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atpollard October 15th, 2018 11:10 AM

[CT Only] atpollard's PbP Traveller (1416.58 - Marco) Day 27
[Marco] - [Biter 1416.58.0050 IST (0050 local)] Sitting Room - The Presidential Palace, Ifningholm

Thury Sigbrand returned, looking far more somber than when she had left. "If I may deliver some personal messages before the official ones ..."

"Count Pavar, the Admiral extends his regards to the Emperor and has stepped down per the Emperor's request." she smiled a little "Apparently he fears the loss of Family Wealth even more than the loss of Family Honor."

"Miss Mand, the Fleet and this operation are once again under your command and, such as things are, we await your orders." said Thury calmly. "If you will permit me, I have a duty as the Ambassador to Biter."

Thury straightened her uniform and stood before Ingalil. There was no smile on her face at this point, just resolution. "Madam President, It is my duty as the Hofud Ambassador to Biter to acknowledge that you have the Hofud Fleet at a disadvantage and to inquire about your terms." She took a pause and a breath "Both for surrender and for Peace. Hofud is prepared to negotiate for the safe return of our fleet and our people."


Biter 1416.58: 0200 IST Biter Navy to launch intercept SCN at 58:2100 IST (19 hour trip at 4G)
Biter 1416.59: 2200 IST SCN fleet arrives in orbit.

Battle of Bitter: Round 5
Thury = (11)
Admiral = (9)
Hofud Fleet = (9)

Confed Navy = 6 = Neutral
Hofud Navy = 5 = Hostile
  • (Lady) Lela Kildhal-Westin [F] (age 93) - [474CG(9/D)*] - (Mayor of Trosa - former Ambassador to Hofud & Sacnoth):
  • Commodore Colin Westin [M] (age 44) - [5B9DC9] - (Biter Planetary Navy - SDB Task Force Commander [O7]):
  • Hannah Torvik [F] (age 42) - (Ingalil Yellow Card - BIG Economist):
  • Ingalil Dovell [F] (age 38) - (Smuggler/black market - Planetary President):
  • Count Nicolai Pavar (age 36) - (Hofud Nobility) [Soc 14]:
  • General Johanna Rollin [F] (age 33) - [679655] - (Commander BIG Army: ex-Mountain Man):
  • LtCmdr Thury Sigbrand [F] (age 28) - [A9AC56] - (Hofud Ambassador):
  • Liina Mand [F] (age 26) - [898B87] - (Hofud Troubleshooter):
  • Major Vega Mogen [F] (age 25) - [96AA77] - (BIG Army Staff (Intelligence): ex-Mountain Man):
  • 'Captain Sir' Marco Domici [M] (age 22) - [78A9*8(5/B)-7] (Captain/Tjanern/Domici):
  • Leah [F] (age 13) - (Firster 'Diplomatic Liaison'): ... Friendly and supportive (Daughter of 'Holly', a Scrap Yard owner in Nowhere.)

Leitz October 16th, 2018 06:55 PM

[Marco] - [Biter 1416.58.0100 IST (0100 local)] Sitting Room - The Presidential Palace, Ifningholm

The sitting room let out an almost audible sigh. Commander Sigbrand stood, the model of a Hofud Naval Professional, in front of President Dovell. Lela, Liina, Hannah, Vega, Johanna, Nicolai, and Colin had all played their part, it was a shared victory.

"My time to be small." Marco thought. He quietly turned and winked at Leah. The young lady was dead on her feet but standing properly, qana at the ready. "Our time." Marco corrected himself. He caught Leah's eye and nodded her towards a soft chair. Within moments she was fast asleep.

The others began their conversations. Marco listened.

Marco was certain that the quality and quantity of qana was the only thing keeping him upright, too. Well, stress might play into it, but mostly aromatic support. He hadn't head from Chris about Oregund or Max and Marci. He prayed both projects were well. But he prayed with his eyes open; even the current level of qana wasn't a guarantee of staying awake.

Time to move.

