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SanDragon March 10th, 2016 10:10 PM

[T5 ATU] Cutting-Edge Permatic Imperium Technology
Was lying in bed a few nights ago and had this brain-dropping...

Advanced (Medium) Battle Dress - H

with full helmet, Psi-shield, and Personal Psionic Amplifier

A plate-armor based system for battlefield once used in the Permatic Imperium by His Imperial and Royal Majesty's troops, this battledress was top of the line and top in technological enhancements. It has been superseded and it is now the domain of high end mercenaries, household troops of nobles, and the armies of well do worlds.

It has both direct feedback controls, responding to the wearer's movements, as well as a wafer jack interface. The feedback system has fine control. Sensors are standard battlefield sensors for human norms of input.

The battledress has a rebreather system, and life support and power for 3 days' operation.

While a psionic shield is considered a given, this battledress system also has an in-built psionic amplifier.

Cr: 105.4K Mass: 104Kg Armor: 78, Cage: 55, Flash: 45, Radiation: 45, Sound: 40, Psi: 23, Insulation: 75, Sealed: 40 QREBS: 50040

Str: (x10) C2: +1 C3: -1 Max Speed: 2 Psi x10

Unfortunately, the system has some drawbacks: the drinking system makes fluids taste bad, it experiences heavy vibration during normal operations (C3 -2), suffers magnetic fluxes (Mag intensity: 5), and is known as a hanger queen. (But, given that the base tech level for this armor is 13, I am of the opinion that these would be corrected by TL17)

Magnus von Thornwood March 12th, 2016 02:32 AM

Well, thing is the TL-H BD that HI&RM issues is actually not BattleDress per sť but more a living thing that functions like BattleDress.

Now, for Merc units this is pretty righteous at first glance and yes, you would think that by four TLs later it would indeed not be an issue.

You also forgot the BattleField Override and such, but nice first effort for boredom and curiosity.

Oh, and since it is a Moderated forum you needed me to Approve the post to make it visible. Which as you can plain see here I did. Generally do, though posts with subjects like "Magnus is a poopy-butt." or something are probably going to get more thorough look-see. :D

SanDragon March 12th, 2016 12:38 PM

I thought I had barely caught a glance of something that said, "This post must be approved!"


And battlefield override?

Yes, it was a first shot, and there is still room for much improvement!

I also forgot about the living tech being used.

A few tweaks in another direction, and the Zhodani have their battledress.

Magnus von Thornwood February 7th, 2019 06:51 AM

Just an update on the above BattleDress.
This is possibly available but having ups the stakes by having but since HI&RM as of the current vision has the first line troopers sporting much better stuff. More like TL-K (19) for the basic troopers to TL-M (21) for like Marine Commando and other such types.

Thought I should update this and explain why it's in the Stickied area (which by the way is the Active Game area thus what ever happens supersedes the Unsticked threads..

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