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SpaceBadger August 1st, 2014 06:14 PM

SoloTrav: Pendragonman: Free Trader Bridget
SoloTrav: Pendragonman: Free Trader Bridget

GM: SpaceBadger

Player: Pendragonman

Player Character: Rory Mackenzie

Campaign: Free Trader Bridget

Setting: SBRD: Reavers' Deep and Daibei during Long Night

Starting Place and Date: Highport at Jurin (Db 0510), 25 Aug 3731

SpaceBadger August 1st, 2014 06:28 PM

Rory Mackenzie, 8AA776, Human, Age 46

2 terms Star Marine (Corporal), 5 terms Free Trader

Drive (grav)-0, Military Tactics-0, Heavy Weapons-0 (Launchers), Stealth-0, Persuade-1, Computer-1, Athletics-1, Battle Dress-1, Slug Pistol-1, Unarmed-1, Slug Rifles-1, JoT-1, Trade (Welding)-1, Powerplants-1, Electronics-1, Mechanic-1, Engineering-1, Steward-1, Sensors-1, Turrets-1, Navigation-1, Pilot-2, Streetwise-2, Shotgun-2, Broker-4

Has TL 12 subdermal armor and a combat shotgun + 35,000 credits.

One contact outside Free Trader circles

Owns 39% of the Bridget, a 20 year old Type A2 Far Trader, with hard to find/obsolete parts making maintenance cost 50% more and a few quiet modifications giving some smuggling space.

Homeworld: Shiishiga (Db 1216) A555844-C K - 800 Ag Ri Representative Democracy, Imperial Realm, Naval & Planetary Bases

Two terms served in Imperial Marines of the Imperial Realm of Daibei.

Five terms as Free Trader, mostly tramp-trading around the core regions of Daibei Sector (subsectors Outback, Amdani, Mulaar, and Dudin).

Personal Timeline prior to game start:
25 Aug 3731: date of game start
3711: PC Mustered out of Marines, became a Free Trader
3703: PC enlisted in Marines
3685: PC approximate birthdate

SpaceBadger August 3rd, 2014 05:09 AM

The A2 Far Trader Bridget lost some of her crew when Captain Rory Mackenzie announced his decision to seek new trade opportunities in Reavers' Deep Sector. but three loyal crewmembers remained aboard with him:

Clarence "Lefty" Kurnikov, ex-Marine, Captain's right-hand man, 12 years aboard
898774, Age 42, Human Male
Homeworld: Adushi (Db 1617) D544733-6 - - 133 Ag Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy, Imperial Realm, No Base
Skills: Animals-0, Comms-1, Medic-0, Athletics-1, Battledress-0, Tactics-0, HvyWpn-0, GunCbt(Rifle)-3, Stealth-1, Zero-G-1, Recon-2, Survival-1, Pilot(SmallCraft)-1, Melee(unarmed)-1, Deception-1, Streetwise-2, Computers-2, Gunner(Turrets)-2, VaccSuit-1, GunCbt(Pistol)-1
Muster: +1 Edu, Contact, None, Cr10K, Gauss Rifle, Two ShipShares

Armando Vinsikirir, engineer and fix-it man, 8 years aboard
775A85, Age 34, Human Male
Homeworld: Atun (Db 1415) A666897-A - - 703 Ag Ri Impersonal Bureaucracy, Independent, No Base
Skills: Animals-0, Carouse-0, Engineer(Powerplant)-2, Engineer(M-Drive)-1, Engineer(Electonics)-1, Engineer(J-Drive)-1, Drive(Grav)-2, VaccSuit-2, Broker-0, Steward-0, Comms-0, Persuade-0, Admin-1, Mechanic-2, Persuade-1
Muster: Cr20K, ShipShare, 20K, ShipShare, FreeTrader(5 shares)

Karoleen Mahajan, newest crewmember, 4 years aboard
677994, Age 32, Human Female
Homeworld: Egarnigun (Db 1223) B967645-9 N - 403 Ag Ni Ri Representative Democracy, Imperial Realm, Naval Base
Skills: Animals-1, Carouse-1, Medic-1, Pilot(SmallCraft)-2, Mechanic-2, Astrogation-0, VaccSuit-2, ZeroG-1, GunCbt(Shotgun)-2, Melee(unarmed)-3, Trade(Belter)-1, Gunner(Turret)-1, Engineer(Electronics)-1
Muster: Cr23k, Shotgun, Two ShipShares

In recent travels, Bridget has made her way out of the Imperial Realm of Daibei, heading generally spinward toward the Deep. From Kulinaar to Kekemu, to Egengarshi, Glimis, Shadukardar, Nyanar, and now into Jurin system.

