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CGW February 29th, 2008 06:36 PM

(ct) Star Trek The Next Generation : Galaxy
Star Trek The Next Generation : Galaxy a Classic Traveller Play-By-Post
set in the popular Star Trek the Next Generation Universe. We are looking for 6-8 players.

Player characters are all Officers aboard the U.S.S. Galaxy, on assignment to the Beta Quadrant in mid-2366, an area of space that borders the Klingon Empire, The Gorn Hegemony, and the Metron Consortium. Players will be required to boldly go where no CT players have gone before, and to run the Galaxy in the manner laid down by the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet Command.

This puts the game at the start of the Third Season of Star Trek TNG, Right around the time of the Episode "Yesterday's Enterprise". The game picks up from around that time, and the game would continue along from there, but not necessarily along the same history as laid down in subsequent episodes and series.

Character Generation:

Below are the basic sheets needed to complete a character for this game.

1. All players must be Starfleet Academy Graduates
2. No more than 6 total tours of duty by any PC, including the 4 years of Academy (which counts as Tour 1)
3. Any Federation race can be chosen for a PC, but PCs are encouraged to play full blood other races, rather than use the too-often used "I'm a half vulcan/half Betazoid/3/4 Tellarite" subplot vehicle.
4. No Klingons (Worf is the only one in Starfleet at this point)
5. No Soong-Type Androids, like Data on the Enterprise
6. No Medusans as PCs

Player positions:

First Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Security Chief
Ship's Counselor
Science Officer
Chief Engineer

CGW February 29th, 2008 06:40 PM

The image limit has forced me to put the Title page and the Ship Schematic in this seperate post:

The PC Starship, The USS Galaxy:

Gadrin February 29th, 2008 07:59 PM

Boy I'm sorely tempted...

Bynar Science Officer (Computer Specialist)

However my Trek-ky-ness is pretty average. I'll have to see if I have the time. I might be putting together a Phase World game via MSN Messenger since PBP can drag quite a bit.

The Hinterworlds Rambler February 29th, 2008 08:30 PM

A Bynar character means the PC would control two Bynars.

Gadrin March 1st, 2008 12:08 AM

Yeah, I've got one of the Trek Engineer series books around someplace.
That had a single Bynar in it due to some accident.

I'll have to see if I can find it.

CGW March 1st, 2008 04:36 AM

That is totally right. A PC running a Bynar would control two linked individuals... sounds very cool! I am sure with some fleshing out they would be less twitchy as they are in the show.

Other Notes:

Social Standing is replaced with Charisma (CHA), which is a measure of the characters personal magnetism and Command Presence.

For books and reference, I as a GM will be using:

The Star Trek Encyclopedia
The Star Trek the Next Generation Technical Manual
The Star Trek the Next Generation Blueprints (for maps)
Star Trek Star Charts (A new classic!)
The Traveller Book

CGW March 1st, 2008 04:42 AM

Player Character Races 1

Blue skinned humanoids from the Epsilon Indii system. Characterized by blue skin, white hair, and a pair of long antennae on their head. They are a founding race of the Federation but have a history of political trouble. Most notably is their attempted tampering with the outcome of the Babel conference of 2267. When provoked, the Andorians can become extremely savage. Generally however, the Andorians are a productive and benevolent race.

Large, canine, humanoids from Antica in the Beta Renna star system. A carnivorous species that prefers to consume live or raw meat. They had a longstanding dispute with the Selay, another sentient race that lived in their system. They applied for Federation membership in the year 2364 and negotiated a peace with the Selay. The Anticans become members of the Federation in 2371.

Fishlike humanoids from Antide III. Mostly introverted with little outside interests. In 2365 they petitioned for admission to the Federation. The petition was a ruse however, as the ambassador attempted to smuggle large amounts of ultritum to use as an explosive and destroy the conference and it's delegates. Investigation proved that the Antedian ambassador was an agent of a small terrorist group. Since then, the Antidean government has gone to great lengths to disavow any authorization of this plot. Since then, the Antedians have gained membership in 2372.

Atreans are a humanoid race from Atrea IV charactarized by skin involutions in the temporal region of the cranium that fuse with enlarged ears. Atrea IV is a class M world and a member of the Federation. Atrea IV recently underwent a ferroplasmic infusion to reliquify it's solidifiying core, which was causing massive seismic, magnetic, and gravitational disruptions. Atrean culture is one based on electronic entertainment and an industrial economy. Atrea IV is a leading manufacturer of computer systems, recreational holodeck programming, and commercial communications.

