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Magnus von Thornwood May 7th, 2013 04:11 PM

[T5 ATU] The Permatic Imperium: Setting Information.
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This is a Referee and Referee Appointed Only thread for the collection of setting information for the [T5 ATU] the Permatic Imperium.

Do not post here without asking the Referee (Magnus von Thornwood). Please.

We are trying to provide a service with this thread, that service being the setting information without wading through other types of distracting posts.

First on the hit parade are the results of the first pass datamining of the three Canon datafiles for stats of the Far Stars sector.

The 19th Imperial Survey of the Riftborne Domains: [Far Stars] Sector. (Charts and Data)
The Admiralty (Astrogation Board), 19th Edition.
Issued at [FS 1725] Permatic (Capital) on 030-0190 PI.
All other Editions obsolete (Discard). Data is subject to change in the forthcoming 20th Edition.

Statistics of the Far Stars sector.

Total systems: 636
Known worlds: 364
Questioned worlds: 259
Free States worlds: 11
Parthian worlds: 1
X worlds: 1

Average Pop (all worlds): 3.0
Average Pop (non-zero worlds): 5.5
Average TL (all worlds): 4.8
Average TL (non-zero worlds): 8.6

Barren worlds: 288
Dieback worlds: 8
Asteroid systems: 19

Aligned Worlds:

Na 265
6s 68
Ic 65
Fs 62
Im 58
6c 29
Bf 18
Oe 16
Cp 14
Co 13
Bc 7
Pc 6
Id 6
Ih 2
Fc 2
Re 1
Fs 1
Da 1
Ct 1
Ki 1

Allegiance, Base and Route Codes:

Ab = Abonai Safety League.
Af = Andencri Federation.
Bc = Boothe Cluster.
Bf = Buffer States.
Ce = Confederate Embassy.
Co = Thersis Confederation.
Cm = Confederate Militia.
Cn = Confederate Navy.
Cp = Confederation Protectorate.
Cs = Confederate Scouts.
Ct = Colt.
Da = House Daarnulud.
Ds = The Dark Stars.
Fc = FSS Client.
Fs = Free Spinward States.
Ia= Imperial Army.
Id= Imperial Domains.
Ih = House Interhaus.
Im = Permatic Imperium.
Is = Imperial Scouts.
Iv = Imperial Navy.
Ix = Imperial Exchange. Routes.
Ie = Imperial County.
Ki = House Kirosowa.
Oe = Old Empires.
Pm = Psizessy Meritocracy.
Re = Regina.
Tc = Thozam-Crortiall Alliance.
6c = Parthian Client.
6i = Parthian Remnants.
6n = Parthian Navy.
6s = Parthian Scout Service.

That is it as of 127-2013 at 1342 local time on a bright sunny spring day. I will be posting the other Canon bits such as Extended Knighthoods, the Royal Armed Forces and Educational Facilities later, but I wanted to show off Jazzlvraz work as Chief of the Astrogation Board. Sleep now. :ssb:

EDIT: Here is a PDF of Setting Information for first time players. Enjoy and comments welcome.

Magnus von Thornwood May 7th, 2013 04:34 PM

Setting: Arms for the Poor.
For those of you with Soc c+ (Baronet and above) and who wish to may construct a Coat of Arms with this free nifty little online Java App. [Though the Moot Committee on Armorials (the Referee) has final approval of all Coats of Arms.]

Soc A (Gentlemen) are generally not granted an armorial, but may have some other indicator of status, such as a Houshold Badge.

Soc B (Knights) are also generally not granted an Armorial, but may and often do use the Arms of their Order to show their Membership.

I used it to create the Arms seen so far, such as Vladimir's which are going to change soon I think. Or I am going to do up His Imperial Family Arms, the elaborate one with mantles and supporters and stuff. The paid version lets you do full on armorials like the ones me and pendragonman are sporting as avatars.

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77topaz May 11th, 2013 12:10 AM

The University of the Thirteen Towers
(approved by Magnus)

The University of the Thirteen Towers

The University of the Thirteen Towers lies on Muzil (FS 1926 CCEA887-B). Muzil is a stellar-tech world, and lays just 2 parsecs away from the Imperial capital, Permatic. From a transport point of view, Muzil is quite important. The planet is not merely a way-station, however, with a population of close to a billion and numerous landmarks. One of these is the University of the Thirteen Towers.
The University of the Thirteen Towers is one of the largest universities in the Imperium, perhaps excluding Permatic itself. It is also prestigious, and has a wide range of different subjects available for study, from medical science to mathematics to the arts. The university’s history department is also highly commended, with perhaps the single largest Terran-era project outside of Permatic. The university, apart from “normal” curriculums, also has graduate and post-graduate programs.

While the university has (relatively small) campuses around Muzil, its main/central campus is by far the best-known. The University of the Thirteen Towers in fact takes its name from the campus, which consists of thirteen, tall, “skyscraper” towers, each with educational facilities within them, arranged in the shape of a ring. Between the towers are ten, suspended, roughly globular structures, connected to each other and the towers by walkways. These also serve as buildings, giving the main campus 22 sub-campuses in total. To honour the (Terran) heritage of the Permatic Imperium (perhaps also to show off the skills of the university’s historians), these are named according to the letters of the Greek alphabet, with the first ten letters (Alpha to Kappa) corresponding to the spheres and the remaining thirteen (Lambda to Omega) to the towers.
The main entrance to the complex is at sea level, below the main parts of the towers and closest to the lowest two spheres (Iota and Kappa). The university has its own spaceport a short distance away, and shuttles (both sea- and air-based) run between the spaceport and the university multiple times a day, as well as taxis.