As Bridget exits Jump into Jurin system on 25 August 3731, she is running a bit light, with only 8 Economy passengers and two 15-ton lots of freight bound for Jurin Highport from Nyanar, plus 10 tons of Luxury items (2 tons Luxury Goods, 8 tons Luxury Consumables) carried for speculative trade.

[OK, Captain... What next?]

pendragonman August 3rd, 2014 03:03 PM

Bridget's cost: 51,385,500 CR + 2 MCR for turrets + 3 MCR for 6 pulse lasers = 56.3855 MCR.

Ship shares: 39 + 2 + 6 + 2 = 49, 49% of ship payed off, leaving 28. 756605 MCR divided by 240 gives a mortgage of 119. 820 KCR per month.

Call the mortgage (the "nut"): 120 KCR per month.

Routine maintenance cost: 56,385.50 + 28,192.75 (+50% for quirk) = 84,578.25 CR per year. Call it 85 KCR per year or 7.1 KCR per month of routine maintenance.

Luxuries required to give a bonus on our steward check for passengers is 100 KCR per year or ~8.5 KCR per month.

EDIT:So nut plus maintenance plus luxuries per month is 135.6 KCR.

Life support: 20,600 Basic per month
Fuel: 44 tons-22,000 for refined, 4400 for unrefined, Frontier rigged.

Question: Why Cr20,600 estimate on Basic life support per month? Wouldn't that be Cr20,000? What is the extra Cr600?

Also: I disagree with rule that empty staterooms cost full life support charge; IMTU empties are only Cr1000/month (or Cr500/two-weeks)

6 Low births at 100 each, if used. The latest Errata (thanks Don!) points out that there should only be LS charged if the staterooms and low births are actually used.

No charge at all? OK, I can go with that. I had just been charging half, but the charges are excessive anyway. Will amend pervious post.

SpaceBadger August 3rd, 2014 05:05 PM

Funds onboard at game start upon entry into Jurin system:
Cr100k - accumulated cash after ship's business at Nyamar
+Cr24k - 8 Economy passages from Nyamar to Jurin (2 parsecs)
+Cr18k - half in advance on 30 tons of freight from Nyamar to Jurin
-Cr4k - 2 weeks life support for 4 persons from Nyamar to Jurin
-Cr6k - 2 weeks life support for 8 persons from Nyamar to Jurin at double-occupancy
-zero - 2 weeks life support for 2 empty staterooms
-zero - jump fuel from Nyamar to Jurin (scooped)
Cr132k on arrival in Jurin system

Cr18k - expected payment at Jurin, half on delivery for 30 tons of freight from Nyamar

Cr??? - sale of speculative cargo, 10 tons Luxury Items (2 tons Luxury Goods, 8 tons Luxury Consumables)

Expected expenses:
Port fees
Life Support restocking for next Jump
Cr120k - mortgage pmt due on 1st (slack to 8th to allow for ships in Jump)
Cr7.1k - monthly maintenance
Purchase of more spec cargo for next leg

What do you have in mind for crew salaries? Paid when, 1st and 15th?

EDIT: One difference in finding freight, spec cargo and passengers: instead of being required to spend five days doing that stuff, you can make one set of checks for all of those as soon as you get within comm range (at A, B, C ports) for listings on the port's boards. Then if you want to try for more than that, you either spend the traditional five days looking, or go out and roleplay it.


pendragonman August 3rd, 2014 11:16 PM

On Salaries, copied from Email thread
Have an Advocate draw up papers detailing the ownership contract as follows: % ownership is based on ship shares invested at time of joining the ship. The remaining mortgage to be paid out of the ship's portion of the profit division laid out under the work contract. Ship shares are not inheritable and are only redeemable if the company sells the ship asset, at which time the share will be paid out. All investors will work on the ship under the work contract, said work contract as follows:

1) The ship gets 50% of all trade, freight and passenger income. Out of that 50% maintenance, fees, licensing, repairs and speculative cargo will be paid for. This fund will also pay for any non-investor crewmen that may be hired, pay rate commensurate with Imperial Merchant Marine pay scales. If this fund falls short of needs the investors will be levied for the shortfall.

