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77topaz February 7th, 2019 10:57 PM

This thead is a Referee Only thread. It is for Approved Player Charaters only. For CharGen see: Round 2. CHARGEN!.

Last two times the OOC/CharGen threads got to big to find important information so I am using this thread so PCs are easier to find and amend. Also this thread was created by copying original posts so it's kinda slop right now, sorry.

For 77topaz's Player Character see below!

SanDragon February 9th, 2019 01:03 AM

DABI SALATHIEL (ex-Pathfinder Scout)
Name: Dabi Salathiel
Born: 039-0169 PI. Died: N/A Age: 26
Species: Human. Gender: Male.
Title(s), Ranks and Offices: O2 Pathfinder Lieutenant seconded to the Imperial Army
Decorations: MCUF (2), Campaign Ribbons (2)
Fame: 1 (-1 Flux, included)

Genetic UPP: 6334xx
Birthworld: Tariess [FARS 1840] Ni Tz

Skills: Engineering-0 (Life Support-0), Science-0 (Chemistry-1), Sensors-2, Survey-3, Survival-1, VaccSuit-0.


Starting UPP: B55984 (Genetic: 6334xx).
Birth date: 039-0169 PI.

Birthworld: Tariess [FARS 1840] Ni Tz
Homeworld skills:
Ni Driver
Tz Driver

SCOUT TERM 1 (18 to 22 years old) (0187 to 0191 PI)

Enter Scouts: 6-
Commission: N/A
Branch: Pathfinder
Year 1: Training - Survey-1, VaccSuit - 0
Year 2: Training - Survival-1, Engineering -0 (Life Support-0)
Year 3: Scouting - +1 End
Year 4: Scouting - Chemistry-1
Risk: Success.
Reward: No Reward
Promotion: N/A
Rank: N/A
Continue: On to Soldier
UPP: B56984

SOLDIER TERM 2 (22 to 26 years old) (0191 to 0195 PI)
CC: C3 (End)
Branch: Infantry
Rank: O1 2nd Lieutenant
Year 1: Occupation - Skill +1 Edu
Year 2: Combat - Skill Sensors-1
Year 3: Combat - Skill +1 Int
Year 4: Peace Keeper - Skill Sensors-1
Risk: Wounded, No Reward
Reward: No reward
Promotion: Success O2
Continue: Back to Scouts
UPP: B56984

MUSTERING OUT (I used Scout for both)
Roll 1: StarPass
Roll 2: +1 End
UPP: B57A94

SpaceBadger February 19th, 2019 01:58 PM

FRANK MASUDA (ex-Scout Ranger)
Frank Masuda
Imperial eXogalactic Scout Service, Permatic Imperium

Player: SpaceBadger; Created: 01 May 2014, for Magnus's PbP Game
Name: Francisco Jackson Masuda (Frank, Pancho)
Born: 301-154 PI, Died: N/A, Seven Terms, Age: 46
Hair: Brown, Eyes: Blue, Height: 1.9m, Mass: 91 kg
Title(s): Senior Scout (7 terms), Knight of the Empire (KE), Knight of the Prepared Order of the Compass and Beacon (KB)
Fame: 19 (3 x Discoverer of [Something], plus 7 for public arrests as Ranger)
(additonal Fame 9 for secret activity as Ranger Agent limited to Need to Know) Total Fame 19+9=28
Mustering Out Money: Cr90,000

Description: Frank Masuda (Pancho to old friends) is a deceptively mild, plain-featured man. Casual friends would call him a calm, friendly person. Those with sufficient security clearance to know of his exploits as a Ranger Agent would laugh out loud at such a description. He commonly wears his old Scout Service shipsuit, unless the circumstances call for dressing up or down. He always carries at least one non-lethal weapon, varying according to local legal restrictions. If expecting trouble, he will also be carrying (holstered) his TL-F Gauss pistol with selectable ammunition (tranq, frag, penetrator) from his Ranger days.

He is frequently found around starports, either operating his detached duty Type S Scoutship Vargr's Grin or else working on some other ship, or doing a favor for someone down on his/her/its luck. His one public lament is that he never made enough discoveries for a TAS membership, and he jokes sometimes about saving his pennies to buy his way in.

UPP (final): 7DBA6C
UPP (birth): 9A9944
Genetic Profile: 6633X2

Skills: Actor-2, Admin-1, Advocate-2, Animals-0(Rider-1), Astrogator-2, Bureaucrat-2, Driver-0(Grav-1), Electronics-2, Fighter-3(Unarmed-2), Flyer-0(Grav-2), Forensics-4, Gravitics-2, Hostile Environment-1, JOT-1, Language: TBD-2, Pilot-2(SmallCraft-2), Recon-2, Sensors-2, Stealth-4, Streetwise-3, Survey-2, Survival-3, Trader-1, Vaccsuit-2

[Cascades: Starship-6: Astrogator-2, Pilot-2(SmallCraft-2); Soldier-2: Recon-2]

Heridis [FARS 1128] C 745 744-B S Ag Na Pi Tz 800 Im.
HW Skills: Animals, Survey, JOT, Driver(Grav)

Education: ED5

Imperial Scout Service (Exploration & Contact) - Three Terms
- made three Discoveries, received three Discovery Grants
- received Type S Scoutship on detached duty status
- Fame 12 from three Discoveries

Imperial Scout Service (Ranger Branch)
- Four Terms (Agent)
- four undercover (Marine Officer, Merchant Steward, Merchant Astrogator, Citizen)
- received four Commendations: 3, 6, 5, 2 (16 total)
- awarded two Knighthoods upon retirement: Knight of the Empire (KE) and Knight of the Prepared Order of the Compass and Beacon (KB)
- received Life Insurance benefit in recognition of exemplary service in hazardous duty
- Fame 16 from Commendations (7 public knowledge, 9 only for those with Need to Know)

Magnus von Thornwood February 19th, 2019 09:45 PM

JULIUS TANAKA (ex-Imperial Navy)
Name: Julius Tanaka.
Born: 049-0153 PI. Died: (Still Living). Age: 42.
Species: Human. Gender: Male.
Title(s), Ranks and Offices: O4 Lt. Commander in the Imperial Navy.
Decorations: MCUF, XS (2).
Fame: 5.

