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Swordy January 5th, 2006 01:24 PM

Like everyone else, I have been very busy with Real Life(tm) concerns the past year or so. Funny how moving into the management ranks can eat up all of your free time :/ Haven't had time to stock or promote The Traveller Trader in many moons, nor to keep up with any of a number of other Traveller web site related projects.

However, I have finally gotten around to something that I promised to do long ago. I opened up a half-dozen boxes of books and weeded through titles that I'll never read or never read again. 175 of the titles went up for sale on, most because they were not really sci-fi titles. About fifty went on the shelf for future reading or rereading. The rest, about 70 titles, are now in a special section of and almost all are listed for just one buck. One buck! My hope is that a few sci-fi fans will stock up their winter reading libraries and get some real enjoyment out of these titles, and that many will be passed on to more readers, as well.

As Always, proceeds support the family of Traveller web sites where non-commercial web sites are hosted without cost or spam/ads (except for this one ;). Thanks for your continued support.


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