The Alpha Sphere is the largest of the spheres and functions as the “central point” of the university, with many lecture halls, meeting halls and common spaces, as well as some administrative facilities. The graduate and post-graduate programs are also partially hosted here. The Beta Sphere hosts the university’s central computer servers, and hosts classes mostly relating to computers and robotics. The Gamma Sphere holds, as well as many scientific laboratories of various kinds, the university’s central clinics, as well as medical classes. The Delta Sphere is a centre for both mathematics and science, with many laboratories as well as lecture halls. The Epsilon Sphere is the university’s main location for physical-related programs, with many gyms and other sports facilities, as well as some anatomy-related classes. It is connected by a long walkway to further sports facilities at sea level, just outside the ring of towers. The Zeta Sphere holds few classes, but is the main location for student dormitories and common areas, as well as numerous kitchens. The Eta Sphere contains classes for both historical subjects and languages, with some libraries present, as well as a section about board games and puzzles. The Theta Sphere is located the highest up of all the spheres, at roughly the same level as the tops of the towers, and mainly functions as the university’s administrative centre, with numerous offices and meeting rooms, as well as libraries and archives. On top of the sphere are numerous antennae-systems. The Kappa and Iota Spheres are quite small compared to the others, and are located at the same level as each other, close to sea level. They have multiple different functions within them, including offices, information centres, storage chambers and lecture halls.
The thirteen towers are arranged in a ring, forming a sort of giant cylinder, hollow apart from the spheres. They are connected to each other and the spheres by walkways, and are arranged in sequence, with the Lambda Tower being next to the Omega Tower (as well as the Mu Tower).

The Lambda Tower includes many history-related classes, as well as related archives and libraries. It also has sociology and geography sections, with an astronomical observatory at its top. The Mu Tower also has an astronomy/astrography section, and is mostly divided between mathematics and physics. The Nu Tower focuses on biology, with horticultural and zoological sections as well. The Xi Tower contains mostly historical classes, and numerous lecture halls and laboratories. The Omicron Tower contains a history section and numerous historical and archaeological archives, and contains a chemistry section as well. The Pi Tower contains a large mathematics section, as well as robotics and chemistry areas. The Rho Tower mostly focuses on languages, and also contains classes related to media and the dramatic arts. The Sigma Tower is oriented around mathematics, included advanced calculus-related classes. The Tau Tower has multiple functions/sections: sociology and psychology, computer systems, some language classes, and a small military-related section. It also includes numerous liaison offices and meeting rooms. The Upsilon Tower has sections for history, physics, chemistry and some arts-related classes, also possessing an astronomical observatory. The Phi Tower focuses around mathematics and biology, as well as containing engineering-related classes. The Chi Tower has various sections: design, architecture and drawing; music, and horticulture, and also contains some historical classes. The Psi Tower, as well as having a small section for psionic-related subjects, contains sections for sociology, psychology, music and the dramatic arts. Finally, the Omega Tower focuses on history-related subjects, as well as geological science and some arts-related classes.

pendragonman May 12th, 2013 12:16 AM

Setting: The Royal Navy and Marines.
It should be noted here for those players who wish to have characters in the military services that they may attempt to enlist in the prestigious Royal Armed Forces of His Royal Majesty Vladimir II, High Lord of Permatic.

His Imperial and Royal Majesty Vladimir II has at His disposal two sets of military forces, those of the Imperium, the Imperial Armed Forces (Army, Navy, and Marines) and His personal forces as High Lord of Permatic, the Royal Navy and Marines. He must have the consent of the Moot and Senate to use the Imperial Armed Forces, but has no such restriction where and how he deploys the Royal Armed Forces. He also tends to use them to make specific points, such as when they were the point of the spear used to pin the leaders of a rebellion that cost the life of Baroness Harkness.

Due to the high standards kept, the Royal Armed Forces (Navy and Marines) require the player to take a Mod -1 to all Target Numbers (this includes Risk/Reward rolls). For example to enlist in the Imperial Marines as per page 94 requires the player to roll under Str. To enlist in the Royal Marines will require the player to make a roll under Str -1. This goes for Risk and Reward, Promotion, Commission, and Continues throughout all terms served in the Royal Navy or Marines.

Characters may Transfer to the Imperial Forces in lieu of a Continue at the end of a Term. If they do Transfer, they then do their Muster Out rolls for their time in the Royal Forces. Note also that Enlisted Ranks may add a DM +1 for each Term served in the Royal Navy or Marines to their Muster Out rolls. RN and RM Enlisted also get Fame = Enlisted Rank. Officers remain the same and use their Rank as DM and for Fame.

Another point to note is that the Royal Armed Forces are equipped at TL-H as their Operational Standard Issue. In the case of the Commandos and COSDet, they may equipped with an occasional Early TL-J or Prototype TL-K device and their other gear will be top of the line TL-H.

The Imperial Armed Forces are equipped to an Operational Standard Issue of TL-C minimum (for Imperial Army [System Forces]) to TL-G (Imperial Navy/Marines) on average with bumps up to a TL-H maximum for IN starships, smallcraft and BattleDressed IM Commandos and Strike units.

File transferred by Ser Barnsley.

pendragonman May 12th, 2013 12:20 AM

Setting: On Nobility and Landless Grants.
I thought I better get this up and on e-paper soonest, as I already had one person get Elevated to Baronet.

First off, when a character is not in the Noble Career and receives a C6 +1 they are not automatically Elevated to a Noble Title and Rank, that is what the Noble Career is for.

The C6 +1 is merely a jump in your Social Standing, you are treated as you are the almost equal of whatever your new C6 is. For example if you are say, a Marine and get a C6 +1 (with a new C6 = B) on Personal Development during your Career are not Knighted, but you do get an Official Posting, such as say Appointed as Aide de Camp to General Velinsino, RM (Treat as Fame +1) and may get a Landless Grant (Referee's Discretion. See below for functioning of Landless Grants). You are treated as if you were the same Social Standing as a Knight, but are not given the Precedence of a Knight in Court or State Functions, such as Embassy Dinners (Knights will be announced and seated before you).

Another possibility is that the Character is elected or otherwise Appointed by their Homeworld to the Imperial Senate and becomes a Imperial Senator with the traditional Landless Grant (KCr 15/year). {Yes, my ATU does have an Imperial Senate, so CT Adventure 1 is okay in this House. Indeed, somewhere quite possibly, there is an Imperial Senator being held unlawfully on an Imperial Navy Prison Barge...}

For the Nobles, if you receive a C6 +1 in Personal Development, you are not Elevated to the next Title or Rank. Instead you are Appointed to an Imperial or Royal Office (worked out by the Referee and the Player) and given a Landless Grant of KCr 15/year (for as long as the character hold the Office). You also gain Fame +2 when it comes to using the Personals. The Office and Grant are non-transferable and can not be passed on to Heirs as a Title and Land Grant can be. So while you do get boned on the Title and Land, you do get a some nice bennies.