"Madame President, if I may intrude?" Marco stood. He too was a military professional. He was also a father, and a leader. Of sorts, anyway.

"A couple of days ago you mentioned the difficulties of maintaining a three front struggle. I believe Commander Sigbrand, as the rightful Ambassador for Hofud, has resolved the last of those issues. When the path seemed to be headed for war, I told you I would support you and encourage Firsters to do so as well. If you accept peace with Hofud then their ships and crew become something Biter must protect. Victors are responsible for their captives." Marco smiled. "If the path is peace, I will support you as well. I will help protect those who surrender to you to the best of my ability."

Marco walked to Leah and shook her shoulder gently. "Time for us to go." He whispered, before turning to Ingalil.

"Like you, Madame President, I must lead by example. My people are tired and far from home. I will lead them to peace as I led them to war." Marco looked around the room. Leah stood beside him and yawned. "Thank you, all, for your friendship and hard work."

atpollard October 19th, 2018 05:57 PM

[Marco] - [Biter 1416.58.0200 IST (0200 local)] Sitting Room - The Presidential Palace, Ifningholm

As Marco and Leah departed, the negotiators quickly broke into factions eager to discuss common interests. Biter led the talks, optimistic of a quick resolution. Lela continued to act as a third party broker representing the interests of the Theocracy ... which was a faif and lasting peace for all. As the most experienced diplomat in the room, Lela was less sure of a quick resolution, but still confident that a lasting resolution could be worked out. It fell to Nicolai to apply a little cold water to Ingalil's high hopes. As a friend, he warned her that this would be a marathon not a sprint.

"It is not the general principles that we will disagree on." said Nicolai. "You must carefully check and recheck the details. As soon as this agreement is delivered to the Hofudi Court, a million pairs of legal eyes will examine every detail looking for an advantage that they can exploit for their benefit at your expense." He smiled "You cannot prevent them from finding unexpected loopholes, you can only make sure that the wording is tight enough that they are small ones."

By 0200 IST it was agreed that a start had been made and everyone would benefit from a rest. The Hofud Fleet assumed a neutral parking orbit and further from Biter and the Biter Navy assumed a more relaxed defensive orbit closer to Biter. The Biter Navy began to rotate ships on alert and ships on standby to give the crews some rest as well.

[Marco] - [Biter 1416.58.1400 IST (2 PM local)] Sitting Room - The Presidential Palace, Ifningholm

Negotiations resumed at 10 AM with Nicolai excusing himself to pursue more interesting diversions than negotiating diplomatic minutiae.

Hannah and Liina formed an Economic Team to work on the financial and trade details. There were multiple competing interests that needed to be carefully balanced and resolved. There was the debt that Biter owed Hofud and the need for continuing TL imports if Biter was to function above its natural TL 6-7 self-sustainable limits. Balanced against this was the value of the captured Hofud Fleet. Able to go either way was the Shipyard in the Biter system that Biter now controlled, but lacked the technology to operate or maintain. Then there were the long term goals of a merchant fleet and increased trade.

Commodore Westin and Lieutenant Commander Sigbrand teamed up to discuss issues directly related to Biter Space and the defense of the system. That included maintaining Biter's TL 9 SDBs, acquiring Warships from Hofud, maintaining the Spaceport and shipyard and future rights for Hofud Military ships to enter the Biter System to refuel and for piracy suppression against the Hofud Merchant ships.

Ingalil stood over everything protecting Biter like she had protected her commercial networks. Aware that she had to have something to benefit each group ... Path, Mountain Man and Coasters ... if she was to build all of Biter.

Lela had both the easiest and the hardest job of all. Since the Theocracy wanted nothing specific for itself, there was nothing she needed to secure. Since the Theocracy had chosen to act as intermediary, Lela had to make sure the process kept moving forward.

After two hours of minimal progress, Lela was able to break the impasse over a difficult issue with a compromise that both sides considered. Hofud enthusiastically accepted, and Biter reluctantly agreed that the new Biter Planetary Government would accept the past debt from the old Planetary Government, although a new interest-free payment schedule would be worked out for the debt. Without this compromise, additional technology and investment would be impossible. With this compromise, Biter was still operating under a heavy financial burden.

