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flykiller August 12th, 2019 08:47 PM

thinking of a single-player game. you're the captain of an imperial navy patrol ship, 1900 dtons. role-play, tactical, strategic, full spectrum. any interest?

flykiller August 16th, 2019 03:52 PM

heh. thought I'd have to beat off applicants with a stick ....

just curious why there's no interest. too limited/expansive a premise? my ref style or setting is unacceptable? don't want a solo game? busy elsewhere? jes' thinkin' 'bout it?

vegas August 17th, 2019 06:43 PM

In my case, I was being polite and waiting one week before posting my interest to give someone else a chance to play if they wanted it.

On average, I'd rather not play an rpg 1-1 with the ref, but I think in pbp I wouldn't care as much,

flykiller August 17th, 2019 09:40 PM


On average, I'd rather not play an rpg 1-1 with the ref
I can see that. there's no reason there can't be other players, just thought I'd focus in on the captain's position. also with one player there's no delays caused by slow or vanishing players, the one player just gets to it when he can.

thinking about it I've noticed a tremendous tendency for players to prefer characters that give maximum freedom/power with minimum authority/accountability. nothing that they ever articulate, just time and time again finding that the lower echelons get filled immediately and the command slot (no matter how mild) is carefully avoided. I had thought a captain game might span that - authoritative position with isolated independence. but maybe even that is too responsibility-heavy.

vegas August 18th, 2019 12:28 AM

Can't speak for others, but I'm happy to take the "captain/boss/leader" role but don't necessarily prefer it so I'll take it if is available and not sweat it if it's not. For THIS game I just didn't want to dominate your ref time and wanted to give others a chance if they piped up. As it is, I'll jump if you say jump.

flykiller August 24th, 2019 05:22 PM

nobody else at all? well ok then.

vegas August 24th, 2019 05:52 PM

you're stuck with just me.



flykiller August 24th, 2019 05:56 PM

(laugh) if you're up to it.

I envision a "how does this actually work" game. admin, planning, crew management, jump transit times, in-system transit times, sensor and comms ranges, police actions, etc, all focusing on the captain's perspective. role-playing as you get to it, but sticking with the captain may limit this somewhat. how do you envision it?

vegas August 25th, 2019 04:46 PM

I'm flexible and I think I can play off your vision and whatever you throw at me. I didn't have a particular idea in mind.

flykiller August 25th, 2019 11:06 PM

ok, drawing up background and depictions for the game, try to start in a couple days. in the meantime you can draw up your character. here's an outline.

777BBA, age 38, commander
vacc suit / 0G 1
pilot 1, navigation 1, ship's gunnery 1, ship tactics 1
engineering 1
leader 1, instructor 1, administration 1

raise three skills (either these or add one or two unlisted) to level 2* (* means the character has been formally trained in them), and add two or three other level 1 skills as you see fit.

1105 imperial (or so). the commander, having completed assignments as division leader for engineering, flight, and gunnery divisions and as department head for operations and as instructor for (one of these), has been recently promoted and assigned command of an irkhuar-class patrol frigate - tech 11/13, 1900 dtons, j2, m4, beam/missile/sand/damper, crew 89, sx months endurance operating out of quar/chronor, to patrol neutral systems from rasatt to arden and ensure their continuing neutrality. I'll post a formal listing of ship stats soon.

senior officers: executive officer, flight deck officer, chief engineer, gunnery officer, operations officer, and security officer.

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