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pennshome723 May 1st, 2013 10:58 AM

A different look at 2300
Hello everyone,

I have a campaign set in the Traveller 2300 AD timeline, but my campaign that has been playing now for 3+ yrs is set in 2330 AD and actually is set in 2333 currently game time. I have 6 gamers (all 40-50's) in age, and myself. We use mostly a InHouse Rules set that is slightly different than standard system (Skills and Cbt system mostly), but the flavor is still Traveller in scope.

Now I never liked the political write-up of what the writer plotted out what would happen and etc. I truely believe the historical timeline that the writer defined would not happen and feel some of the directions and directions the author wrote would have caused a greater war that would of ended in the end of everyone.

So that being said, I kept what the author wrote till 2300 but then wrote my own history from there. Now I took the United States and started politally making it into a mega Nationalistic state that changed it civil liberities to focus on the people of the US first and only. The political ulta liberal left wingers bleeding hearts were put down in a massive civil revolt, either by silencing them or by killing them. The US turned COLD and many of the Rights that many take for granted changed, with the laws being rewritten. The US took on a very Conservative Dark feel, unlike anything that ever has come before. Control was the key and most people just excepted it and order was restored.

Within the US, a total focus was on Sciences, Reseach, Technology, rebuilding the manufacturing infrastructure, and the over all superstructures with the US. Also a campaign of Nationalism that border on pure Hatred began. So the US continued to focus on the near planets within the solar system like Mars, and started to build up R&D stations and resorces there. So by 2020 the US had build quite large self suficiant colonies on Mars, that seem to be very well organized and quite complete, but were extremely Nationalistic and had pure hatred for the rest of the world at large.

Also in my campaign the Kafer war had increased with the threat up and down both the French and Chineese arms had greatly increased. The American arm had been also attack, BUT the US had mostly been untouched and greatly beefed up their military build up to defend their colonies that when they came they were driven off strongly.

So back in the Earth home system of Sol, on the planet of Mars...the US discovered something. They discover a vast Ancient Alien complex that was still mostly opperational, and booted up the abandoned complex. They then discovered that there were a number of other complexs both on the planet and few scattered throughout the system. They then secretly moved in and began a huge campaign in secret to understand and discover how and what everything was and how it was used. They were able to re-engineer many new tech upgrades or new technologies.

The new Technologies were; Genetics, Clones, Robotics, Electronics, Sensors, Metals, New Energy Source, Plasma Energy Weapons, Energy Shielding, and a new Drive system. So with all that being said move forward to 2030 AD. The US has fully recovered it mechanical and technological lead in the world. The infrastructure of the US has been totally rebuilt and the US exports more than it imports in total trade. The US has begun to immunize all "Citizens" with a new drug that Genetically alters them to boost the imune system and fights off most common diseases and they have a cure for both cancer and alzheimers. The dugs are ONLY available to US "Citizens", no one else can have them

Next in 2330 Jan 15th the US attacked Mexico and used many of their new secret weapons in a major attack on Mexico. Texas rejoined the US and the US took back all of it's lost lands. In that fight is came out that the US had a vast fighting force of Super Soldiers that were Genentically Enhanced Clones, as well as War Battle Bots that were like Terminators, with advanced field weapons and Energy Plasma Tanks that destrowed all in their paths. Also the US had rolled out of their Martian Ships yards brand new Crusiers, the size and likes that no one in Earth has ever seen before. These same cruisers began planetary bombardment of Mexico using the new Plasma Energy weapons, and the destructive firepower was far more than anyone has ever seen. Some other nations tried to stop the attack, but they withdrew after being fired on by these new ships. Most nations turned a blind eye to the attack, and Mexico was left out in the cold and alone.
The US did not take Mexico, but left it in ruins after the destroyed all of their millitary.

From that point on the US step up it masive buildup of Military and the US Marines force swelled to a size that was larger than any other fighting force ever. Add to that all the Battle Bots , and the many new Naval ships being added to Naval forces of the US, all in the cause to "Defend against the kafer threat" that the other nations seem to not able to defeat. So advanced to 2333 in the campaign, the US forces have advanced down all the arms and fighting the kafers. All the nations of the world are in fear of the Kafer threat, but are just of afraid of the threat of the Americans. They have become a mega Dark nation and everyone fears them, add to this the US Marianes where battle plate armor which looks like Halo armor...most don't know if it is a Human, Clone or even a Robotic trooper.

In trueth once the build up is completd and American assest are on all collonies and systems, they will take control. All other nations of the Earth will either surrender or be leveled. The players are apart of the culture and are Special Ops team (all genetically enhanced humans), trying to do their jobs and serve the people an the nation.

Their motto:

We are friends of Justice, Brother to Brother for One and all, United we stand, and divided others will fall. We are here to Serve and Protect, the bringers of Justice for One and ALL.

NOTE: The real motto is : "Justice for Just US"

It is a DARK campaign set in Nationalism and Hatred, and the world will suffer the pain<VBG>!!!

NOTE: It is all in fun and well these 6 guys have loved playing this campaign now for 3+ years on a mostly weekly basis...that has to say something. I have GM's Traveller now for 25+ yrs and played Traveller now for 37+

pennshome723 July 27th, 2013 07:54 PM

We do have fun playing this campaign idea alot...but we are now thing after all this time in playing thise campaign we will try something new and different.

pennshome723 September 24th, 2013 01:02 PM

Another thing that I just started to use in my game is Bridge Technology. Basically a jump gate is constructed at a permanent location point within one solar system, and another jump gate is built in a distant solar system. If both points are known, a worm hole can be created through Jump Space between the two points allowing the jump ship to make the jump back and forth.

In my game the Americans have managed to build two sets of these gates and bridge the gap to connect up to new regions of space. They are also build a couple of other gates to make the trip out from earth and down the American arm a lot faster.

pennshome723 September 24th, 2013 01:07 PM

The main reason for doing that, it opens up a lot more pure exploration for the players and means we will not have to step on others designs for systems and etc. Honestly it looks like the American arm of 2300 will be the last to be worked on or even covered so I might as well do my own thing.

pennshome723 September 25th, 2013 01:36 PM

I also use the concept of a "Carry-ALL"...a larger ship that can also pick up smaller ones and Jump with them. It helps the plot line if that is used to drop off a explorer ship in a system and they only way they can leave is to wait for the Carry-All to return.

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