An example: William C. Hesh, Baronet of Heridis ([FS 1128] C 745 744-B Ni Pa Ht {0} (3670) [4459] Bc S 800 NIL Settlers RU 126) rolls C6 +1 on his Personal Development, he is not Elevated to Baron. Instead he is Appointed to the Imperial Starport Authority Office of Warden of Heridis Highport and given a Landless Grant worth KCr 15/year as a Salary which comes out of the starport's Sophont Resources (Executive) budget. Also of course he probably gets free fuel for any spacecraft he may use or own, free lodging in the starport's high end facilities and of course free food at the starport's restaurants. He may not transfer the Office or the Landless Grant and if he decides to quit his Office, he loses the Official Title of Starport Warden and his Landless Grant is reduced to KCr 7/year (but that KCr 7 is for the rest of the his life).

Also, see this post here for Social and what it means.

File transferred by Ser Barnsley

pendragonman May 12th, 2013 12:27 AM

House Rules: Expanded Knighthood Mechanics.
If a character is already Social Standing B (by birth or Personal Development, but has not been Elevated to Knight) then they are bumped up from KX to KYX, where KY equals the next higher rank in the Order's rank structure (they can differ) and X equals the Order's traditional suffix, such as a Knight of the Empire can use the suffix "KE" after their name (Example: Sir Scott Smythe, KE).

If character is Social Standing is A or less then they receive the normal KX.

If the character already has a Knighthood (KX), then a second receipt of a Knighthood may be taken as the next higher rank in the current Order or may be taken as a second Order (provided none of the rules of the first Knighthood are violated). A third or even more receipts of a Knighthood can be taken as greater rank in the Order(s) in which the character holds membership {See Note 4}.

The player may invoke a one time use of Flux. If they do, they are bound by the results for good or ill. Use Table 1 below for the character's new rank in their Order of Knighthood.

Table 1.

-5 to -3 = Demoted to Page of X {See Note1}.
Example: Walston Richards, Page of Sir Scott of the Order of the Empire.
Suffix: None.
Unit: none.

-2 to -1 = Demoted to Squire of X {See Note 2}.
Example: Sarii Vasharkiin, Squire of Sir Scott of the Order of the Empire.
Suffix: None [I]
Unit: Page.

0 = Elevated to Knight of X (Suffix: KX).
Example: Sir Scott Smythe, A Knight of the Order of the Empire.
Suffix: KE.
Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Squad (Alpha Squad, 3rd Co, 2nd Batt, 1st Chevalier Imperium).

+1 to +2 = Elevated to KYX.
Example: Sir Walther Ivanov Kenisnko, A Knight Commander of the Order of the Empire.
Suffix: KCE
Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Company of Order Troops (3rd Company, 2nd Batt, 1st Chevalier Imperium).

+3 to +5 = Elevated to KZX.
Example: Dame Sheila Smitters, A Grand Commander of the Order of the Empire.
Suffix: GCE.
Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Battalion of Order Troops (2nd Battalion, 1st Chevalier Imperium).

Note 1: Character must serve either a PC or NPC Knight (and/or their Squire) of their Order for one Term of Penance (4 years). This Term of Service may be simulated during CharGen or may take place after CharGen during post-Career adventuring.

If in CharGen use the Risk/Reward mechanic, the Controlling Characteristic is determined by Order (for example the Order of the Empire allows Applicants to use any one of C1-C4 they chose).

If done during adventuring the Referee may decide if the Page is ready to be promoted, either to back up to Knight, or if not quite ready yet Squire. It should be noted that if the player role plays true penance and desire to uphold the Orders of their Knighthood, the Term can be shortened to a time agreed upon by the players (this includes the crew that the Page has been adventuring with) and the Referee. The Knight may be reinstated at that time even if not finished serving the standard Term of Penance.

Note 2: The character must serve a Term of Penance in service of a Knight (but not their Squire) under conditions as shown in Note 1.

Most of these Terms of Penance are similar to this example cited in the records of the Order of the Empire, wherein an Applicant Knight was "required to be reminded that the Applicant as a Knight, they are to be both Honorable and Humble and having attempted to achieve a Rank in the Order above their time in Service to the Order and the Imperium shown themselves to be neither and thus are assigned to Sir Mixalot, a Knight of the Order for remedial study and contemplation..." and should be reflected in the character's service to their Patron Knight.

This was the first draft of the T5 Extended Knighthood Rank Mechanic (with Table) though it has been a bit expanded on this page (TL-8) compared to the physically small page of the notebook (TL-2). It then evolved into a bit of time on the DataNets to find some ranks to flesh out the table. So pencil in hand on the opposite page (usually I use pen, but I figured I might want to erase it and use the space for other things) I jotted down some various rank structures. Then I went through them and grabbed some of those and made a few adjustments for my own needs and thus was born version two of the table using the B Mechanic.

Table 2.

-5 = Initiate of X (Suffix: none, Unit: none).

-4 = Novice of X (Suffix: none, Unit: none).

-3 = Page of {Knight/Squire} (Suffix: none, Unit: subordinate ranks).

-2 = Squire of {Knight} (Suffix: none, Unit: Page + subordinate ranks).

-1 = Aspirant Knight of X (Suffix: none or AKX, Unit: Squire, Page + subordinate ranks).

0 = Knight of X (Suffix: KX, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Squad).

+1 = Errant Knight of X (Suffix: EKX, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Platoon).

+2 = Knight Commander of X (Suffix: KCX, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Company).

+3 = Knight Banneret of X (Suffix: KBX, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Regiment).

+4 = Lord Knight of X {See Note 3} (Suffix: LKX, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Battalion).

+5 = Grand Cordon of X {See Note 4} (Suffix: GCX, Unit: Division).

Note 3: The Rank of Lord Knight of X does not convey a Patent of Nobility holder's use of the honorific "Lord". The Knight should not be addressed as merely "Lord Example", but must either be addressed as "Lord Knight Example" or "Sir/Dame Example" as per preference.

Note 4: The Rank of Grand Master of X (Suffix: GMX, Unit: The Order) is reserved for the use of the Referee, or "GM".

Orders of Knighthood in the Permatic Imperium.

