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aramis March 31st, 2019 03:38 AM


Originally Posted by Frewfrux (Post 595559)
I voted "other." I think Traveller needs more low-tech ships, by which I mean ships that are only barely jump-capable. What kinds of difficulties would those types of ships have had to have overcome? How did they deal with no [fill-in-high-tech-here]? How can an SDB compensate for low tech weaponry?

I think I just like the challenges.

Well, in MT...
Deep-system capable T-plates are not TL9... they're TL11. (ones that work only within 100 diameters of a body are TL9 - "Antigravity
iikewise, inertial compensators and Gravitic Artificial Gravity art TL10...

So, no continuous-burn paths, freefall when not under acceleration, hard maneuvers make everyone strap in or bounce off the walls... Puts the GG's at jump range, not n-space.

Chem rockets for emergency maneuvers become a good idea, too - because the MT errata cuts the AG thrusters off sharply. (Too bad back in the day we had to wait for Hard Times to get the chem rockets...)

mike wightman March 31st, 2019 05:02 AM

Not just chemical rockets - Hard Times gives us the tools to build fusion rockets.

You can build experimental fusion rockets at TL8 and regular fusion rockets at TL9.

So you can have a TL9 jump drive on a ship with a fusion rocket, keep the thrust at 1g and you have thrust based artificial gravity, for combat maneuvering it would be a good idea to strap into acceleration couches.

They are very fuel hungry though, so you will need the equivalent of jump fuel tankage for your maneuver drive...

Shadow Shack April 21st, 2019 06:30 PM

I'm going with "other" and the explanation is "corsairs & pirate ships". Not just standard ships taken over for the purpose of criminal acts, mind you...but bona fide swift & deadly craft for use as adversaries.

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