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kafka47 June 18th, 2005 11:52 PM

Rather than clutter up the posting on the original LARP page. Players (and occasionally I will post details). So go ahead do a character sheet but keep your public face in the narrative format.

Eg. Character Tim Warnex UPP 7A89AD Ex Navy 1 Term
Gambling-1 Pilot-2 Navigation-1

Would be rewritten as:

Tim Warner is a bright young Noble Navy serviceman who got tired after only short time in the navy having learnt his way around a starship. But his life in the Navy introduced him to some of the seedier aspects of ships life with having lost a portion of fief in a game of Elimination Tonk.

Also, I figured that at some point we might have to engage in Combat. CT would seem to have the easier system and deadliness necessary for the LARP. Just does anyone know where a unified table (from Mercenary as well as the main book) of all weapons are (damage tables & effects of different armour). This will done on the basis of trust. Roll in private and accept ruling and play in character. We will use PMs to indicate the numbers.

kafka47 June 19th, 2005 12:01 AM

Thanks to Far Trader for doing some of the legwork...there are a few more surprises than what is naturally revealled here.

Pride of Naasirka

TL-15 - J6, M4, P6

Meson Screen F9; Armor F15; 20 Heavy Fighters Screen

Spinal Meson FT; 3,000tons misc weapons and defenses with 1,000EP available

Fuel for 8 weeks of operation and up to 8 parsecs of jump.

100 ship hangers of 130tons and larger, total 50,000tons, full launch capability is 1 ship per hanger per turn.

Crew breakdown:

Command: 50 sophonts, 450 ai
Engineering: 240 sophonts, 2160 limited ai
Gunnery/Defense: 10 sophonts, 90 limited ai
Flight Control: 10 sophonts, 90 limited ai
Ship Security: 100 sophonts, 900 limited ai
Ship Services: 200 sophonts, 1800 limited ai
Special Auxiliary: 10 superior ai

Sophont Crew staterooms x610+ (includes 305tons of baggage allowance, and 60tons of extra appointments for the officers)

AI Crew closets x5500 (1/2ton each)

Passenger quarters x16,000 luxury staterooms (calculated as 4x volume)

Cargo capacity of 36,000tons (includes 16,000tons of passenger baggage allowance)

So why so much firepower and such on a "liner" you ask? Well, just try filling 16,000 staterooms and 20,000tons of freight on a weekly basis I had to do something with all that volume and more passengers and/or cargo didn't seem feasible to me.

I see the ship hangers being used by travellers to park their yachts (and possibly traders) while they enjoy a vacation. In fact making some of the cargo or other volume the equivalent of a starport for maintenance just hit me. That way annual maintenance can be done for the passenger while they get a vacation.

The ship also has just over 90 "stores" mainly boutiques but some stores usefully for Travellers which may sell things like Holocameras and other assorted items for planetside adventures.

The liner has an effective Law Level banishing everything but small personal weapons. And, even those, it is considered poor taste to display them openly. However, Far Point has a highly restrictive Law Level.

far-trader June 19th, 2005 12:06 AM

far-trader's character:


Public Data File - Subject: Sawter, Jeffiery - Human Male, Age 43, Single.

Service Record - 20 years Interstellar Navy aboard the cruiser Richard Easton, Engineering Branch, Retired. Final rank Master Chief. MCUF and Naval Honor Sword.

High rating as Engineer with full sub-discipline competency and vacuum suit training. Flight rated for small craft operations.

Retired to Farpoint with Navy Relocation Assistance. Returned after four years to take assignment aboard the Pride of Naasirka. Completed one year orientation just in time for maiden voyage.

Current employment as a Chief Petty Officer, Engineering Section One, aboard the Pride of Naasirka.

Excellent physical health with the exception of Harper's Malignancy. Average intelligence. Basic education. Average income.