2) The remaining 50% is divided by 20% for the Captain, the remaining 30% divided by the remaining investors. It is recommended that each investor leave the majority of their payout in the general operating fund, taking draws for personal purchases as necessary. Leaving the money in the general fund will accomplish 2 goals. A) the investor will have a cash nest egg upon payoff of ship and B) it will leave a larger fund to purchase better speculative cargoes with.

Emphasis added when copied t this thread. In other words, since all current crew are investors there is no straight payroll, just draws as they need to buy stuff personally, so this number will be random each month.

SpaceBadger August 3rd, 2014 11:44 PM

Bridget, Jurin system (shiptime 1530, 3731-08-25)
As Bridget exits Jump into Jurin system on 25 August 3731, she is running a bit light, with only 8 Economy passengers and two 15-ton lots of freight bound for Jurin Highport from Nyanar, plus 10 tons of Luxury items (2 tons Luxury Goods, 8 tons Luxury Consumables) carried for speculative trade.

Shortly after Jump Exit, Bridget receives a laser comm: "Bridget, this is Jurin Traffic Control. Please proceed to orbit [parameters] until cleared by Customs. Thank you. Do you have any questions?"

pendragonman August 3rd, 2014 11:58 PM

Establish contact:
"Jurin Control, This is Free Trader Bridget. Inbound with passengers, freight and cargo for sale. Request permission to divert to nearest gas giant for refuel. After refuel we will require a birth to diembark passengers, freight, and hopefully exchange cargoes."

Assuming I get the okey dokey to refuel...

"Jurin control, Bridget. Please switch us to Market Control."

Find a buyer for our Lux goods and lux consumables:

Buyer check (+4 for broker +6 for A star port):


Sale price Lux goods (+4 for broker, +4 for RI code):


Sale price for Lux consumables (+4 for broker, +2 for RI code, -2 for Ag code):


SpaceBadger August 4th, 2014 12:18 AM

[OOC: Hmm. Check the system layout. Jurin is in orbit 1, hugging its tiny little M2 V star. The nearest gas giant is out in orbit 3. Your ship does 1G. I figured you'd probably prefer to buy fuel (either refined or unrefined) rather than make that trip.]

[If you really want to refuel by skimming before going to the Highport, let's rewrite so you exit near the gas giant to begin with... but then you have a longer trip to get to Jurin Highport at 1G. (And you'd be getting a recorded message from a buoy near the GG; light-lag too much for comm from port.)]

[Hang on a minute, I'll calculate the distances and travel-time so you can make an informed choice.]

pendragonman August 4th, 2014 12:24 AM

"Jurin Market Control, what goods are fore open sale?"

Finding a supplier, same +10 as finding a buyer:


Goods (net trade code DM), first time so I'm listing them all (but the random ones, which you will define):

Basic Electronics (+1) Advanced Electronics (-2)
Basic Machine Parts (-2) Advanced Manufactured Goods (-2)
Basic Manufactured Goods (0) Advanced Vehicles (-2)
Basic Raw Materials (+3) Biochemicals (+1)
Basic Consumables (0) Crystals and Gems (-2)
Basic Ores (0) Cybernetics (-2)
Live Animals (+2) Lux Consumables (0)
Lux Goods (-4) Medical Supplies (-1)
Petrochemicals (-1) Big Pharma (-2)
Polymers (-2) Precious Metals (-3)
Radioactives (- -3 or +3) Robots (-2)
Spices (-3) Textiles (+7)
Wood (+4)

Plus 1D6 of the remaining stuff, whatever that is:


My purchase price basic negotiation roll (+4 for broker):


So with this and the above listed goods plus the 1d6 random goods (which you will tell me what they are) we should have a quick resolution to spec trade purchase contracts.

If I don't fill the hold with spec trade I will look at freight.

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