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Daddicus December 7th, 2013 02:45 PM

Looking for ideas
I'm building a campaign/adventure for people who have never played T5 before (or any other Traveller, for that matter). One of the ideas I have is to have each character experience 1 or 2 very short mini-adventures before the real adventure begins.

So, I'm fishing for ideas for mini-adventures that one person can go through. Pretty much anything goes, although the characters are all starting out on a planet and are more or less "near" the SP.

One requirement is that there be at least one task or combat requiring the use of one or more skills, characteristics, or knowledges. Another is that it is simple.

My intent is to have a list of these mini-adventures, each of which have a list of skills, knowledges, and/or characteristics, the use of which will give them a good probability of succeeding. Then, I'll pick a mini-adv. from the list that the character has the right skill(s) to handle.

I've thought of a couple as examples:

John runs into a pouncer and must defend himself. He's carrying only a simple blade weapon. (Blade, Str, Survival, ...)

Jane is lost, and needs to find something to eat. There are plenty of <edible animal that doesn't fight back, akin to a Terran rabbit> around, but she has no weapons. (Dex, Str, survival, ...)

Jane is lost, and needs to find something to eat. There are plenty of <edible animal as above> around. She has a slug-thrower, but she needs to hit on the first shot, lest she scare the "bunnies" away for an hour or so. (Dex, survival, gun, ...)

Bart is a long way from home. He wandered too far from camp, and needs to get back before dark. He has run across an abandoned wheeled vehicle, but it isn't running. (mechanic, Int, Tra, Edu, ...)

One warning: My dream is to someday publish this. While I doubt that will ever happen, if it does I may use your ideas at that time. You will be credited (by name or by screen name, as desired), but I doubt I'll be able to compensate anybody (except FFE, of course).

flykiller December 9th, 2013 02:38 PM

repo man. a local dealer in airrafts has had several purchasers skip out on their loans or rentals. he needs someone to repossess the airrafts and return them to him, paying according to the value and condition of the returned vehicle.

a) all is as it seems
b) private repossession is illegal on this world but happens anyway. the police may be involved depending on the bribes, violence, and public endangerment incurred.
c) private repossession is not only legal but is regarded as a civil matter and police will not invervene. possessors may attempt to retain their property. watching out-of-control repossession chases is a prime public entertainment exercise. think "running man".
d) the dealer is a political operative who intends to disrupt an opposition party. the list of vehicles to be repossessed is the vehicles used by that party. conditions b and c may apply.
e) the "dealer" is not the business owner but a disgruntled former employee who still has a key to the premises. he intends simply to walk away with the returned airraft and leave the repo man holding any civil/legal liability. conditions b and c may apply.
f) the "dealer" is a crime boss who is attempting to embarass or entrap a rival. he may lead the repo man into an ambush and use this to get his rival charged and removed, or he may hope that the rival is killed in a repo-battle with the repo man. conditions b and c may apply.

Supplement Four December 9th, 2013 07:45 PM

I like the idea of "no-go pockets" in space. T5's descritpion of the various drives will sometime create areas in a system that are dead space because they are outside the 1000 Diam limit of the system's star. Ships have to coast over these parts, be fitted with special drives (like the N-Drives), or use a micro-jump.

If, for some reason, a destination is created inside one of these areas, it will be quite remote.

If there is no massive body in the dead area, it will be extremely hard to maneuver once you reach the destination. M-Drive will work at 1% efficiency, if the Ref allows it to work at all.

Put a space station out there for some reason. Or, maybe a rogue asteroid that is full of lanthanum. about a Signal GK coming from the void, with the PCs attempting a rescue.

Heck, maybe it's Corsairs hiding in there, trying to draw in some unsuspecting do-gooders.

With no way to maneuver, micro-jumping in there (make sure you've got enough fuel to get out of there!) with the Corsairs will be like broadsides! Ships, slow to maneuver, blasting away at each other...leading to a boarding action.

Kinda neat for a 1 or 2 session game.

Heck, run Annic Nova in one of these pockets. Finding a strange ship in the void....populate the ship with your choice of bad guy (other salvagers, enemy spies, robots defending the ship, strange aliens...whatever) and have a great time.

Daddicus December 10th, 2013 12:35 AM

Thanks, guys! I like 'em!

Timerover51 December 11th, 2013 01:21 AM

There is also an interesting solo adventure in the Double Adventure Marooned, and Marooned Alone. Depending on what other materials you have, there are quite a few possible mini-adventures in the various Journals of the Traveller Aid Society.

A lot would depend on the type of planet that you are starting from. Is it extremely advanced or more of a frontier planet, where technology is of limited availability and highly valued as a result.

Frewfrux December 11th, 2013 06:40 PM

While traveling between worlds on a ship with about a dozen other passengers Bob realizes that his ID card has gone missing. He must query/persuade/carouse other passengers to figure out who might have taken it. The ship's engineer has a pet cat-analogue who loves to steal ID cards and hide them, but this should make for some interesting personal interactions and could be a good test of the new "Personals."

Daddicus December 19th, 2013 12:18 AM

Thanks again! Good ideas!!!

whulorigan April 22nd, 2014 08:45 AM

T5 Adventure in GT:JTAS
BTW, the most recent edition of SJGames GT:JTAS has a short adventure in it designed around the T5 System:

Making Business Big by Richard Crowley

nats April 28th, 2014 12:38 PM

I would call these Tasks more than Mini-adventures. Some ideas might be: a small melee/gun combat scenario, a small 2/3 ship vector space conflict, solving a problem/puzzle, getting through a trapped/secure area, designing a character, landing a damaged vehicle/ship, doing a trade run, a battle between two large naval ships, designing and then fighting a robot, training in psionics, survivingtraversing a hostile environment.

I actually have a list of these task things written in the front of my Core Rules book that I often work through myself in order to aquaint myself with Traveller rules, or just to do when I am a bit bored. I have kept a list of thes sorts of tasks ever since I came a cross a list of these in the Understanding Traveller booklet that came in my original LBB set.

Daddicus April 28th, 2014 08:51 PM


Yeah, I agree. My intent is to help people understand skills without a great deal of time invested in each one. So, task is pretty much right on.

Now, I'm probably going to have more than one task per player/character, as part of a larger whole. Due to some chemical issues, characters start out without the ability to remember much of anything, and the task usage is what brings them out of that fog they've been in (little by little).

But, having bite-sized tasks is what "little by little" means, in this context. So, one thing that's going to be used (with a little suspension of disbelief) is that none of the tasks are life-threatening. In fact, failing one probably just leads down a different path to regaining their memory.

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