By 2 PM the details of the Debt had been worked out and the group took a break for lunch.


Biter 1416.59: 2200 IST SCN fleet arrives in orbit.

Biter-Hofud Peace Negotiations:
Biter = (10)
Hofud = (6)
Theocracy = (9)
... 8 hours rest ... 1416.58.1000 IST ...
Biter = (6, 5, 6, 5 ... LUNCH
Hofud = (4, 4, 6, 12 ... LUNCH
Theocracy = (8, 5, 12, 6 ... LUNCH
  • (Lady) Lela Kildhal-Westin [F] (age 93) - [474CG(9/D)*] - (Mayor of Trosa - former Ambassador to Hofud & Sacnoth):
  • Commodore Colin Westin [M] (age 44) - [5B9DC9] - (Biter Planetary Navy - SDB Task Force Commander [O7]):
  • Hannah Torvik [F] (age 42) - (Ingalil Yellow Card - BIG Economist):
  • Ingalil Dovell [F] (age 38) - (Smuggler/black market - Planetary President):
  • LtCmdr Thury Sigbrand [F] (age 28) - [A9AC56] - (Hofud Ambassador):
  • Liina Mand [F] (age 26) - [898B87] - (Hofud Troubleshooter):

atpollard October 19th, 2018 05:58 PM

[Marco] - [Biter 1416.58.0834 IST (8:34 AM local)] Guest Suite - The Presidential Palace, Ifningholm

Marco woke and found himself in an unfamiliar room. As he observed his clothes, cleaned and pressed, hanging from some ornate piece of furniture ... his mind cleared and he recalled being led to a guest room by an insistent valet. The window was still dark, but a moment at the controls and the nearly opaque glass turned transparent. From the position of the sun, it was several hours after sunrise. There was a robe set out on a chair, so Marco covered himself, and exited the double doors of his bedroom into the private sitting room he shared with Leah. She was still in her bedroom.

The large Comm screen indicated that the current time was 8:34 AM ... 0834 Marco's brain quickly translated his familiar format ... and the current weather in Ifningholm was a cool 15C (59F) with a partly cloudy sky and calm air. There was no rain expected, but the clouds would continue most of the day and the winds were expected to pick up in the afternoon.

There was a blinking message from Lela posted 0200 this morning. They were breaking for the night. The negotiations had agreed on a broad outline and both the Hofud and Biter fleets had put a little distance between the armed ships to avoid any accidents. Lela privately suspected that it would take several days to work out all of the details, but would see to it that the Theocracy got their lasting peace between Hofud and Biter. She chuckled. "If I do my job right, neither side should be completely happy with the agreement. That's how you know that it is fair."


Marco is free to pursue any action he desires ... perhaps some plan to deal with the approaching SCN Fleet and your fiancée on that fleet?
If you want to intercept them on a Biter SDB, it is something less than 19 hours to intercept the fleet. Let me know when you want to leave and I will calculate the exact time if you want to go that route.
If you want to head back to Nowhere and leave the Biter Government to deal with the SCN, just let me know and I will move that "thread" off screen.

Biter 1416.59: 2200 IST SCN fleet arrives in orbit. (roughly 37 hours from now)
  • 'Captain Sir' Marco Domici [M] (age 22) - [78A9*8(5/B)-7] (Captain/Tjanern/Domici):
  • Leah [F] (age 13) - (Firster 'Diplomatic Liaison'):

atpollard October 20th, 2018 11:13 PM

[Biter 1416.58.0005 IST (9:05 PM local)] Village of Nowhere - Medical Clinic (Lot 4)

Alexander led a small group in sturdy clothing and boots that instantly identified them as Old Guard through the North Gate and left at the first side street towards the Clinic. Unlike the earlier group that had visited, this group was unarmed, half female and seemed to be on a specific mission.

