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SpaceBadger July 23rd, 2013 07:16 PM

[SBRD] Prep: Characters
This thread is for posting of characters created for the [SBRD] Reavers' Deep Play-by-Post campaign.

What you post here should be what you want all of your fellow PCs to know about your character, keeping in mind that all or most of you are already serving on a ship together as crewmates (we'll see how the details work out as characters are made; you don't have to make a member of the crew, but it should at least be someone who could be a passenger or otherwise part of the team).

Send complete character sheet (with all the background you want to have) to me by email or PM, so we can work out anything that might need modification to fit the background.

If you have questions about the chargen process, either email/PM me, or put it in the other thread so we can all discuss it.

SpaceBadger July 24th, 2013 03:16 AM

For those of you still thinking about what kind of character you want to create, here is what we have so far:

Dave Chase has Doc Freeman, a Navy doctor

Sabredog has Hampton Rhodes, a Merchant Captain with a share in the ship

Fritz Brown has shown me a bunch of interesting characters that he made, but hasn't decided which one he will play in this campaign.

I haven't heard anything about characters from the rest of you.

sabredog July 24th, 2013 03:48 AM

As a suggestion, we could probably use characters with some engineering, navigation, steward (if we take on passengers, but anyone can make a sandwich in a pinch), gunnery, and computer. At least for the shipboard skills.

SpaceBadger July 24th, 2013 01:50 PM


Originally Posted by sabredog (Post 446223)
As a suggestion, we could probably use characters with some engineering, navigation, steward (if we take on passengers, but anyone can make a sandwich in a pinch), gunnery, and computer. At least for the shipboard skills.

I agree w all of the above, but would suggest that for general ship operations, Computer skill (programming and hacking) is not so important as Communications and Sensors. Although I believe Fritz has decided on a character who will excel at those skills, it never hurts to have some redundancy in important skills for operating the ship (for example, it would be nice to have another Pilot in case something happens to Sabredog's Hampton Rhodes).

I'll also note that Navigation is actually an important ship skill IMTU. Any Pilot can run the Nav programs if you have them on your computer, but it is a really good idea to have an actual trained Navigator who comprehends and can check the inputs into the program, and the results produced by the program!

Also, to DaveChase and Sabredog: since you have your characters ready, would you please make a public version of your character sheets (the parts you want known to your fellow PCs) and post them here in this thread? That way the other players can see who is already on the crew, for consideration in making their own characters. (Others can do the same, after I have seen and approved your character.)

Also, if y'all don't end up w PCs w skills to fill all of the necessary ship crew duties, we can fill the crew out w a few NPCs as needed.

atpollard July 24th, 2013 03:31 PM

If it is all the same to you, I'll wait until more of the crew is filled in and then generate a character to fill in some of the gaps.

My wife recently introduced me to a TV show called "Masterchef" where home cooks compete under judges Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot. The point is that they had one home cook who was some giant sized blue-collar worker with muscular biceps covered in tattoos that liked to bake these delicate pastries with swirls on the top. I loved that image.

So if no one else fills the positions, I'll probably create an Engineer-Steward for the ship ... and if not, then I'll just create someone completely different but just as interesting. I love unusual characters.

sabredog July 24th, 2013 09:18 PM

OK, here's my guy.

Hampton Rhodes

6A79AB Age 38

Merchant Captain

Blade-2, Bribery-1, Gunnery-1, Mechanical-1, Pilot-2, SMG-1, Streetwise-2, Vacc Suit-1

(shares in) Venture-class Frontier Trader Fortunate Son

Hampton appeared on the merchant scene looking more like a good candidate for the Naval Academy than working on some greasy Frontier Trader but as the second son of a noble he wasn’t likely to inherit. Nor did he get along very well with his family so he decided to take the road less travelled by his ancestors: strike out for fame and fortune he could call his own. His relatively high social status made it easy to fork over the stake the captain demanded for an officer’s berth (a real money-grubber type that would rather jury-rig a fuse than pay the few credits for a new one).

Hampton early on showed his worth as a pilot and an unusual aptitude for getting along and making deals within any strata of society – particularly with the lower ones where the captain of the Close Call usually found cargos and passengers. The first flight resulted in a near miss with a pirate. Hampton was acting as the gunner during that incident and was badly wounded, which never properly healed and developed into a painful limp in his later years.

Saving the ship did result in a fast promotion, though, and to becoming a confidant to the captain when working dirtside looking for speculative cargo. Hampton showed a high aptitude for finding good cargos and picked up some expertise with a blade in case negotiations got a little heated. Occasionally it was his skill with a knife that saved both himself and the captain from angry customers who might have felt cheated – which sometimes they were.

He picked up a few more scars as the ship worked the rougher regions of the frontier. Eventually a submachine gun joined the blade at his side when cargos were being loaded or sold in some pretty iffy ports.

Eventually, Hampton made First Officer on the ship and, being smart, he had stashed the majority of his earnings away for the day when he decided one close shave for a percentage was too many. He figured that if he was going to risk his neck he would rather it be for a captain’s cut. On the last world they put in at some of the captain’s past caught up with the Close Call and Hampton decided Fate was giving him a shove.

While the captain was off arguing for why he shouldn’t be strung up from a lamp post over a bad incident involving spoiled medicine, Hampton took the Close Call to space with most of the crew eager to avoid the fate of their former captain. Hampton had had some new papers drawn up through a previous contact on the street a while back so he was now the proud owner of a somewhat battered, but functional and space-worthy old Frontier Trader. He renamed it Fortunate Son, greased a few of the right palms for a new transponder and better documents, and was now ready to begin his life as a merchant adventurer.