Library File addendum - Harper's Malignancy: A rare temporal lobe tumour usually occurring in both sides at the same time but occasionally only one. Fatal unless treated. No cure. Treatment requires regular subdural injection of tailored drugs, typically administered by patient using an autoinjector. Harper's Malignancy is not transmissible and the cause is unknown. Most cases seem to originate on Farpoint and usually present at about age 18. The disease only affects humans. Cases in later years and off-world are very rare.

kafka47 June 19th, 2005 12:12 AM

Piper's character

Character color and disclosure
E-mail transcript from 3 days prior to departure:

To: Bookings_computer@Naasirka Passenger Services, Security Office

From: Precinct_computer@Terra Prime Internal Security Service
Office of: Sub-Inspector V. Shaarunshan
Re: Routine passenger screening, case# Echo-1337-B

download: racial profile;Droyne/Chirper
download: image; Echo-1337-B_17-32
download: biometrics; Echo-1337-B

Sophont interface summary:
Subject name: Usssep
Caste: Sport
Physicals: height; 1.376m; mass,27.36kg; coloration, medium grey (ICF 75589) with subtle reticulated markings in black.

Surveillance findings: Subject has been on-planet 6 local weeks. He is an authorized representative of his clan (see query, file att.) and is functioning as a sales agent. His clan produces small electronic devices with a high level of sophistication (ref. std. TL14+) and he has managed to arrange several trade agreements.
Subject has never been observed engaging in illegal or suspicious activity and appears to be legitimate. Subject has shown no evidence of psionic ability.

Subject has demonstrated skill in electronics, computer and robot operation, and displays a marked ability to function in, what is effectively an alien society.

Subject is deemed threat level Aqua 479 and is cleared by this office for boarding.

Advisory: there are three gaps in the surveillance record totaling 57.64 minutes. Investigation revealed these to be due to random technical failures.

Instruction: download seeker_worm
Instruction: download alt.data_file
Instruction: delete "Advisory"
Instruction: delete instruction, last_in, 4


Jame June 19th, 2005 11:11 AM

Character Description

Name: Hereditary Countess Dorotea Innes other human female
str dex end int edu soc Home World: star port = B
7 9 10 8 9 13 size = large
age: 30 atmosphere = dense
appearent age: 30 hydro = wet
population = moderate
law = moderate
government = civ. bureaucracy
tech lvl = early stellar
Career: Marines Infantry branch
Rank: E6 Gunnery Sargent
Wheeled Vehicle - 2, Computer - 0, Stealth - 1, Dance - 1,
Herding - 1, Small Boat - 1, Trader - 1, Rifleman - 1,
Vacc Suit - 0, Long Blade - 1, Hunting - 1, Heavy Weap - 2,
Mechanical - 1, Tactics - 1, Recon - 1, Leadership - 1,

Property: Credits: 40000

The trio met up during their service and are, having all recently mustered
out, are travelling for a short time before they go their separate ways.
Baron Benson is the "viewpoint" character. He's unaware of the affection
with which Countess Innes views him.
Character Description

Name: Honor Baron Jame Benson Imperial human male
str dex end int edu soc Home World: star port = B
7 8 9 9 11 12 size = small
age: 34 atmosphere = dense
appearent age: 34 hydro = wet
population = moderate
University grad NOTC law = moderate
government = char. dictator
tech lvl = early stellar
Career: Marines Cavalry branch
Rank: O4 Force Commander
Awards: MCUF, Purple Heart, Combat Ribbonsx2,
Wheeled Vehicle - 2, Computer - 0, Farming - 1, Hunting - 1,
Electronics - 1, Genetics - 1, Archaeology - 1, Physics - 1,
Disguise - 1, Energy Weap - 2, Vacc Suit - 0, Long Blade - 1,
Heavy Weap - 2, Mechanical - 2, Cmbt. Rifleman-1
Property: Credits: 20000
Character Description