Alexander led the Old Guard delegation into the clinic without pausing more than a moment for a brief knock to announce their arrival, before simply bursting in. Marcie paused from where she was preparing common extracts to refill empty bottles and Brandi continued counting in her inventory check until she reached a stopping point and looked up.

“Alex, What brings you here. Although I suspect Giselle will be glad to see you if you can mind your manners.” Marcie teased.

“Where’s Sapphire?” replied Alexander without even acknowledging the banter.

His reaction and the scowl on the face of the man her age accompanying Alexander immediately told her that this visit was not social. “Not here. What’s wrong?” said Marcie in her ‘Doctor’ voice.

“We need a Doctor.” said Trygve, a teenage boy with Alexander and the other man.

“Well you are in luck, because I am a Doctor.” said Marcie with a smile.

“A real Doctor.” said Geir, the other man with Alexander. “We heard you had a real Doctor here.”

“I am a REAL Doctor” replied Marcie with some annoyance. “What seems to be your problem, other than a lack of manners?”

A young woman accompanying the group placed a hand on Geri’s shoulder. “Our baby is sick.” she replied.

“Over here. Let’s see her.” Marci replied indicating an exam table. Mae, the young woman, placed her daughter Mariann on the table still wrapped in the light blanket she had been carrying her in. The toddler lay there barely moving. From just a cursory touch, Marci knew she was running a fever. The thermometer confirmed it was dangerously high.

“Brandi, go get Alda.” said Marcie “Tell her I could use a second opinion.”

Marcie quickly located the ear infection as the source of the fever. Marianne, the toddler, screamed when she scraped some of the infection out of her ear.

“She’s been complaining about her head hurting and running a fever for about four weeks.” said Mae. “She has had this a few times before, but they always cleared up in a few days or a week. None ever lasted this long. Granma Kaja said she might loose her hearing in that ear.”

“She is right. Left untreated, it could lead to loss of hearing, but we are not going to let that happen.” said Marcie.

“Not going to let what happen?” said Alda entering with Brandy just in time to catch the end of the conversation.

“Alexander said the Firsters had a real Doctor in Nowhere that might be able to help.” said Mae, “So we brought her here.”

Marcie and Alda worked together to treat the ear infection. Drops to soften, scraping to clean out the infection, rinses to clean and disinfect, and herbal mixtures to help her body fight the infection. The child cried through the whole procedure and fell asleep exhausted as soon as it was finished. With the exception of Alexander, none of the other Old Guard left Marianne’s side throughout the entire process.

“This was a waste of time.” announced Kaja softly when it was over. “They did nothing here that we would not have done at home. She may still either recover or lose her hearing from the frequent infections.”

Marcie explained that this was just a temporary treatment to reduce the danger for Marianne until Sapphire returned and could see if there was a more permanent solution.

The Old Guard agreed to withhold final judgement until this Sapphire had a chance to see ‘little Mari’.

  • Kaja [F] (age 79) - (Old Guard Healer): Herbalist-5, Medic-1 ... Maternal Grandparent of Mae. Friendly with Firsters, neutral towards outsiders. ... Major Psion [11]
  • Alda [F] (age 50) - (Firster Healer): Herbalism-3, Medic-0
  • 'Doctor' Marcie [F] (age 29) - (Medic/Herbalist): Medic-1, Herbalism-1
  • Geir [M] (age 29) - (Old Guard): Struggles go balance needs of family with personal desires. Hates Firsters (outsiders)
  • Sapphire Bradford [F] (age 28) - (Physician's Assistant - Yellow Card Path): Medic-2
  • Alexander [M] (age 27) - (Firster: Old Guard):
  • Mae [F] (age 20) - (Old Guard): Calm, respectable family, experienced and reliable. Dislikes Firsters (outsiders) ... Minor Psion [8] - Wife of Geir
  • Trygve [M] (age 15) - (Old Guard): Impatient teen, feigns apathy. Excited to visit Firsters. - Brother of Mae
  • Brandi "Medic" Cooper [F] (age 12) - (Red Card from Borgholm) down to earth - good at healing (learning Medic-0), streetwise-0
  • Mariann [F] (age 1.5) - (Old Guard): serious ear infection. Pain, puss, crying, fever ... 4 weeks. - Daughter of Mae