Humanoid race from Bolarus IX distinguished by light blue skin and a bifurcated ridge running down the center of the face. Bolians are one of the more active members of the Federation with supplying a large amount of officers and enlisted personnel to Starfleet each year along with extensive scientific and cultural attaches to civilian projects. Bolian culture is one of service and research. Their sciences are comparable to modern Federation standards.

Small pale skinned humanoids from Bynaus in the Beta Magellan star system. The Bynars are heavily integrated into their planetary computer network that is the backbone of their society. Bynars live and work in pairs and converse entirely in binary code with the assistance of neural implants and waist mounted buffers. Their home star experienced a massive electomagnetic pulse in 2364 and required the massive computer core of a Galaxy class starship to restart it. The Bynars are recent members of the Federation

Humanoids from Cygnet XII. A matriarchal society that is particularly advanced in computer science and electrical engineering. Their other technologies are relatively primitive. As members of the Federation, they are a popular site of technical symposia or research facilites. Cygnians are quite humanoid and almost indistinguishable from Terrans.

Humanoid race from Delta IV. Members of the Federation of over a century. Deltan's have characteristically little body hair, especially a bald head. Deltans have an inherent talent for mathematics and geometry. The Deltan race has a very highly developed sexuality and some form of sexual expression is inherent in most aspects of Deltan culture. Deltans are the one known humanoid race in which pheremones play a major role. Deltan pheremones cause powerful sexual stimulation in almost all humanoid species. Deltans have limited telepathic abilites.

A humanoid race from the Tellun star system with a reputation for being vicious and arrogant. Concluded a long interplanetary war a century ago and have a since become Federation members. Their technology has come from primitive limited interplanetary travel during the war to moderate interstellar capability. Elasian males are often well over 2 meters tall and their females have a unique neurochemical drug in their tears that makes humanoid males obey their will.

Humanoid race from Delta Dorado II in the Mutara Sector. Gideon had centuries ago managed to cure virtually all of the diseases on their planet and extend there lives. This lead to the most unprecedented overpopulation in history, with lifespans of over 300 years and a social taboo against birth control. By 2268 500 Billion humanoids living on a single class M world. This ended when the planet's ruling counsel obtained a sample of Vegan Chloriomeningits in that year, which they had no immunity to. Gideonites willingly became infected to ease the population burden. Within 10 years of intital infection only 9 billion inhabitants remained. The population stabilized at this level. The survivors of the plague joined the Federation in 2289. Their advanced medical technology has allowed for the cures to many diseases including the common cold, but many exotic viruses and bacteria are beyond their ability.

A humanoid race almost indistinguishable from Terrans. From Sigma Iotia II, they are very intelligent and have a habit of imitating anything they see from outsiders. This has caused a unique Iotian society. Originally it was based on Terran 1930's Chicago after a textbook on the period was left during an early Federation exploration mission. 100 years later another expedition caused a quantum leap ahead in technology and culture as the Iotian people mimicked the Federation Starfleet circa 2268. They have maintained this highly unique culture to this day and have become Federation members. The living museums of both time periods is a leading tourist attraction.

CGW March 1st, 2008 04:42 AM

Player Character Races 2

A race of humanoids with extremely advanced vocal and audiotory abilites. Kerelians are almost identical to Terrans except with significantly enlarged ears. Most Kerelians find employment as musicians, singers, or in the sonic sciences. This ability is the evolutionary result of a very thin atmosphere with pressures so low that many Kerelians need special treatments before entering a standard class M enviroment.

Highly intelligent non-corporeal life forms with highly ordered minds. Members of the Federation, they cannot be viewed by humanoids because optical and electromagnetic patterns emitted by their physiology causes violent psychosis in humanoid neurophysiology. Some races such as Vulcans can view them with special protective optic visors. As long as they are kept in special shielded containers, they can coexist with humanoids. They are highly skilled navigators and programmers.

Green skinned humanoid race from Rigel VII. Renowned merchants and members of the Federation, they maintained a black market in female slaves until a crackdown in the 2270's. The Orion black market was also known for Dilithium crystals and rare minerals raided from the Coridan system. This was stopped with Coridan's admission to the Federation in 2267. The Orion black market ceased to exist around 2280 with Federation interruption of all their goods. The Orions are also known for the Issik, a common currency that originated on Rigel VII. The fact that humanoid life could not arise anywhere in the Rigel system, the common belief is that the Orion race as we know it is a lost colony of another people, who terraformed Rigel VII and transplanted some animal and plant life.