Name: Honor Sir Harold Calis, M.D. Imperial human male
str dex end int edu soc Home World: star port = C
11 13 11 8 12 11 size = medium
age: 34 atmosphere = thin
appearent age: 34 hydro = dry
population = moderate
Tech School honors grad law = low
Medical School graduate honors government = balkanization
tech lvl = industrial
Career: Navy Imperial Navy Engineering branch medic
Rank: O4 Lieutenant Commander(Doctor O3 ret.)
Awards: Purple Heart, Command Clusters, Combat Ribbonsx2,
Wheeled Vehicle - 0, Survival - 1, Computer - 3, Jack-o-Trades - 1,
Robot Ops - 1, Sensor Ops - 1, Medical - 6, Admin - 1,
Handgun - 0, Polearm - 1, Streetwise - 1, Vacc Suit - 1,
Engineering - 1, Electronics - 1, Ship Tactics - 1,
Property: Credits: 30000

What exactly is a Gold ticket? Would any of my characters have one?

kafka47 June 20th, 2005 08:58 PM

UWP, at a glance



Code General Description

0 vacuum
1 vacuum (trace atmosphere)
2 vacuum (very thin tainted atmosphere)
3 vacuum (very thin atmosphere)
4 thin (tainted atmosphere)
5 thin
6 standard
7 standard (tainted atmosphere)
8 dense
9 dense (tainted atmosphere)
A exotic
B exotic (corrosive atmosphere)
C exotic (insidious atmosphere)
D exotic
E exotic
F exotic


Code General Description

0 desert world
1 dry world 5 % 14 %
2 dry world 15 24 %
3 wet world 25 % 34 %
4 wet world 35 % 44 %
5 wet world 45 % 54 %
6 wet world 55 % 64 %
7 wet world 65 % 74 %
8 wet world 75 % 84 %
9 wet world 85 % 94 %
A water world 95 % 100 %


Code General Description Population

0 low less than ten
1 low tens
2 low hundreds
3 low thousands
4 mod ten thousands
5 mod hundred thousands
6 mod millions
7 mod ten millions
8 mod hundred millions
9 high billions
A high ten billions


Code General Description

0 NO GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE: In many cases,but not all, family bonds predominate
1 COMPANY/CORPORATION: Government by a company or corporation managerial elite; citizens are company employees.
2 PARTICIPATING DEMOCRACY: Government by advice and consent of citizen.
3 SELF-PERPETUATING OLIGARCHY: Government by a restricted minority, with little or no input from the masses.
4 REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY: Government by elected representatives.
5 FEUDAL TECHNOCRACY: Government by specific individuals for those who agreed to be ruled. Relationships are based on the performance of technical activities which are mutually beneficial.
6 CAPTIVE GOVERNMENT/COLONY: Government by a leadership answerable to an outside group; a colony or conquered area.
7 BALKANIZATION: No central ruling authority exists; rival governments compete for control.
8 CIVIL SERVICE BUREAUCRACY: Government by agencies employing individuals selected for their expertise.
9 IMPERSONAL BUREAUCRACY: Government by agencies which are insulated from the governed.
A CHARISMATIC DICTATOR: Government by a single leader enjoying the confidence of the citizens.
B NON-CHARISMATIC LEADER: A previous charismatic dictator has been replaced by a leader through normal channels.
C CHARISMATIC OLIGARCHY: Government by a select group, organization, or class enjoying overwhelming confidence of the citizens.
D RELIGIOUS DICTATORSHIP: Government by a religious minority which has little regard for the needs of the citizens.
E RELIGIOUS AUTOCRACY: Government by a single religious leader having absolute power over the citizens.
F TOTALITARIAN OLIGARCHY: Government by an all-powerful minority which maintains absolute control through widespread coercion and oppression.