Knights are given certain symbols of rank much like nobles or holders of an Imperial Office. Some of these symbols are the ring, belt and spurs of particular materials which designate the knight's rank in the Imperial Roll of Orders. A knight is also often equipped or maybe required to equip themselves with some form of transportation

There are many Orders within the Imperium and most of them owe their allegiance to either the Sovereign or to the Imperium itself. They mostly supplement the Imperial Armed Forces in times of war. Each Order has its own rituals and traditions. Some Orders are open only to certain types of applicants, such as the Imperial Order of the Senate which is only open to those Citizens or Subjects who have a Social Standing ≤A. Those of greater Social Standing B≥ are refused entry to the Order and this is codified in the Imperial High Law. The IOS gets its Charter and Orders directly from the Senate and its members are knighted by the Speaker of the Senate. Its motto is "All Are Equal on the Floor." Other Orders, older ones that have extremely long histories owe their allegiance to the Thrones of the Old Empires, but still serve the current Imperium. There is some question which side they may give their service to if one of those Old Empire's Sovereigns should ever make an appearance.

The Most Honorable Order of the Empire.

Ranks: Grand Commander (GCE), Knight Commander (KCE), and Knight of the Empire (KE).
History: This Order claims its decent from the Volcker Imperium, though it can only be accurately dated by most psychohistorians to somewhere during the Third or Solar Imperium.
Membership: It is open to all Citizens and in some cases a Knighthood is granted to a Subject elevating them to the proper social standing befitting a Citizen and Knight.

The Most Ancient and Excellent Order of Maltese.

Ranks: Grand Master (GM), Grand Commander (GCM), and Knight of Maltese (KM).
Motto: Defenders of the Borders.
History: This Order can be dated back at least the Fifth Empire. It should be noted however, that Order of Maltese claims decent from the Order of the Knights of Malta and Rhodes.
Membership: This Order is open to all Members of the Imperial Armed Forces which includes the Imperial Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Scouts. Some Functionaries and Nobles may be granted application to the Order if a they are a Reserve or Retired member of the services. If approved the applicant is granted the Rank of Squire and assigned to a Knight for training.

The Most Noble Order of the Spinward Marches.

Originally only open to Imperial Agents, members of the Imperial Space Guard, Navy and Marines. Others have been accepted by the order, but only if the applicant's actions in some way made the starlanes safer for Travellers. Or at least that was their original charter according to founding orders and charter issued during late Third Imperium. Currently it is an order for those of the law enforcement agencies of the Imperium. Agents from the Ministry of Justice, Imperial Marshals, Agents of the Ministry of Commerce's Corporate Enforcement Division, members of the Imperial or a National Space Guards and the occasional member of the Dump Defense Forces are the most commonly met members of this order.

The Mystic and Loyal Order of Denness.

This order is a local Academy Institute Order of Knighthood open only to those who have successfully completed an Imperial Navy Psionic Institute program. Applicants or Inductees may be either Officers or Ratings, the Order sees them only according to their deeds and Rank in the Order itself. Very rare exceptions are made for extremely valiant actions of a psionic in the service of the IN or the Crown, but not a member of the armed forces.

The Beneficent Order of the Caduceus and Cannon.

An order open only to doctors in the armed forces who have seen combat. Membership allows one to add the letters "KC (Knight), KHC (Knight Hospitaller) or KGC (Knight Commander) depending on their rank in the Order.
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pendragonman May 12th, 2013 12:29 AM

Library Data: Peerage List
One will notice when reading this list of the nobility of the Permatic Imperium that there seems to be variations of the same name. This is true the variant names are the names generally assumed by the Peer in question when they wish to travel 'incognito'. So if say His Imperial and Royal Majesty does not wish to deal with all the ceremonies that go with the Emperor attending, he may instead go by a lesser Title and a variation of his name. For example if he wished to visit the Imperial Gardens he might go as Svenson, Count Permatic. If he is announced as such he will not be treated as the Emperor we know he is, but as merely first among Counts, but still below a Duke.

Emperor (Soc K) = (Imperium 1),
• His Imperial and Royal Majesty Vladimir Svenson Alexandr Kirosowa the Second of His Name, Prince-Regent of the Riftborne Domains, Rex Imperator of the Permatic Worlds, Lord of a Thousand Stars, etc., etc.
⁃ HI&RM Vlad II has survived at least three known failed assassination attempts during the last half century of His long reign.
⁃ He enjoys fishing and cooking which he attributes to his time spent with Rufus the Immortal in the days of the Fifth Imperium.

Archduke (Soc G) = (Imperium 1)+,
• Ivor Ian hault-Daarnulud, 12th Archduke of the of Far Stars.

Duke (Soc F) = (Sector 5)+,
• Vladimir Franklin Weiss, 186th Duke of Lysander.
• Duke of the Coreward Quarters,
• Duke of the Trailing Quarters,
• Alexandr Kirosowa, 1st Duke of the Rimward Quarters.
• Ian hault-Daarnulud, 2nd Duke of the Spinward Quarters.

Earl (Soc f) = (Subsector 16)+,
• Earl of Ardth.
• Earl of Bowvn.
• Earl of Croxy.
• Earl of Denhea.
• Earl of Eomphip.
• Earl of Fonest.
• Earl of Golg.
• Earl of Hoten.
• Walter Interhaus, 7th Earl of Ingen.
• Henry hault-Daarnulud, 4th Earl of Jeroicko, the brother of Ivor.
• Svenson A. Kirosowa, 1st Earl of Kylin.
• Earl of Locces.
• Earl of Motroun.
• Earl of Nora.
• Earl of Orses.
• Earl of Pezer.

Count (Soc E) = (World 9)+,
• Ivor hault-Daarnulud, 2nd Count Saburi.
• County Saucil.
• Svenson Alexandr Kirosowa, 2nd Count Permatic.
• County Supsula.
• County Ories.
• County Schea.
• County Sphic.
• Rudolf Interhaus, 5th Count Jowern.
• County Calais (to be created),
• County Ireaded: Most of this County was converted to County Jowern when Reidrick von Fronstein, Count Ireaded was stripped of his Title and Holdings in 0168 PI.
⁃ The County Seat is currently vacant awaiting a decision from HI&RM and the Moot confirming a new Count Ireaded who will hold a much smaller County than usual only consisting of Ireaded itself.
⁃ The personal Holding and estate of the former Count Ireaded is a mere local hex on the map and still remains with the Fronstein family.
• Helena Isegoria, Countess Quelw.
• Eldon Lamont Vesten, 10th Count Fellsea.
-Has a Landless Grand as His Majesty Voice in the Moot for Permatic.