UPP: 9A4EA9.
Birthworld: [FARS 2022] Olam. As Hi In Na Va.

Admin-1, Astrogator-2, Comms-1, Computer-2, Engineer-1 (J-Drives-3, M-Drives-2, P-Systems-1), Fleet Tactics-4, Gunner-0 (Screens-1), Languages: (Anglic-9), Leader-1, Medic-1, Naval Architect-5, Pilot-0 (ACS-1), Sensors-2, Spacer-5, Strategy-1, Streetwise-1, Survey-1, Trades: (Electronics-1, Mechanic-2, Programmer-1), World Knowledge (Olam/INB Unbulne*-6), Vacc Suit-1, Zero-G-1.


Starting UPP: 795C99 (genetic: 3446X9).
Birth date: 049-0153 PI.

Birthworld: [FARS 2022] Olam. As Hi In Na Va.
Homeworld skills:
• As: Zero-G-1
• Hi: Streetwise-1
• In: One Trade: (Mechanic-1)
• Na: Survey-1
• Va: Vacc Suit-1

PRE-CAREER TERM (18 to 22 years old) (0171 to 0175 PI)
Enrol in Unbulne Naval Academy at [FARS 1425] INB Unbulne: Success.
Major: Naval Architect. Minor: Fleet Tactics.
Year 1: Success – Skills: Naval Architect-1
Year 2: Success – Skills: Naval Architect-2 (+1), Fleet Tactics-1
Year 3: Success – Skills: Naval Architect-3 (+1)
Year 4: Success – Skills: Naval Architect-4 (+1), Fleet Tactics-2 (+1), C5 (Edu) +1
UPP: 795CA9.

SPACER TERM 1 (22 to 26 years old) (0175 to 0179 PI)
CC: C4 (Int).
Enrol in Imperial Navy: Automatic.
Commission: Automatic.
Branch: Engineer.
Rank: O1 Ensign – Automatic Skill: Astrogator-1
Year 1: Siege – Skills: Sensors-1
Year 2: Mission – Skills: Admin-1
Year 3: Patrol – Skills: Computer-1
Year 4: Shore Duty – Skills: Minor: Fleet Tactics-3 (+1)
Risk: Success.
Reward: Success – XS.
Promotion: Success – Skills: Personal: C1 (Str) +1
Rank: O2 Sublieutenant.
Continue: Success.
UPP: 895CA9.

SPACER TERM 2 (26 to 30 years old) (0179 to 0183 PI)
CC: C2 (Dex).
Year 1: Siege – Skills: Computer-2 (+1)
Year 2: ANM School: Success – Skills: Engineer-0 (J-Drives-2)
Year 3: Patrol – Skills: Gunner-0 (Screens-1)
Year 4: Patrol – Skills: Starship Skill: Engineer-0 (P-Systems-1)
Risk: Success.
Reward: Failure.
Promotion: Failure.
Continue: Success.
UPP: 895CA9.

SPACER TERM 3 (30 to 34 years old) (0183 to 0187 PI)
CC: C1 (Str).
Year 1: Mission – Skills: Comms-1
Year 2: Patrol – Skills: Astrogator-2 (+1)
Year 3: Shore Duty – Skills: One Trade: (Electronics-1)
Year 4: ANM School: Success – Skills: Engineer-0 (M-Drive-2)
Risk: Success (Mod: Caution).
Reward: Failure.
Promotion: Success – Skills: Personal: C2 (Dex) +1
Rank: O3 Lieutenant – Automatic Skill: Engineer-0 (J-Drives-3 (+1))
Aging: C3 (End) -1
Continue: Success.
UPP: 8A4CA9.

SPACER TERM 4 (34 to 38 years old) (0187 to 0191 PI)
CC: C4 (Int).
Year 1: Siege – Skills: Sensors-2 (+1)
Year 2: Shore Duty – Skills: Major: Naval Architect-5 (+1)
Year 3: Patrol – Skills: Starship Skill: Medic-1
Year 4: Shore Duty – Skills: One Trade: (Programmer-1)
Risk: Success.
Reward: Success – MCUF.
Promotion: Success – Skills: Personal: C4 (Int) +1
Rank: O4 Lt. Commander – Automatic Skill: Pilot-0 (ACS-1)
Aging: None.
Continue: Success.
UPP: 8A4DA9.

SPACER TERM 5 (38 to 42 years old) (0191 to 0195 PI)
CC: C2 (Dex).
Year 1: Command College: Success – Skills: Strategy-1, Leader-1
Year 2: Shore Duty – Skills: One Trade: (Mechanic-2 (+1))
Year 3: Mission – Skills: Starship Skill: Engineer-1 (third receipt)
Year 4: Shore Duty – Skills: Minor: Fleet Tactics-4 (+1)
Risk: Success.
Reward: Success – XS.
Promotion: Failure.
Aging: C2 (Dex) -1
Continue: Failure.
UPP: 894DA9.

Roll 1: Money: Retire x2
Roll 2: Money: CR 70’000
Roll 3: Benefits: C2 (Dex) +1
Roll 4: Benefits: C1 (Str) +1
Roll 5: Benefits: C4 (Int) +1
UPP: 9A4EA9.

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