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robject October 13th, 2018 10:02 AM

I like Ranger's blog on He helps me think about chargen and how to fit it into a Firefly-like setting.

I would probably insert one or two mods into chargen:

1. The Reenlist roll. This is actually a trigger for a System Civil War. After mustering out, the character then enlists in his wartime career, which lasts 1.5 terms. A Military enlistee predeclares if he's on the winning or losing side, with losers taking -2 SOC and forfeiting benefits, except weapon receipts. Non-military may choose to not muster out yet and remain in the current career.

2. Prodigies. INT 10+ may begin at age 14.

The name of the game is RULES MODS more than creating rules. For example, I like modding the jump drive rules to be more stutterwarpy, or NAFAL-like, or what have you.

ShawnDriscoll October 13th, 2018 11:58 PM


Originally Posted by robject (Post 594260)
2. Prodigies. INT 10+ may begin at age 14.

That gives me an idea for the chargen app I wrote the does start some characters at 14 - 15 years old.

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