Viscount (Soc e) = (World 6)+,
• Viscount Willard Zhi-Lawrence,
• Viscountess Ellen Whitecliff-Rezuuna,
• Viscount Madeupth Isminute,

Marquis (Soc D) = (World 5)+,
• de Maelstrom.
• de Normandy.

Baron (Soc C) = (World 10)+,
• Wilfred von Ryer, Baron Bohen.
⁃ (CO) Bohen 2nd Lift Legion "von Ryer's Reducers".
• Baroness Harkness: Was killed during a rebellion against the Imperium.
• Mentosh,
• Lancaster,
• Darin Hawk, Baron Redsm.
⁃ The Baron is the Master and Commander of the ISS Sexy under a Limited Imperial Warrant and owner of the IMV Screaming Penny.
• Baroness Laurel hault-Daarnuludka, PhD,
⁃ Laurel is a Visiting Professor with the Thornwood-Daarnulud Institute's Department of Psychohistory, as well as being a noted and tenured Professor of Imperial Histories at the Imperial University of Quelw.
• Wilkinson, Baron Cesabe.
• Wycliff Yaro: Former Baron Ateli, killed on the Moot's old Dueling Yards (298-0111 PI).
• Lessard Griedned: Former Baron Retrece, an agent of the Parthian Court during the 1st Border Dispute (0120-0127 PI).

Baronet (Soc c) = (World 6)+,
• Agnes hault-Smith, Baronet Bohen.
• R. Robert Smith-Volker.

Knights (Soc B) = (World 31)+,
• Richard A. Haus, KE,
• Sir Arkirasan,
• Dame Windsor-de Bois,
• Sir Han,
• Sir Singh-Black,
• Dame West,
• Dame Felglen,
• Sir William Jones,
• Lieutenant Coronel Nick Sutton, RMR (KE),
• Scout Leader Gordon "AJAX" Boothe, KE, KCB,
• Sir Vincent hault-Smith, KE,
• Deputy Sir Mason Storm, IMS (KE),
• Captain Sir Everett Wellington, IN (KCE)
• Dame Livonia (Cesabe),
• Sir Scott Smythe, KE, (CO) Alpha Squad, 3rd Co, 2nd Batt, 1st Chevalier Imperium.
• Sir Mixalot,
• Sir Walther Ivanov Kenisnko, KCE, (CO) 3rd Company, 2nd Batt, 1st Chevalier Imperium.
• Dame Sheila Smitters, GCE, (CO) 2nd Battalion, 1st Chevalier Imperium.
• Sergeant-Instructor Sir Theodore William, KE, IM.
⁃ Blackwall ANM BattleDress Instructor.

Peerage (Soc A) = (World 7)+,
• Lord Appleton, a Member of the Admiralty.
• Lady Lecey Minfenii, Deputy Secretary for Information Affairs.
• Lord Shen William, Prime Minister of the Permatic Imperium.
• Admiral Neville Worthington, IN, Logistics Command.
• Walston Richards, Page of Sir Scott.
• Sarii Vasharkiin, Squire of Sir Scott.
• Lord Stivic R. Williams, His Majesty's Personal Secretary,
⁃ Office of Media Affairs, The Palace. Crown District, Melnauka.
⁃ PERMATIC [FS 1725]

Persons of Note.
(Soc ≤9)

• J. Billiam SmithJones, a freelance reporter for the interstellar news services.
• Weiss-Arkirasan, a long and distinguished family line of Imperial Scholars.
• Professor Doctor Lunn Farwell, MD, PhD, a Tenured Professor at the Permatic Branch of the Thornwood-Daarnulud Institute.
• Scout Leader Vilhelm Stoner, a Member of the Boothe Expedition.
• Lieutenant Coronel Lester M. H. van Smytheson, IA, Commanding Officer of the 3rd Spinward Regiment.
• General Helen (Avalanche 6) Velinsino, RM, Commanding Officer of the 9th Royal Marines "His Majesty's Own Permatic Rifles".
• First Officer Wilhelmina Rezuunaak-Fitchburg, a star broker for Permatic All Star Lines, soon to be Factor.

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Some Background Information
Standards and Assumptions of the Permatic Imperium (or the primary differences from the OTU).

Time. The Permatic Imperium is set some time distant in many thousands of years from the present day. The Third Imperium is long behind. Once Hop, Skip and then Vault Drives here invented and perfected during the later Fourth Imperium and throughout the Fifth Imperium, humans gained a galactic prwsence. So if there is a connection is long since been forgot or warped in the retelling.

Space. The Permatic Imperium is one of the new empires rising from once was a vibrant past of Imperial exploration of the galaxy. The Riftborne Domains are a sparse group (marked in orange) with three standard density clusters (marked in blue) floating in a rift off the Orion Arm, supposedly rim-spinward of the both the old Capitals and the old Lost Worlds.

Drive Technologies. This is an Imperium recreating the glories of a legendary star empire. One of those glories were the Fantastic Drives and Powerful Plants of the Old Empires. Vladimir II holds this and many other secrets of the Fifth Imperium and has been slowly introducing them. His Navy holds the secret of anti-matter power plants and Hop drives, it also has upped tech weapons and defenses not in just first line ships, but also on its second line ships. This technology is what allows the Permatic Imperium to claim all the worlds within 10 parsecs of the Capital. The Riftborne Territories as they were first charted were settled by waves of Vault Driven starships on the edge of civilization and the route to the next arm. The Domains as they eventually became fell into the collapse of the Third Interregnum because the Vault ships from the Imperium no longer came. Till Vladimir showed up that is.
⁃ The Astroporters Guild and the First Exodus of the Powered Individuals form the Terran sphere of influence.
⁃ Jump Drive is invented by a group of various interested in either competing with, or just to break the AG's power and monopoly over interstellar space travel, or to abandon the old STL interstellar drive system. This Era is ripe for Adventures in a variety of genres.

