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jalberti December 21st, 2001 04:56 PM

Name: Joe
Age: 30
Country: USA, Pennsylvania
Favorite version of Traveller: MT
Military Service: Yes, Lt(jg) US Navy 4 years
Favorite Suppliment: MT Rebellion Sourcebook
Favorite Sector: Corridor
Favorite Race: K'Kree, Vargr close second
Favorite Empire: The Two Thousand Worlds

tewhill December 21st, 2001 07:12 PM

Name: Christopher Corbett
Age: 30
Country: USA, (Cambridge, MA)
Favorite Version: CT
Military Service: n/a
Favorite Supplement: Tarsus
Favorite Sector: Hinterworlds
Favorite Race: Hivers
Favorite Empire: 3I

Alan Nuss December 21st, 2001 07:49 PM

Name: Alan Nuss
Age: 47
Country: Georgia, USA (born and raised in Michigan)
Favorite Traveller Version: toss up between CT and T5 (I have draft rules from Marc Miller)
Military Service: U.S. Navy
Favorite Supplement: Scouts
Favorite Sector: Spinward Marches
Favorite Race: Humand and Vargr
Favorite Empire: The Third Imperium

Gatsby December 21st, 2001 07:57 PM

Name: Gatsby (real: Mike)
Age: 5 terms (38)
Country: Massachusetts, USA South Shore
Favorite version of Traveller: LBBs with Striker, MT tasks
Military Service: Just a civ
Favorite Suppliment: There's a bad one?
Favorite Sector: Gimme the Spinward!
Favorite Race: Darrians
Favorite Empire: The Imperium (Long live Strephon!)

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MichaelL65 December 22nd, 2001 12:40 AM

Name: Michael E. Landon (no relation)
Age: 36
Country: US (Iowa)
Favorite version of Traveller: CT
Military Service: None
Favorite Suppliment: Citizens of the Imperium
Favorite Sector: Solomani Rim
Favorite Race: Human
Favorite Empire: Rule of Man
Favorite Adventure: Secret of the Ancients (modified to make them a REALLY advanced race)

WarriorKnight December 22nd, 2001 11:48 AM

[B]Name: Robert J. Brown
Age: 38
Country: Ohio
Favorite version of Traveller: CT w/bits of MT,T4 & parts of the T5 character gen posted on the Downport
Military Service: Army,Infantry
Favorite Suppliment:to hard to decide,but I use the Scout materials alot
Favorite Sector: Solomani Rim
Favorite Race: Virushi
Favorite Empire: The Imperium & The Solomani
Fravorite World: Maggie's Nipples/The Beyond

William December 22nd, 2001 06:20 PM

Name: William Barnett-Lewis
Age: Old Enough to know better but not behaving any better... (38)
Country: God's (aka Wisconsin)
Favorite version of Traveller: MT in the GT variant Milleau
Military Service: 3 years active (Armor), 13 years reserves (Infantry, Cav Scout, Military Intel)
Favorite Suppliment: Either GT:First In or GT:Ground Forces
Favorite Sector: Spinward Marches
Favorite Race: K'kree in beer batter...Yum! Hm? Oh, well, in that case, the Ael Yael
Favorite Empire: 3I. Strephon Lives!

Elliot December 23rd, 2001 09:48 AM

Name: Elliot
Age: 29
Country: England
Occupation: Barrister
Military Service: None
Favourite Version: MT
Player or Gentleman? (i.e. ref): Ref
Style of play: Freeform, little combat (one 'set piece' per session), avoidance of dice rolls, lots of role playing
Favourite Sectors: Spinward Marches,Trojan Reaches, Solomani Rim,
Favourite 'Empire': Solomani Confederation
Favourite aliens: Droyne
Favourite adventure: Twiglet's Peak
Favourite supplement: SORAG, Library Data

Gatsby December 23rd, 2001 10:37 AM

From Above:

Name: Elliot
Age: 29
Country: England
Favourite 'Empire': Solomani Confederation
Favourite adventure: Twiglet's Peak

(Sorry: Couldn't resist it...)
Now, with you being from England and your favourite empire being the Solomani AND your favourite adventure being 'Twiglet's Peak'....

Is that the one where players get embroiled in Twiglet's career just as it reaches it's height? Twiglet is, of course, Twiggy's far future descendent....

Hey, that COULD make a good adventure....I LOVE Traveller!


kafka47 December 24th, 2001 01:31 PM

Name: Boris
Age: 32
Country: United States of Greater Toronto (when not actively travelling to the back and beyond)
Occupation: Information Professional (read: librarian)
Military Service: None
Favourite Version: a heavily modified MT
Player or Gentleman?: Referee (but wanting to join the ranks of being a player)
Style of play: Freeform, little combat, prefer long epic campaigns over single shot adventures, avoidance of dice rolls, lots of role playing plus lots of background storylines
Favourite Sectors: Solomani Rim & Hinterworlds
Favourite 'Empire': Terram Merchantile Community & Zhodani Consulate
Favourite aliens: Droyne, J'daide
Favourite adventure: Knightfall
Favourite supplement: DGP Alien Modules: Aslan & Solomani + Vilani & Vargr
Favorite Magazine: Third Imperium & Travellers Digest
What I want to see: a Traveller gaming community that would dwarf D&D
Favorite authors: Swycaffer, Asimov, MJD (if he would commit himself to a print format!)
Sorry for the long silence. My computer has been fried. So I must rely on 32K Modem on a laptop backup.

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