail number is added when that vessel is detached from active service. Note the tail number is not reassigned merely adjusted, this allows for the reactivation of vessels currently on detached duty with the minimal complications.

3 See thread Round 2. SCOUTS!

SpaceBadger February 19th, 2019 12:26 AM

Goodbye, Vargr's Grin!
Aww, shucks. Goodbye to the good ol' Vargr's Grin.

Magnus von Thornwood February 19th, 2019 04:15 AM

Not quite...

Originally Posted by SpaceBadger (Post 599155)
Aww, shucks. Goodbye to the good ol' Vargr's Grin.

I'm pretty sure it's out there somewhere.

And for your notes it has Tail Number 4915D.

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