Psionics. This is a culture much more like the Zhodani in their view of psionics and its place in serving the Imperium. Also, as the descendants of the once mighty super-powered humans of Terra, the humans of this age are more inclined to have things like Talents and Abilities that are in the OTU "Alien Only!". Such things a Mimicry, Awareness, Perception and the like. Also, humans in this TU first reached the stars with Astroportation. (Stutterport, which now I don't have to figure out, thanks again Marc.) In fact, one of the many eras for latter stories are the Great Jump Wars, where the newly formed Jump starship companies had to fight a cold and sometimes hot war with the powerful Astroporters' Guild for control of space.

ManKinds. Humanity as it was is no more except on a few xenophobic worlds that "keep the old ways and don't mix with outsiders". There are however still the genes of those Terran ancestors. Such as the Bibickians, a minor human, heavyworlder race who are known for their love of danger and settling hellworld, mostly seen in the military or scouts. There are the descendants of the uplifted creatures of Terra and its colonies and the mecha-electro life once called robots or androids who are now full Citizen races of the Imperium.
⁃ Since the Great Rebellion of the Dispossessed that preceded the Fifth Empire those Sophonts who are made, not born, have been considered Persons under Imperial Law. This has allowed synthetic persons or sophontoids to pursue careers throughout the various Imperiums that have come since the Great Rebellion.
⁃ Several of the those most popular careers for sophontoids have been in the realms of the courts and academia. It is here that a sophontoid's amazing abilities to data mine in real time come into their own. A decision handed down by a sophontoid judge would do Zhi Peng the Careful proud with the depth of citations. Such decision are generally handed down in two formats, the abstract and the annotated. The abstract decision contains the basic opinion and citations necessary to understand the court's ruling, while the annotated decision has precedence chains and links, the record of hearings and motions, evidence and briefs that allow a reader to throughly examine the ruling and the reasoning behind it. This depth is also found in the papers and books of those sophontoids that inhabit the lofty intellectual fields of the sciences.

Neural Cybernetic Implants. NCIs are far more common on high TL worlds than is seen in the OTU. Many societies will implant at birth or even during gestation and allow the sophont and implant to merge during growth. This makes the use of such implants second nature to those who have been born with them. They require more work to use for adults who receive implants later in life, such as a low tech world citizen joining the Imperial Marines and being wired up in order to use the high tech gear they are issued. This also means many high tech worlds not only have a (inter)planetary data network, but also an active mechanical telepathy network.

Biotech and Fusion+. This is a world that started with 20th Century US holding not just the superpowers card but the true secret, the technology of cold fusion. It also started with a great interesting in unlocking the human genome's other hidden treasures, the advent of super-powers being a Black Swan Event. This has led to an Imperium that uses much more biotech than the OTU seems to. Spaceships, BattleDress, Evening Wear, all are most likely micro-biomech systems. An example of this in popular media would be in the Pilot for Star Trek: Enterprise when Captain Archer get wounded and wakes up with an alien starfish attached to the wound. In the Permatic Imperium he not only would not freak out, but would expect something similar to treat such a wound. Also bio-mech gel in spat packs for emergency trauma. And quite possibly those fusion guns the IM carry might have biological components, the BattleDress sure does.

The Glories of the Old Empires. The Old Empires is the first bit of BS, since when most people use the phrase what they really mean is maybe the tail end of the Fourth, but mostly the Fifth that succeeded it and the Sixth that tried to hold together a galactic empire shocked to be losing not just its war, but the Immortal Rufus the Seventeenth of His Name, Emperor of 10,000 Stars, etc., etc., etc.. The truth is there were four human star empires before the Fifth, it just that the Fifth was the first one to keep the light it had held up before the darkness of space the entire time it existed. Or so they claim. But it is this claim that allowed a somewhat mid-level Archduke of the Old Fifth Empire to claim a Throne he had brought with him from the depths a shattered empire in search of the Emperor who sent him into the Dump after the relic Living Sapphire Throne of the Second Imperium.

The Imperial Dump System. Somewhere, it is said during the glory days of the Second Imperium, others the mighty Third or Last Terran Empire did, some say it is the secret gift of the Empire of the PsiLords. It matters not, what does matter is that long ago, man discovered the wisdom keeping some of what he threw away. So that in times of collapse the next generation could find the Dump and the caches within, then restart interstellar civilization. The Fifth Imperium not only kept to tossing garbage into the Dumps, but also full working models of various technologies along with tools and self instructing manuals. It was this that mining of the Dumps of the Fifth Imperium that led the Sixth to first shatter in two, the then for both to fall. Eventually they took too much and could not keep what they took. It is said in the Rumors that the Dump System of old used to house the Great Gate System of the Fifth Imperium and there have been some questions of why if Vlad can open the Dump of the Far Stars because he is of the Old Empire, then why didn't he just gate here with the Throne through that system? But then again, could just be a Rumor.

A Young and Growing Imperium. The Permatic Imperium is young two hundred years old. Vlad took at least fifty years setting up to found the Permatic Imperium. What is inside the Purple Line is under the Imperial Banner and pretty stable. The Capital is well defended and a model of Gov 8 Civil Service Bureaucracy which is what one would expect of the capital of an interstellar empire to be. The areas to the rim-trailward are still a bit wild having only been under the Banner for about half a century now and on that border lies a Confederation recently seeking to join the Imperium as a semi-autonomous state. To the coreward, in faded glories and hiding nobility lies the remnants of the old Sixth Imperium. To the spinward are the Free Spinward States, some worlds seeking to join the Imperium, others see the Imperium as potential oppressor, still others don't really care as long as the trade flows. To the rimward between the FSS and the Confeds lie the Buffer States, home to Count Rudolf Interhaus and Astro U's (famed Design University) own native, Lieutenant Coronel Nick Sutton of the Royal Marines. Finally to the trailing there lies the Boothe Cluster a group of system recently recontacted by the Imperium, but other than that it is an open wilderness.

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Setting: Some History and Culture.
Abstract of Imperial History and Culture.

A quick overview of the sixteen Ages preceding the Permatic Imperium, or the Seventh Imperium.

{Metagame: Assuming a basic long view of 1000 years for each Age (which for the early ones is not out of line considering the low tech used to get to the stars) then the actual year in the old Terran Common Era Calendar it is something like year 18,000 CE. Yikes! Even my psychohistorical notes might be wrong. Which means that the year 10,000 CE that Vlad II is pushing is actually 8000 years past.}

1. The First Exodus. Terrans truly begin exploring the solar system then the near by stars as the first Astroporters open space up to humanity in awesome new ways.