Leitz October 22nd, 2018 10:06 PM

[Marco] - [Biter 1416.58.0915 IST (9:15 AM local)] Guest Suite - The Presidential Palace, Ifningholm

Steam rolled up to the ceiling. The elegant fixtures didn't squeak when Marco had turned off the water. The towels were fluffy and soft. The knock at the door was soft, but not fluffy.

"Who is it?" Marco said. Since Tar and Leah were the most likely suspects he quickly dressed.

"Recruit Bass, sir. There's a messenger here for you." Tar's muted voice came through the door.

"Be right there." Marco said. He was still getting used to the suit. Pants on, shirt tucked in and buttoned up should work. Anyone else would be more formally announced and they would expect Marco to take the time to put his shoes and socks on.

"Breathe." Marco reminded himself, then pulled the door open.

Tar and Leah were dressed and ready. They were dressed like him, with the exception of having their shoes and socks on. Tar had her jacket on and Marco saw she was armed as well. The suit fit her better than last nights uniform; it was probably made for her last night.

"Sir." The messenger said. "Marquesas Kildahl-Westin wanted to ensure you were briefed on the latest comms and to see if you had any requests."

Marco read the comm and grinned. "Yes, please let the Marquesas know I would be delighted to act as a third party diplomatic mediator between Biter and the Star Confederation. We will visit her in thirty minutes and then be on our way."

"Thank you sir." The messenger bowed, and then left.

"Orders, sir?" Tar said formally.

"I need to make some comms and get my shoes on. We will be travelling shortly and probably not coming back for a while. If you have gear, time to pack it up."

He picked up his comm and punched some numbers. "Yes, Marco Domici for Ms Janice Howell. Certainly."

Marco looked at Tar and Leah. They were already packed.

"Janice, glad I could catch you. Something came up and I wanted to see if you were interested. Biter has asked the Theocracy to act as a third party to open discussions with the Star Confederation. I was going to go and wanted to know if you had a fast ship you wanted to show off?"

Marco listened, and smiled. "Thanks! We're at the Presidential Palace. There are three of us here and I'd like to pick up a couple more from home and then head out."

Leitz October 22nd, 2018 10:09 PM

[Marco] - [Biter system 1416.58.1123 PST] XS-27, Biter Gravity Well

"Sir, we have cleared planetary atmosphere. As requested, a quick view." The lead pilot said.

Lights on the flight deck were dimmed. The Howell Aerospace crew were quietly efficient as they arced away from both fleets and rolled slightly to view the planet. Marco knew they had held back on the engines to avoid creating significant atmospheric disturbance. He also know the craft was dubbed experimental. Still, Janice said it was good and her crew was going to be seen by the Star Confederation's best warships. Blowing up was probably not a great marketing plan.

Biter hung in space, far below. It was getting smaller and smaller.

"Whoa! That's so cool!" Akil said. He strained against Marco's pull; Akil's hands seemed to long for the controls. "You've done this before?"

"Yes. Some of the training jumps were even farther out. When I got shot down we were much farther out too. The pilot used the atmosphere to slow us down so it didn't kill us all on impact."

"You've jumped from this high?" Akil said. "What if you missed?"

"Haven't yet, and I try to avoid that. Let's head back to our section so the crew can do their work, okay?"

"I'm getting another sandwich." Akil said as he bolted through the hatch.

Marco paused. Ian stood still. Not reaching for controls, not shifting his eyes around for the next deal. Even in the dim light he seemed pale.

Marco stepped beside Ian and put his hand across the boy's shoulders. "You okay, bud?"

"Yeah." Ian whispered. He squinted. "It's small. I can't even see home from here."

"Captain, would it be possible to HUD up Osthammer?" Marco said.

