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Keklas Rekobah July 8th, 2017 04:58 PM

Special Agent Rostami
Parvina "Vina" Zeinab Rostami - 776A98 - 38y
College Graduate - 1 Term
Intelligence Special Agent - 4 Terms
Hit Points: 20/13/7
Psionics: Unknown / Untested

Skills (Background-3, EDU-8 Bonus is 0): Animals-0, Athletics-0, Medic-0.
Skills (College): +1 EDU, Science (Linguistics)-2, Admin-1, Art (Flute)-0.


1st Term Events: D3 Contacts (1)
2nd Term Events: D3 Contacts (2)
3rd Term Events: Advance Training - Gun Combat (Slug).
4th Term Events: 2x Disaster - Injury (-1 DEX), Light Injury (No Effect)

Skills (Agent): Deception-2, Gun Combat (Slug)-2, Investigate-2, Flyer (Grav)-1, Survival-1, Drive-0, Recon-0, Streetwise-0, Vacc Suit-0.


Benefits: +1 INT, +1 INT, Weapon* (Cr1000 or Less, TL-C or Less).
Cash: Cr25,000 + Cr25,000 + Cr10,000 = Cr60,000.



Body Pistol*: TL-8, 5m Range, 2D Damage, 0kg, Cr500, 6-Rd. Mag. (Loaded).
- Awarded as Mustering-Out Benefit - Do not deduct from cash.
- Laser sight: TL-8, Cr200, Attack DM is +1 up to 50m.
- Spare Magazine (5x): TL-8, 0kg, Cr10 (5x), 6 rounds (5x).
- Suppressor (Silencer): TL-8, 0kg, Cr250.
- Total value is Cr1000.

Combined (F)ield/(S)urvival Kit: TL-8, 0kg (Backpack), Cr150 (Purchased).
- Belt Pack with Fire-Starting Eq. (F)
- Blanket/Poncho, Waterproof (F)
- Bush Hat (F)
- Bush Shirt (F)
- Bush Trousers (F)
- Canteen, Metal, with Detachable Mess Kit (Replaces water bottles)
- Compass, Magnetic (S)
- Light Cord/String (S)
- Machete (treat as 'Blade', F)
- Mirror (S)
- Rations, Iron (1 day, F)
- Rations, Preserved (4 days, S)
- Knife, Small (S)
- Survival Manual (S)
- Warm Jerkin (F)
- Water Purification Tablets (S)
- Lightsticks, Chemical (F)

Computer: TL-9, P1, 1kg, Cr100 (Purchased)
- Comms (Option), TL-9, Cr0 (Bundled)
- Interface, BW-0, TL-7, Cr0 (Bundled)
- Translator, BW-0, TL-9, Cr50 (Purchased)
- Decryptor, BW-1, TL-A, Cr5000 (Purchased)

Data/Display Recorder: TL-D, Cr5000 (Purchased)
- Linked to Computer

First Aid Kit: TL-5, 0kg, Cr 125 (Purchased)
- Medic check DM is -1.
- Clean Bandages
- Safety Pins
- Sutures with Needle Drivers
- Antibiotic (Panacea)
- Painkiller, Ingestible
- Ethyl Alcohol, 0.25 litres (8.46 oz)

Flute: TL-7, 0kg, Cr100 (Owned Since College - Do not deduct from cash.)

Protec Suit: Protection +4, TL-9, 1kg, Cr500 (Purchased).
- Tailored to appear as a slim-fitting business suit.

Total Cash Remaining: Cr49,075.00 = (Cr60,000 - Cr10,925)


Parvina is of Solomani Persian descent. Raised on an Agricultural (Ag) world. Raised farm animals. Competed in general track & field events. Learned First Aid.

Admitted to college. Majored in Linguistics. Minored in Flute. Worked part-time in College Administration. Graduated.

Recruited by Imperial Intelligence. Gained 3 contacts. Trained in Deception, Gun Combat, Investigations, Grav Vehicles, and Survival. Learned basics of Driving, Reconnaissance, Streetwise, and Vacc Suit.

Job title at separation was "Language Analysis Specialist". Worked in forensic analysis, primarily of spoken and written intelligence - sometimes in the lab, sometimes in the field.

Final field mission ended in disaster, with heavy casualties on both sides. Someone tipped off the smugglers. They attacked and tried to escape. The surveillance vehicle that Parvina was in was struck by falling debris. Parvina survived, receiving only contusions and a concussion (resulting in an overall reduction of dexterity). Special Agent Parvina Zeinab Rostami resigned from the Service, and now works as a free-lance "Security Consultant" and translator.

Parvina is not married, and has no known offspring. No psionics testing or training on record.

Known (to Imperial Intelligence) Aliases:
- Anamarija Laleh Sherazi
- Nasrin Elaheh Darzi
- Yasamin Arezou Abdulrashid

Keklas Rekobah July 9th, 2017 06:30 PM


The concept for "Vina" was based on the character "Ziva", played by Cote de Pablo on the American TV show "NCIS". As portrayed, Ziva was tough, well-trained, and driven to fulfill each mission. She would sometimes ignore "The Rules" in the interest of expediency. She was no shrinking violet, and often spoke out boldly against hypocrisy, dishonesty and other foibles of humanity.

The culture on Vina's agricultural homeworld (somewhere in the solomani Rim) retains many aspects of Terra's Middle East, especially Persia, during its Age of Kings & Sultans (c. 500 AD to c. 1900 AD). The government is secular, with all religions being accepted as long as they are monotheistic and worship the "correct" god. Humaniti - especially the Solomani - have preferential status within this culture. Men and women enjoy equal status under the law, including mandatory military service. Thus the women are as tough as the men, and just as willing to resort to violence to settle personal disagreements - a "Code Duello" exists that would do an Sword Worlder proud.

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