Average height and weight with medium brown hair and gray eyes. Hampton gives the impression of having lived hard yet had a decent dental plan. Tends to be what people would describe as , "He's kinda hard to get close to.", but is actually pretty good company when among close friends.

Drinks, but not to excess when among others, and prefers single malt scotches and potato vodkas. he isn't a mean drunk or anything, just gets happy and passes out after three or four shots. Likes a good cigar, too, but he's only a social smoker and doesn't like smoking on the ship - from anyone but he won't forbid it. Reads history and potboilers in his spare time, as well as trying to learn to paint to pass the time in jump. Not very good at it yet, but when in jump one does have a lot of time to practice. A little sensitive about his receding hairline, though, but afraid to do anything about it because he thinks people will just make fun of that. Still, he has a good sense of humor and can laugh even at himself. He doesn't even mind it too much if people laugh at him to his face - he just hates thinking they do it only behind his back. Like with the hair.

Yes, something of an inferiority complex is down there driving our Hampton to greater challenges. probably linked to his aristocratic upbringing and how it led to his eventual realization at 18 that he was on his own and not going to inherit a dime due to his unfortunate birth order.

As mentioned earlier, Hampton was wounded when his ship was under attack by pirates. He was in one of the turrets when his position was hit and he lost some muscle tissue and skin in his right arm and leg from the burns. He limps, but doesn't need a cane - it just hurts a lot sometimes, and depending on the humidity he feels it in his knee and elbow joints. Accordingly he likes the air in the ship to be a little drier than most do, which accounts for why crew and passengers sometimes get zapped when they touch a door handle or railing. If anyone complains to Hampton about he will just direct them to engineering where they can obtain a grounding strap to tie to their ankle.

Slow to anger, yet once so aroused not hesitant to do what is necessary, perhaps sometimes a little more than is required. A highly capable deck officer on any merchant, Hampton may turn out to be a better First Officer than Captain - he was pretty good at kicking crew butts to get them in gear and squared away, but... time will tell now that he has the Fortunate Son.

Personal Gear: (of the most important types anyway)

SMG (3 magazines) Pocket Computer

Autopistol (3 magazines)


Vacc Suit

DaveChase July 25th, 2013 12:09 AM

Doc Freeman
Sam ‘Doc’ Freeman

Age 32
5ft 8in, brown hair, green eyes, lean but not thin.
Average build

TAS register


Skills Medic 4, Computer 1, Admin 1, Ships Boat 1, Gambling 1, Carousing 1, Electronic 1, Vacc Suit 1, Jot 1, Cargo Handling 1

Clean cut, but obviously one who likes to socialize with a friendly demeanor
Blends into crowds without trying since his looks are average and typical other than the green eyes.

More available to TAS members

atpollard July 25th, 2013 09:39 AM


Originally Posted by DaveChase (Post 446326)
Sam ‘Doc’ Freeman

Age 42? [looks like about 6 terms by LBB1]

DaveChase July 25th, 2013 10:07 AM


Originally Posted by atpollard (Post 446384)
Age 42? [looks like about 6 terms by LBB1]

Ah, sorry, I knew I forgot something.

LBB 5, medical school then navy
Yes the age thing is off because he did not make it to the end of a 4 year term.

Dave Chase

SpaceBadger July 25th, 2013 04:40 PM

Hey, y'all. This is probably my fault bc I have been writing so much in the blog that maybe that encourages skimming rather than actual reading :oo:, but it seems there have been some misunderstandings on the character generation rules.

Re-read the Prime Rule and Second Rule. I want y'all to make characters that you will enjoy playing, with the limitation that they not be a Marty Stu who is Best at Everything and hogs the spotlight in every situation.

Really, whatever you want to build is fine w me, and the only limit is the Point-Buy system. Maybe it is my GURPS history, but I like players to have whatever character fits their concept, within the limits mentioned above.

So far, every character that has been submitted to me has been within the limits of what could have been built with Point-Buy, and that means they are fine with me!

I like using some kind of Traveller chargen as a framework for the characters, rather than just having skills picked off of a list. It gives them a place in the world and some back history can be made up from the various career events. But I have no problem w a player sitting down after however many terms they chose to serve, then applying the point-buy to improve some skills, drop others down to skill-0 if not so important (or eliminate entirely), to make the character they want to play as a PC.

So you could have a character who started out at age 14 as a Belter bc that was the family business, served two terms and mustered out to begin play at age 22, with a couple of skills like Pilot and VaccSuit and Zero-G and Prospecting (whatever Belters get; I don't have that book). The player may sit down and see that he has extra points he could use under the Point-Buy system, so he decides that this guy could be a better Pilot and adds a point there, and that the kid is some kind of natural born finder of valuable ore, so spends more points to boost Prospector up to expert level 4. Maybe he also rolled a Gambling skill, but doesn't see that as part of his character, so either drops it to skill-0 or just eliminates it. He could even look back at the Belter skill table and decide that it would be nice to have some Ship's Boat skill, even though he didn't actually roll that in service, and spend a point to add it. That would be a perfectly acceptable character in this game! He is built within the framework of a Traveller career, and skills are limited by Point-Buy.

I posted a kinda mixed up summary of Point-Buy last night, and a more coherent version (I hope) in the Character Generation page this morning.

Read over all of the options I wrote in the General Principles on Character Generation. I really did mean all of that stuff! :D


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