A small red dot appeared on the screen.

"People in that city are alive because you brought them food." Marco said quietly. He pointed. "Oregund, where Tony and Cranston went. Ifningholm, where Ingalil lives now. Torshalla, Gothan's area. Nora, where the Biter Fleet Headquarters is. That's where Lanny Walker was a few weeks ago. Now she's in Nowhere."

"I didn't believe you where actually going to take us along." Ian whispered. He smiled sadly. "Now I'm not sure I should be here."

"Why not? This is space. You are a Domici." Marco turned to Ian. "Worried about something?"

"No. Not really." Ian shook his head slowly. He looked at Marco for a moment and then back into space. "When all we had was a mud floor and a sagging roof it was easy to think The Creator couldn't find us. Now, I'm not so sure."

"When I was a little older than you I went on a missionary trip. I talked big until we actually got on the ship. I was scared out of my mind." Marco pulled Ian close and then released him. "Then I was in space and The Creator seemed so real. It was like you could look around and see Him."

"Yeah. I feel funny." Ian said. "Did it change you?"

"Yeah. Let yourself feel it. Enjoy it. When you get tired or depressed, or think everything is too big to handle, think about how small things seem right now."

The captain gave Marco a nod.

"Let's head back and buckle up. Later, bring Tar and Leah up here, if the Captain says it's okay."

"Thanks." Ian said. He looked at Marco and then turned to the hatch.

Leitz October 22nd, 2018 10:15 PM

[Marco] - [Biter system 1416.58.2202 PST] XS-27, Biter Deep Space

The SCN shuttle was frozen in relative space, per direction. Janice's pilots maneuvered the two craft to docking. Maglocks pulled things in properly; a resounding vibration said the craft were connected.

Marco looked at Ian, standing next to him. He winked. "They don't let me pilot when things are this close. Mistakes get expensive."

"Is our new mom going to be here soon?" Akil said. He scratched his neck. "This feels funny."

"Look sharp." Ian said quietly. He looked at Akil. "If you want her to like you. You need to make a good impression."

"Yes sir!" Akil straightened up.

Marco forced himself to breathe. He felt like he could sense her; close enough to touch. He closed his eyes; protocol gave him at least seventy six seconds until both hatches were open. Nana had mentioned his change. One of his gifts. Maybe because of what Dona had done. Maybe The Creator just flipped a switch in Marco's brain. Maybe it was just love.

She was nervous. Or was that him? There was a kick in his gut; definately her. Doubt. Fear. Acceptence?

"I love you." He thought. No idea if she was aware of his thoughts or if he could just be aware of hers. Can't hurt to try. "I love you." He repeated. Marco savored her mental presence. This was going to be interesting. Hopefully The Creator forgave Marco for his thoughts.

A guard operated the inner latch. Marco opened his eyes. Several people stood there. One held his attention.

"Whoa, she's hu-" Ian said.

Marco had gentely elbowed Ian part way through. "Not something you said to any woman, and especially not one with chi-"

"Hey!" Akil screamed as he shot through the SCN crowd. He grabbed Irene's waist and held on tight. "Are you going to be our Mommy?"

Marco looked at the lead officer in the group. Confed captain; dress greens, full medals and decorations, confident air. The others in the group seemed at a loss to adjust to the change in process.

Marco smiled and stepped forward. "Captain, welcome to the Theocracy of the Firsters. This vessel is on loan to me and the owners have agreed to its temporary designation as Theocracy space. I'm Marco Domici; this is my eldest son Ian and you've met my youngest, Akil. Leah is one of my Diplomatic Liaisons and Miss Bass is my assistant. Welcome aboard."

"Thank you, sir. Rodier, Captain, SCN. My staff, well, it seems we need to resolve one issue first." Rodier smiled.

"Yes, quite." Marco said. His brain warmed as he looked at her. She had pulled Akil up and he had a death grip hug on her. Yet she had not moved. He held out his hand. Marco could feel her doubt.

