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Commander Truestar August 9th, 2007 08:36 PM

Player wanted for Traveller PbEM

My young game was to pick up the ashes of an old set of adventures.

Sadly, one of my players, a Reservist, has been tapped to play war in the sandbox...

Those playing IMTU will encounter the following things:
Additional Characteristics:
I have added:
Charisma: Effected by Int, Edu and proper skills(Streetwize...),
The ability to sway others, affect encounters, etc.
Purists say that this should be mod's from Int, Edu and skills but I
know many intelligent / educated folks who can't convince the ave
passer by that water is wet...
Morals: How "mainstream" a moral background a char comes from.
From homeworld(on the record sheet) values to career values, or a
side effect of a incident in personal history.
["greivously wounded by a Zho in hand to hand combat...]
Ex: "Sir, raised on Tarsus before being accepted by the
IISS so he's not raised to understand psions should be hunted"
Loyalty: How strong a hold the char's morals have on that them.
So a they may have come from a very strict world but be
conservative, liberal or, usually, in between.
Perception: This is effected by the Int stat and some of personal
characteristics rolled during development. A char/w "Poor Eyesight"
has their Per lowered. "Excellent Hearing" raises it.
The stat on the sheet is a base modified, by employed tech,
conditions wounds, etc...
Psi: Blank unless tested. If tested, it is the their psionic affinity. The
higher, the more Power they'll be able to use(See PSR below) and how
well they can learn talents. I use variant psi-rules which will be
explained if needed
NOTE: MTU runs very closely with the GDW OTU excluding the MegaTraveller
Assassination and the Vargr and Aslan invasions of The Marches. As such,
being a Psion is VERY dangerous even from friends / long time loved ones
Specialty Values:
Melee-Value: A shorthand reducing stats to a modifier to be applied
when a char gets into h2h combat(Blades, fists, etc)
Morale: A base increased by decorations and the number of times a char
has faced danger. Higher for military char's, it suggests when a char
might break despite best intentions
Luck: This is a simple un-modified D20 roll in Char Gen. The value is
a char's Luck. At any time, a player may appeal a failed roll to luck.
2D6 are rolled for UNDER the char's CURRENT luck. If the appeal
succeeds, the char's current luck is reduced by 3 and the player gets
to re-roll the failure
If the roll fails, play continues. Char's re-gain one point of luck per game
day(stated as one standard 24 hour period) during which they do not
appeal to their luck.
NOTE: as the test roll is 2D6, a char may be guaranteed some
automatic passes on the appeal but are not guaranteed
the resulting re-roll of the skill check will be favorable at all.
Luck has no effect on actual skill rolls.
PSR: "Psionic Str Rating" and the psionic power a char can bring to bear
through the talents they are trained in. Similar to the Mena point
PSR is based on the PSI and modified by End and by the levels attained
by the Psi-trained char. Char's using PSR will "pay" PSR points to
use their talents based on the difficulty of the task, range, area of
effect, resistance(natural or not) of any sentient targets, etc.
As stated above for Psi, these rules will be explained if they come
into play
Notes on Skills:
Fire Arms Weapon Skills: I have adjusted certain weapons from one
category to another to better suit my perceptions or personal
experience. As such, the following apply:
Combat Rifleman: Rifle, Carbine, Shotgun, Assault rifle, ACR,
Pistol: Body Pistol, Revolver Caliber rated single-shot
pistols(Ex: Service .45 caliber), Hypo-Gun
Zero-G: Accellerator Rifle, Snub Pistol, Gauss Pistol, Gauss
Automatic Weapons: Auto-Pistol(IE: Machine Pistols),
Auto-Rifle, Light Machine gun, SMG
Laser Weapons: Laser Pistol, Laser Carbine, Laser Rifle
Heavy Weapons Skills: VRF Gauss Gun, Heavy Machinegun,
Grenade Launcher Energy Weapons: PGMP and
FGMP weapons
Rules in Use:
All rolls are handled by me as the GM. It is not a trust issue but simply an
expedient to prevent misunderstandings.
I am currently only using Little Black Book Personal Combat rules. As
such, armor makes you harder to hit but does not reduce the damage
of a hit.
I currently calculate real-space ship travel in 3D allowing characters
piloting ships to specify direction of travel described in X, Y and Z with
the mainworld as 0,0,0 in a given system.
Ship Movement is vector based
I am using a collection of sensor and Ship weapons range rules from all
versions of Traveller for ship to ship combat ranges combined with
the coordinates determined in the statement above. As such, there
are additional combat maneuvers such as: "Rolling fire". which allows
a firing ship to being all its weapons to bear on any target despite
hull size and configuration but presents a cost in increased "to hit"
difficulty vs any target(s) fired on
Other than that stated above, I am using "Power Projection: Fleet" rules
for combat and can send a "boil down" of the rules to those unfamiliar
with the rules set.(IIRC, my boil down is a 10 or 11 page doc basically
explaining PP:F rules)
Scouts: largely Book 6 HOWEVER, I have adopted a some items from the
Paranoia Press book: "Scouts and Assassins" including how Field
scouts are graded(uniform piping colors, etc...), Scout
decorations(such as the Silver Asteroid) and Belt Buckle
Skill adv / learning is explained in a doc I will send if you choose to join

