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scout_harris December 22nd, 2004 07:25 PM

I have been using the T20 system for about half a year now. I ref two groups, one plays fortnightly, the other monthly. The monthly group are just beginning to pick up the T20 rules (the monthly now have copies of the book), and are attempting to generate up characters. Because they live at the other end of the state, they are attempting to do this without my help (also out of a desire to learn the system themselves).

Any gripe they have about the system they pass to me, which is fair enough, since I am the one who is advocating the use of the system.

There is two gripes I have fielded several times. One is the calcualtion of a characters lifeblood, which is mentioned for the first time in the combat section... very annoying to my players, (and I have to agree).
The other is poor layout. The poor layout I can understand. Having had a background in CT, MT and TNE, the T20 layout was a bit confusing to me at first, but after reading about the OGL and seeing how the T20 book attempts to keep the same basic format as the D20 Players guide, I can understand somewhat what is happenning there. Still, it is annoying to my players that all the information for generating a character is not kept in one place, and I haven't even got into how to describe to them how to have a rogue class generated in the marine service..... ( I laugh as I write this, cos I can just imagine the abuse i am going to get for this....)

However, they do like the content... which keeps them going. The feats are interesting, and I love the detailed skill descriptions (fantastic work there). So we are all going to stick at it.

Anyway, after reading this forum, I have discovered that a new player book is being written, which will help make character generation easier.
Now I am being constantly when this book will be avilable. (Please... oh please make it soon!!!!)

To close on a positive T20 is great. I have played CT, MT and TNE (ah yeah... and T4..once, and looked at GT), and I love it. I won't list all of the good stuff, cos there is too much... but in summary, it feels like Traveller and is FUN to play. (I have been reffing this game since 1983.)

Well done... now when is next improved edition comming out?.... I'll buy it.

mike wightman December 23rd, 2004 02:19 AM

If you join the moot you get access to the players guide as a pdf work in progress...

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