Reptilian semi-humanoids from planet Selay in the Beta Renna star system. Selayans resemble upright bipedal serpents with two arms. It is an interesting fluke that two non-humanoid sentient species evolved concurrently in the same system, with equivalent levels of technology. The Selay and the other race in their system, the Anticans, entered hostilites as soon as they discovered each other. After several decades of contained war and uncontained hatred, both simutaneously applied for Federation membership in 2366. Federation mediators were able to resolve the conflict and both inhabited worlds are very recent additions to the Federation.

Distinctly porcine semi-humanoids from Tellar in the 61 Cygni system. One of the Founding worlds of the Federation, they are major contributors in the fields of metallurgy and structural engineering. Tellarites are known for being among the best architects and starshipwrights in the Federation. Tellarites have a natural predisposition for belligerency and have raised debate and oration to a new level or art. Tellarites are around 1.5 meters tall with a snout, deep-set eyes, and thick fur.

The ubiquitous race of humanoids from Sol III. Since achieving interstellar spaceflight over 300 years ago, they have proved major figures on the galactic stage. They were instrumental in forming the United Federation of Planets, and now are the leading members. The leading language of the Terrans, English, was adopted as one of the five official languages of the Federation and is the one most commonly spoken and used. The origin of the word "Human" often used to describe lifeforms that resemble them. Genetically, physiologically and psychologically flexable they can cross-breed with most humanoid races with medical assistance.

Trill are a joined species consisting of a humanoid host and a small wormlike symbiont. Among certain selected members of the host species, a symbiont is placed into their abdomen. The new lifeform has the memory of both and a hybrid personality. Symbionts can live to be hundreds of years old and have as many as 9 hosts. The humanoid Trill hosts are humanoid, with distinctive spots running down the side of their heads and necks and to their backs. Trill are members of the Federation and are known as scientists and diplomats. Trill symbionts could be fatally damaged by transporting until advances in the 2340's. Some hosts are still wary though and absolutely refuse to use them

Blue skinned and blond haired humanoids from the Tellun star system near Klingon space. At war with the Elasian's who share their system for decades, a peace treaty was signed in 2268 after the fear of interplanetary nuclear war was imminent. Their technology is limited to low warp travel within their sector, during their war they had primitive interplanetary technology equal to the Terran 2030's. Since the signing of their peace treaty both worlds have become members of the Federation.

Race of humanoids from the planet of the same name. From a society based on total logic and absolute repression of all emotions, Vulcans often seem cold and machine like by other species. Prominient members of the Federation, Vulcans are known for their advances in computer science as well as their excellent negotiation skills, making them ideal diplomats. Vulcans have limited telepathic abilites but are reserved for personal use or when other methods of communication have failed. Physically, Vulcans resemble Terrans except for elongated ears and a slightly green complexion resulting from their copper based blood. Vulcans are quite strong and have remarkable endurance.

Humanoid race charactarized by webbed fingers and slightly amphibioid features. Members of the Federation, they have found integration into the galactic society difficult. This is because they interpret normal courtesy as dishonesty and react with extreme irritation and occasional violence. Once this is taken into account, however, they are a friendly and helpful people.

CGW March 1st, 2008 05:14 AM

Design Notes Continued:

Starship is the NCC-70637, the USS Calaxy. The same class as the Enterprise, The Galaxy was the prototype of the class and first flown, and was built on Mars at Utopia Planitia.

Unlike it's sister ship the Enterprise, The Galaxy is Service Duty crew only. Key personnel have Family aboard only when there is no other option. The Galaxy has an initial crew of 1658 individuals, with the bulk of the non-duty crew compliment being comprised of mission-specific science teams, colonists, and Terraformers enroute for deploy in the Beta Quadrant. This is in conordance with the Federation Expansion Charter of 2365, which applies to the Quadrant.

Auxilliary Spacecraft

The USS Galaxy is equipped with the following shuttlecraft to support mission objectives:

10 Type 6 Personnel Shuttles:

10 Type 5 Cargo Shuttles

10 (Type Variable, Mostly 5L types) Mission Specific Shuttles

20 Type 16 Shuttlepods

5 Danube Class Runabouts
NCC-75004 Blue Nile
NCC-75626 Ohio
NCC-75881 Euphrates
NCC-75318 Tiber
NCC-75660 Volga

There is also the NCC-81044, which is the Captain's Yacht. Naming of this ship is Captain's priviledge.

Jame March 1st, 2008 10:42 AM

I am sorely tempted on this, but don't know how long my interest would last.

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