2. The Terran Federation. The actual name was the Federal Union of Terra, the Belts and the Colonies. The first of the Terran interstellar governments only spanned roughly fifty parsecs around the Sol system though it is commonly thought to have been some two hundred parsecs.

3. The Jump Wars. A series of hot and cold running trade wars between the Astroporters' Guild and the new Jump Captains.

4. The Jump Expansions. Also known as the Second Exodus as Jump drive equipped starships take over the market for interstellar travel.

5. The First Imperium. After the Foundation War and Volcker's Imperium replacing the old Terran Federation, it is a time of great expansion and exploration.

6. The Dynasty Wars. A series of wars fought between the Great House to claim an empty throne.

7. The Second Imperium. An age devoted to recapturing the former stability of the previous empire.

8. The First Republic. The second attempt at an interstellar government without a monarchy.

9. The Third Imperium. The glories and tyranny of the last Terran Empire.

10. The Transitional Revolution. The revolution led a triumvirate of psionic Barons with good intentions.

11. The Fourth Imperium. The empire of the psiords started with good intentions and ended in revolution.

12. The Great Rebellion of the Dispossessed. Man's Children finally get to seat in the halls of power as full Citizens.

13. The Fifth Imperium. The Grand Empire of Man and Kin, characterized by its advanced technologies and explorations felled by a war with a great and powerful enemy. It is the later age of this empire that the Far Stars Sector is explored and settled and it is in the Far Stars that the Fifth Imperium met its doom.

14. The Great War. Fought with a far superior and terrifying enemy it would leave the Riftborne Domains separated from the Imperium.

15. The Sixth Imperium. With the loss of the Great War and Emperor Rufus the Immortal two Houses vie for the remains of the defeated empire.

16. The Interregnum. As the Emperor dies without an Heir and the Court disintegrates into factional fights the Riftborne Domains slip into darkness.

The History of the Permatic Imperium from the late Interregnum to the Realm's bicentennial.

Circa -100 PI. The Lords of Parthia have withdrawn to their capital and the worlds of the Far Stars Sector are struggling to survive. A few lights still glimmer on in the dark, but chaos abounds.

Circa -57 PI. Jump Flash announces return of Travellers to Bohen as Vlad's Vault Fleet arrives in the Riftborne Domains from the rimward edge of the Orion Arm.

Circa -37 PI. Vlad arrives on Permatic, the old Subsector Capital with an ancient relic of the Second Imperium and lays claim to the world and Subsector.

Circa -23 PI. After consolidating his control over the local worlds, Vlad begins cultivating the ruler of Quelw, the neighboring Subsector Capital in hopes of forming an alliance.

Circa -10 PI. Vlad begins his campaign to restore the Imperium to the worlds of the Far Stars and claim the Throne.

0 PI. Vladimir is proclaimed and coronated as Vladimir the Second, Emperor of the Permatic Worlds.

Circa 50 PI. The new Permatic Imperium begins to coalesce and look past its borders toward the worlds left in the dark times of the Interregnum.

Circa 100 PI. Vlad II declares all the worlds within ten parsecs of Permatic as the Imperial Domains.

Circa 120 PI. A brief war is fought with the Parthian Remnants over the worlds that become County Saburi.

Circa 132 PI. The County Saburi is created, with Eneri hault-Daarnulud installed as the first Count Saburi

Circa 140 PI. The Emperor creates four new duchies, the Duchies of the Quarters. He bestows this honor upon four Dukes for their part in the Rising Star scandal.

A digest of the predominate cultures of the current Age.
Travellers. Those sophonts that spend most of their time traveling the stars, engaging in commerce, diplomacy and adventure. Most Travellers have but one career, the career Marine, the career Merchant, the career Scout, but some do change their careers. Careers are almost Caste like among Travellers.

Upsiders. The people who live and work predominately on deep space rigs, bases and starports.

Downsiders. The beings who for the most part live, work and die never leaving the surface of their birthworld.

Imperial Citizens and Subjects. Imperial Citizens have greater autonomy and take an active role in the workings of the Imperium, usually this means a Career in one the Imperial Services. Whereas those who merely inhabit the worlds of the Imperium are Subjects and face more legal restrictions.

The Great Houses and the Banner Houses. The Great Houses as one expects are the oldest and still powerful Houses of the Imperiums, their linages and deeds go back throughout the Old Empires. Then there are what were once known as the Studying, Younger or Lesser Houses depending the era are currently known as the Banner Houses, as the House is expected to raise a Banner and Troops in the Service of the Empire.

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Setting: MegaCorps and Major Companies. (Part 1)
All the companies and corporations on this list have at least one or more positive QREBS values. While they are guaranteed to have at least one positive value, more than one is not. This that have more than one are generally doing better than those with only one.

The listed Baseline TL is that of the whole of the corporation. While the corporate headquarters may be located on a world with a significantly lower TL than the company's baseline TL, but this is merely a world owned by the company and is listed on paper as the headquarters. In fact no real corporate management or executives may be present on the world itself choosing to do their business on a world with a better environment or that is more important in the affairs of trade and commerce.

As these are some of the biggest if not the biggest players in the game of interstellar trade and commerce their Factories, goods and services, offices and advertising can be seen on all the major worlds and many of the scattered minor worlds as well.