"Sweetheart, welcome home." He said.

With three strides she was in his arms. Their lips met and he could feel her want to accept, to not doubt. He willed his love into her.

"I've missed you so much." He whispered.

"I wasn't sure." Irene replied. Her lips brushed his again.

"Oh, yuck!" Akil said. "Are you going to keep doing that?"

"For the rest of my life." Marco replied.

He smiled and stepped back. "Captain Rodier, you and your team are my guests. Fleet Command in Nora is arranging VOQ as well as a support staff to ensure any critical need your fleet has is resolved while negotiations are in progress. In the mean while, Howell Aerospace is providing us a very nice cabin for introducing ourselves. The qana is excellent and they have a blend from our Desert kin; very useful if you have had a long trip."

Marco's hand found Irene's. "Let's go home."

atpollard October 23rd, 2018 03:50 PM

[Biter 1416.58.1900 IST (7 PM local)] Bitter-Hofud Peace Talks - The Presidential Palace, Ifningholm

Negotiations picked up after lunch with Biter and Hofud negotiating hard and yielding inches, only to have their glacial progress crushed by Lela and the observation that they were too focused on short term solutions that held little hope of lasting peace. Biter and Hofud made more progress after that point, although not without pain. Talks came close to an impasse over the Hofud Shipyard in the Biter System, but the slow and steady and calm influence of the Theocracy allowed a final compromise to be reached. Biter would own and control and profit from the Highport and shipyard in its system and Hofud Merchants would be allowed to access the facilities since Hofud would have a contract to supply parts to keep it operational. It was a huge win for Biter, with just enough of a financial kickback to the right Hofudi faction to sell it politically. The Diplomats then broke for dinner at 7 PM.

[Biter 1416.58.2359 IST (11:59 PM local)] Bitter-Hofud Peace Talks - The Presidential Palace, Ifningholm

Following dinner, Hofud arrived ready to move the talks from Biter Territorial issues to a discussion on a playing field more favorable to Hofud. The issue of what concession Hofud was to give had been resolved, now it was time to speak of what Hofud stood to gain from a lasting peace. The discussion heavily favored Hofud as technology transfers were discussed. The Theocracy was quiet at first, but Lela briefly intervened to crush all arguments from both sides ... bluntly informing them both that the Theocracy both could and would take the responsibility for managing tech transfers from both of them, along with all of the profits that come from such transfers, if they could not reach an equitable solution on their own. She reminded them that the Theocracy was on good terms with both Hofud and the Star Confederation and would be glad to take a 20 percent cut off each end to act as broker if they both really wanted less profit.

Following Lela's challenge, the Theocracy resumed a background role and Hofud and Biter quickly moved closer to the middle ground. When the tired negotiators decided to stop around midnight, Hofud and Biter were close to agreement on a Peace Treaty.


Mostly filling in loose plot threads in the background.

Biter-Hofud Peace Negotiations:
Lunch ... 1416.58.1500 IST ...
Biter = (6, 7, 4, 11 ... DINNER ... 5, 5, 6, 9 ... BED
Hofud = (7, 8, 4, 5 ... DINNER ... 9, 9, 7, 7 ... BED
Theocracy = (3, 6, 6, 6 ... DINNER ... 4, 12, 5, 5 ... BED
  • (Lady) Lela Kildhal-Westin [F] (age 93) - [474CG(9/D)*] - (Mayor of Trosa - former Ambassador to Hofud & Sacnoth):
  • Commodore Colin Westin [M] (age 44) - [5B9DC9] - (Biter Planetary Navy - SDB Task Force Commander [O7]):
  • Hannah Torvik [F] (age 42) - (Ingalil Yellow Card - BIG Economist):
  • Ingalil Dovell [F] (age 38) - (Smuggler/black market - Planetary President):
  • LtCmdr Thury Sigbrand [F] (age 28) - [A9AC56] - (Hofud Ambassador):
  • Liina Mand [F] (age 26) - [898B87] - (Hofud Troubleshooter):

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