Code General Description

0 NO LAW (no prohibitions)
1 LOW LAW (body pistols and explosives restricted)
2 LOW LAW (man portable energy and laser weapons restricted)
3 LOW LAW (machineguns and automatic weapons restricted)
4 MODERATE LAW (light assault weapons restricted)
5 MODERATE LAW (personal concealable weapons restricted)
6 MODERATE LAW (all firearms except shotguns restricted)
7 MODERATE LAW (shotguns restricted)
8 HIGH LAW (blade weapons controlled, no open display)
9 HIGH LAW (weapon possession outside home restricted)
A EXTREME LAW (weapon possession restricted)
B EXTREME LAW (rigid control of civilian movement)
C EXTREME LAW (unrestricted invasion of privacy)
D EXTREME LAW (paramilitary law enforcement)


Code General Description

0 pre-industrial (primitive)
1 pre-industrial (bronze or iron age)
2 pre-industrial (printing press)
3 pre-industrial (basic science)
4 industrial (internal combustion)
5 industrial (mass production)
6 pre-stellar (nuclear power)
7 pre-stellar (miniature electronics)
8 pre-stellar (super conductors)
9 early stellar (fusion power)
A early stellar (jump drive)
B average stellar (large starships)
C average stellar (sophisticated robots)
D average stellar (holographic data storage)
E high stellar (anti-grav cities)
F high stellar (anagathics)
G high stellar (global terraforming)
H extreme stellar


Code General Description

A All options available
B All options available
C All options available
D All options available
F Only DISK, BANK, PERSONNEL and CARGO available
G Only DISK, BANK and CARGO available
H Only DISK available
X No starport facilities other than landing pads

If some can figure out a way of getting world sizes I would appreciate it greatly

far-trader June 20th, 2005 10:45 PM

Not sure I follow by what you mean figure out but here's the table I know (LBB6 mostly):


0 Asteroid/Planetoid Belt
R Ring (around a larger world)
S Worldlet - 800km d
1 Small World - 1,600km d
2 Small World - 3,200km d
3 Small World - 4,800km d
4 Small World - 6,400km d
5 Medium World - 8,000km d
6 Medium World - 9,600km d
7 Medium World - 11,200km d
8 Large World - 12,800km d
9 Large World - 14,400km d
A Large World - 16,000km d

SGG - 20-60,000km d
LGG - 60-120,000km d

kafka47 June 22nd, 2005 10:58 AM

Thanks, again to Far Trader who has compiled a representative of weapons for Combat. Generally, we will follow CT cmbt rules (penetration ratings to come). For those that don't know. A successful hit needs 8+ (on a 2D6) modified by the below mentioned factors.

Pickles June 23rd, 2005 10:38 AM

Dementos Bromgrev
Detached Duty Scout 7C8A7B Age 34 4 terms Cr 50,000

Computer-1, Engineer-2, Forgery-1, JOT-1, Pilot-1, Snub Pistol-2, Streetwise-1, Sword-0, Vacc-0

Hereditary member of the Order of the Lens.
Operator of the detached duty scout/courier Bad Moon Rising berthed in hangar #42.

kafka47 June 24th, 2005 03:11 AM

Library Data

Black Deth: A Heavy Punk Metal popular in the early part of the 12 century Imperia. Much of their melodies seem to be ripped from other more successful artists. They cultivate a loyal following of 30-40 years who are often habitual drug users and wear jet black jumpsuits as a way of projecting their loyalty to the band.

Various Religious authorities and certain governments have taken the extra ordinary step of banning the group from visiting their worlds. The Band usually responds with some massive publicity stunt or charitable cause that forces most governments to relent. There are rumours that the Band is merely a front for the Yakovlev Crime Syndicate who has been known to cooperate with certain Vargr pirate bands. Investigations are ongoing.

Ref: It is not so much as the groupies are chronic drug users as chemical analysis of the blood shows but the devices that the Band sells to play its music is somehow affecting the psycho-neural systems. The Band's links to Organized Crime syndicates beyond the Imperial border has been investigated numerous times and each time refuted.

OOC: All are welcome to contribute Library Data, just send a PM before posting for approval. The background is the Imperial-Zhodani frontier in the Foreven Sector. Before action will move more Coreward. Entries should reflect the era of CT although the time-line is currently set 1110. Ref notes are optional.

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