There are three common types of company organizations within the Imperium.
  • The MegaCorps mostly are given an Imperial Charter (IC), they are unlimited in range and scope of operations. They usually have their own vast fleets and powerful military units, civil administrations with their own courts, and resource exploitation systems that range "from dirt to J-space". IC companies have great corporate autonomy, for instance they can claim Imperial protection and trial in some cases. Shareholders have severely restricted liability when things go wrong. They often own worlds (Gov 1 or 6) within the Imperium, while other merely have a presence major worlds only.
  • Next up are the Limited (Ltd) companies. These companies are limited usually to a regional collection of worlds and a select set of products or services. They are more firmly regulated in those services they can autonomously provide, they have smaller fleets and security units with the occasional mercenary unit attached as needed. Unless their business is resource exploitation, they generally procure theirs from another company. Quite a bit bartering of good and services goes on and not as many CrImps trading hands. As long it is documented and the Imperial Treasury is not shorted, it is legal and encouraged as a mechanism to stimulate interstellar trade. A good deal of product assembly is done at this level.
  • The last type are those companies with a National Charter. These companies are usually the home of the subsided merchant vessel. The Fat Traders move much of the F&C on minor or even specially created routes and compose most of the known NC companies. They often only known of near their route connection to the Ltd routes. Their routes usually less than half a dozen worlds. They have small fleets and may contract out their security to another NC company. Security and mercenary units make up most of the rest of the known NC companies.
1. Ishkhan Company.
A. Speciality Goods or Services: Pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and precursor chemicals.
B. Baseline Tech Level: A (Gravity Manipulation)
C. Standard Price Adjustment: + 60 %
D. Corporate Headquarters: FS 0625 D 5A5 314-5 GG Fc.
E. Known Shareholders: ADG = 10%, N&S = 7%, Grunteb = 3%
F. QREBS: Quality = A (+5) [Ten Years], Reliability = -2, Ease of Use = -1, Burden = +1, Safety = +3.
G. Remarks: Ishkhan is a leader in the chemical industry. Their products are known to be extremely long inventory life, but when they do start to break down they do so a slightly greater rate than normal often in to non-toxic substances. Some believe this is a side effect of the largely bio-mechanical processing the company uses to refine base substances. Ishkhan's products are somewhat difficult to deal with and are tend to come in non-ergonomic containers the company maintains are necessary to comply with both Imperial Standards and to preserve the company's reputation highly safe products.
H. Rumors: This world is mostly populated by the small maintenance staff and an advanced, automated bio-mechanical collector/processor system left by the company to do the gathering and refining. While on paper this is a client of the FSS it is actually an Imperial company doing businesses across the border. Being in the Free States the Company can get a way with more than they could inside the Imperial Red Line. What that may be is unknown at this time.

2. Grunteb Biologics, IC.
A. Speciality Goods or Services: Medical Organs, medications, cloning, custom life forms.
B. Baseline Tech Level: G (Maximum Interstellar)
C. Standard Price Adjustment: + 10 %
D. Corporate Headquarters: FS 0931 B 100 615-C S GG Im.
E. Known Shareholders: Imperial Holdings = 5%, ADG = 5%, West = 3%.
F. QREBS: Quality = B (+6) [Twenty Years], Reliability = 0, Ease of Use = -1, Burden = -5, Safety = +1.
G. Remarks: Grunteb is known throughout the Empire and beyond for their superb quality biological products. While new comers to the field of biologics have product life times of under ten years, Grunteb's products last on average twenty years. At such time the customer is ready for an upgrade to the latest model of their particular purchases. The company's products are of average reliability and some what difficult to use and maintain. Often sophonts who have purchased a product from Grunteb report it being lighter and more ergonomic, this is a result of the high level of sophistication and thousands of years of R&D which allows the geneers to reduce the mass significantly. Grunteb products are slightly safer than most biologics, but even they admit nature can throw the best genera a curve ball now and again.
H. Rumors:

3. Nerver & Smith, IC.
A. Speciality Goods or Services: Capital Investments, Venture Capital, Bonds and Insurance, Import/Export.
B. Baseline Tech Level: E (Low Interstellar)
C. Standard Price Adjustment: - 30 %
D. Corporate Headquarters: FS 0932 C 86A 210-B GG Na.
E. Known Shareholders: Imperial Holdings = 5%, Nerver = 20%, Smith = 20%, various Partners = 15%, Victorious Holding Company = 2%, ADG = 1%.
F. QREBS: Quality = 7 (+2) [Two Years], Reliability = -3, Ease of Use = 0, Burden = 0, Safety = -2.
G. Remarks: Never & Smith is rather new on the block and are said to have been started by patrons who had grievances with ADG. This said it must have been a bit of blow when ADG gained a percentage of its stock. Whatever the truth N&S does a hefty business with quality products and often sound investments. However, they are bit bolder than their competitor and are thus prone to have some rather nasty down turns in their portfolios. Their services are generally reported to be standard and most sophonts should have little difficulty understanding the terms and the rates and fees are often paid through standard Imperial transaction methods. They are the kings of the quick turn around most investments paying off or going bad in about two years. When their products do go bad the speculator stands a good chance of losing their investment.
H. Rumors: They also have a small privately held shipyard that specializes in watercraft, they mostly do yachts for the N&S Board, Partners and staffs that reside on the world's surface. They have been known to do a watercraft for other clients but when they do the fees are outrageous. The results on the other hand have won several Imperial Surface Racing Association championships.

4. Salifei, IC.
A. Speciality Goods or Services: Robotics and Automation systems, from Steve-bots to Servo-bots to Miner-bots to Spaceport and Starport Automation Service Systems.
B. Baseline Tech Level: E
C. Standard Price Adjustment: + 40 %
D. Corporate Headquarters: FS 1027 B 122 516-E N Im.
E. Known Shareholders: Imperial Holdings = 5%,
F. QREBS: Quality = 7 (+2) [Two Years], Reliability = -1, Ease of Use = +1, Burden = 0, Safety = +2.
G. Remarks: If you want a quality, short term robot or automated device then you are going to at least look at the market leader, Salifei. While their products are not quite as reliable as the advertising would lead you to believe, they are as easy to use as the ads state. Their clean and simple designs make efficient use of space. Salifei's products are generally though of as safer than most.
H. Rumors:

5. Bayami General, IC.
A. Speciality Goods or Services: Air/Rafts, mass transit, personal vehicles, also vaccsuits.
B. Baseline Tech Level: E
C. Standard Price Adjustment: + 20 %
D. Corporate Headquarters: FS 1227 B 000 612-4 NS GG Ic.
E. Known Shareholders: Imperial Holdings = 5%,
F. QREBS: Quality = 5 (0) [Six Months], Reliability = 0, Ease of Use = +3, Burden = -3, Safety = +2.
G. Remarks: The quality of BayGen (as it is often shortened to) products are blandly average as is their reliability, they don't tend to last longer than a year without regular maintenance. Their products are often very easy to use and are extremely comfortable and ergonomic. The safety is also above average when their products do break down they don't tend to do so dangerously. BayGen Vacc Suits and Air/Rafts are quite popular among serious Travellers and professional spacers of all types.
H. Rumors:

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