Actions are handled in "frames". As basic frame is sent to each player with their character's perspective. They then respond saying "that is perfect, no changes" or by stating which changes will be made to the character's actions, thoughts, statements, etc...

Changes are made to all relevant frames and resent until no more changes are made and then the scene is updated and the game moves forward.

There are more house rules but I am writing this invite from memory as I am a work and can update you further if you are interested.

The Setting:
The year is early 1112 in The Spinward Marches.
The Fifth Frontier War is newly over with significant Imperial Forces in The
Marches as Zhodani Forces deal with their unprecedented defeat.
Zhodani society in The Marches has been rocked. The High Council on
Chronor are re-ordering the surviving military structure while awaiting
word of their own fate. Elements of the population very between
panicked fear of The Imperiumto rumors of every nature of "corruption" of
their own society. This presents a significant problem for governments of
all levels as well as the Tavrchedl(Thought Police)

The partitioned Sword Wlds and Border Wlds are still "occupied" by
sentinel Squadrons of Imperial Fleets. Welcomed by some and a further
insult to others. Some worlds wish to join The Imperium, presenting
a problem as Imp diplomats deal with the paranoid fears of Imperial plans for
expansion by other systems as well as accusations of "invitation at the
point of a gun". As with the Zho, the average Sword Worlder may be
anything from panicked / resigned to fight the invasions "to the
death" to not caring so long as it does not the trains.
The border Vargr are in disarray, either grabbing power or raiding
as corsairs. From run-ins with Imp forces on station to clashes to prove
bravery and gain power, there is still a significant amount of skirmishing
happening along the coreward Marches.
Currently the char I am offering up is:
Van Kyle Ryddoth(Solomani Male Human form the Phlume System(Vilis/SM)
A former 4 term(Exploration) Scout, serving w/distinction during The FFW,
now on Detached service with the ship Dawnstar Horizon.
Skills range from Shipboard skills(Pilot and Engineering) and lesser shipboard
skills to scattered dirtside skills(Survival, JOT, Equestrian, Etc).

He has the S Class Dawnstar Horizon on Detached duty and pays his bills
working odd jobs for the Scout base and Port of Porozlo(Rhylanor-SM)
He is known for having "issues" stemming from a face to face encounter
aboard a crippled Zho ship during the FFW. From time to time he has
"seizures", diagnosed as PTSD, which is why he does not look for
interstellar work.
To the port, he is careful, honest and safe. And his ship has been "handy to
have around".
He currently has aboard a former Port Authority Administrator and a retired
IISS Admiral as well as another retired scout to meet an in-bound Tukura
Long Liner to remove passengers and bring them to Porozlo down-port until
the liner departs the high port.

If interested, email me at


Spinward Scout August 9th, 2007 09:11 PM

(Psst... Just an FYI - this goes under the Recruiting Office forum)

Looks like a great game!

aramis August 10th, 2007 04:58 AM


Originally Posted by Spinward Scout (Post 232712)
(Psst... Just an FYI - this goes under the Recruiting Office forum)

Looks like a great game!

And now it's there!

Commander Truestar August 13th, 2007 12:11 PM


Originally Posted by aramis (Post 232746)
And now it's there!

where ever "There" is.....

And now I have found one interested person, I find I need to replace another scout character.....sigh At least this one is not due to a deployment.

He is a Survey scout and albino who's quiet mannor belies his skill as a ship's pilot and the "adventures" he had to survive in order to reach this side of the 5FW... With skills any first contacter would be proud of, this tall lankey four term character can be a wild ride

Let me know if you are interested?


Jame April 27th, 2008 08:33 PM

Hmmmm ... is this still open?

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