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Ganidirsii O'Flynn June 24th, 2003 09:28 AM

With the recent resurgence of reprints and new rules for T2K and 2300AD, I found myself tripping down memory lane again. So I thought I'd ask a few of the other Ancients around here if they had any favorite Old Gamer Stories from T2K.

I was a tanker in an Armored Cavalry Regiment in the Bad Old Days... spent alot of time out on the German border watching Russians watch me. Now, I was fairly lucky in that my loader and driver were gamers too, and there were one or two guys in the infantry platoon that accompanied us who were likewise card-carrying geeks. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

We loved GDW games for one very simple reason... They didn't take poly-dice to run... most everything could be covered with d6's or d10's, which is a bonus when your dice live in your field jacket. :cool: Nevertheless, one game that went with us everywhere was Twilight 2000. We would use an issue 1:50km scale map for gaming and snag blank op order forms from the LT to game with. But we had this one truely sacred house rule that kept the power gaming down to a respectable minimum... The Get Your Gear On Rule :D

When some Rambo-of-the-month thought that he could leap through a window, roll and come up firing while wearing a full ruck and a 40mm grenade vest, the referee could invoke the rule. The guy would then have to go and get his gear on (as close to what his character had on) and have to perform some idiot stunt (jump a chair, do a handstand, whatever). If he could do that, we figured his character would be able do do whatever physically impossible manuver the player said he did... [img]graemlins/file_21.gif[/img] All the sudden, the characters got real realistic in their actions, but we'd occaisionally have a new guy who didn't believe us, much to our general amusement :eek:

Sgt Biggles June 24th, 2003 11:12 AM

I have always found it interesting how many military types play T2K. I was part of the AF and did a lot of Spec Ops stuff as part of my career. My original Ver 1 books were laminated and made a permanent part of my TDY kit.

“Get Your Gear On” sounds like a good rule. The only time I had done something like that was when our group picked up a new player who had the “Rambo” mentality. At the time our group was 3 prior service and 1 active duty. 2 of the priors were cops the 3rd a firefighter. The newbie decided that his character would jump into the bed of a moving 2.5tn truck, scramble into the cab (after cutting through the soft top), kick the driver out and steal the vehicle. He had is kevlar, LBE, a ruck and an M60.

When told that act would be an impossible task, he argued that his character could handle it. To prove our point we took him to Hill AFB (Utah), decked him out in combat gear (canteens, ammo pouches, kevlar, etc), gave him a super-soaker squirt gun, a big one filled with water and let him assault a 2.5 moving a 5mph. He got the idea.

One of my favorite scenes involved our group moving through the devastated remains of a city. We had just moved out of a crumbled building, into a very tight alley and came face to face with a soviet tank wedged between the walls, the main gun pointed right at us. We started to move back but the coaxial MG moved with us and we heard some clanking from the tank. We tried talking, to no effect. When ever we moved the MG moved. It also moved when we didn’t but just a little. One of our group moved back into cover and flanked the tank. He found the tank had been pretty much destroyed from an engine hit. The crew was dead, and two cats were playing on the inside, bouncing off the MG every so often making it move. It sound kind of corney to read it but it sure gave us a moment of pause.

Ganidirsii O'Flynn June 24th, 2003 02:10 PM

OK, dat funny!! I just hope my referee for T:20 doesn't see that bit with the cats

As to your "get your gear on, v 1.2", well, you see what I mean when they get just a little out of hand. If your Rambo Jr. had dumped his gear and maybe had an overlook to jump from, I'd let him get by on the power of adrenaline, but not with full gear. Hell, in my D&D game, I don't let the characters move much beyond the "Hustle" move rate in armor.

Sgt Biggles June 24th, 2003 03:37 PM

Its all good though. Gotta have the laughs. A young man in our DnD group wanted to have a fighter with two weapon fighting, ambidexterity and quick draw and then use two repeating crossbows like a gun fighter. He was a little miffed when I only let him use hand crossbows.

I have a suit of armor (SCA) so I think I will have to bring out the super soakers again. [img]graemlins/file_22.gif[/img] Good idea, thanks!!

How far north are you from Salem?

Ganidirsii O'Flynn June 24th, 2003 04:13 PM

Well, Bigs I was in the SCA as well. It's kind of nice when you show pics of yourself in armor and tell them "So, think you can do a cartwheel in armor? OK, let's go out to the garage..."

Sad that gamers never seem accept real life tactics, though :eek: .

So, Heilsa AnTiran!
From a former Lordship Serjant Squire :D

Sgt Biggles June 25th, 2003 02:27 AM

Are you still a SCA member? I haven't renewed my membership sinse moving to Oregon, but I have been to some of the events down here. We have a real active rapier group. [img]tongue.gif[/img] OK, back to the topic, sorry.

It would be nice to hear some other folks T2K stories as well. This can be a real fun thread if we can get some tales coming in.

aramis June 26th, 2003 01:59 AM

As a Free Scholar of the West Kingdom Guild of Defense (SCA), I am oft pondering just what kind of bizzare fun could be had playing a group of SCAers lost in the "Big War"....

And as for cartwheels in armor: I've seen Sir Kylson come close to proper form with his helmet off... (His chinstraps never work to specification, so the helm would fall ayway...)

Back on topic...

In one game I ran, the players had cobbled together a higher-impulse fuel so they could fly their chopper.... The party died when they came under fire from a working soviet tank... from the tracers hitting the fuel.... the pilot heroically took out the tank with a burning chopper...

Mexal June 26th, 2003 02:21 AM

We ran a T2K game with a motley group of characters from various backgrounds... I was a Canadian chemistry student with a fondness for explosives who'd been drafted and ended up in the engineers. When we sorted out our kit at the beginning of the adventure, I spent just about all my allowance on explosives... and ended up in a truck by myself while everyone else crammed into a vehicle too small for them and their gear!

And then. One night we camped. I curled up in the back of my truck (a softtop). Whoever was on watch didn't do a good job. I heard something outside, got curious and unlaced part of the top and poked my head out.

The GM rolled his dice...

And I suddenly found that there was a bad guy either side of me, each holding a gun to my head. Eeep!


Sgt Biggles June 26th, 2003 02:36 AM


Originally posted by Mexal:
...I heard something outside, got curious and unlaced part of the top and poked my head out.

The GM rolled his dice...

And I suddenly found that there was a bad guy either side of me, each holding a gun to my head. Eeep!


And then.......? :confused:

Redleg58 June 27th, 2003 05:41 PM


Originally posted by Sgt Biggles:
I have always found it interesting how many military types play T2K.
LOL, you too! I did 20+ years in the army and my first set of T2K are some what dog eared. When
I got into it was (memory lane time)right after the film "Red Dawn" came out, so it more or less fit the genera...Even if (lucky us) it went better..... ;)

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