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vegas August 26th, 2019 03:32 PM

OK, I'm working on it.

First question: is this Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica? Do the bridge officers do the hands-on work (ST) or do they delegate and stay behind the lines (BSG)?

flykiller August 26th, 2019 03:58 PM


st or bsg
hadn't really thought of it that way.

pilots and navigators are officers. chief engineer typically is back in engineering but will have a station on the bridge. the gunnery officer is on the bridge and can control weapons but typically will pass that over to the more experienced enlisted men. the flight officer merely is in charge of the bridge - the pilots, navigators, and enlisted personnel who maintain sensors, comms, and computers.

an officer's primary job is to make sure things get done and report to the captain. it's the enlisted men that do the work.

vegas August 26th, 2019 04:11 PM

Got it.

vegas August 26th, 2019 05:02 PM

proposed skill list, new/changed skills in bold
vacc suit / 0G 1
pilot 1, navigation 1, ship's gunnery 1, ship tactics 2*
engineering 1
leader 2*, instructor 1, administration 1
liason 2*, interrogation 1, survey 1

flykiller August 26th, 2019 11:25 PM


liaison 2*, interrogation 1
(grin) awesome ....

the boat, in more detail

ICS Perigrine
Hull FC88_1102_002, Quar Yard

Hull (Tech 11)
1900 dtons Fanned Disc
Streamlined, Fuel Scoops

Combat Bridge
Model 7fib Sensor Suite

Engineering (Tech 11)
Jump 2
Maneuver/Agility 4
Power Plant 123 EP

380 Dtons (Jump 2)
123 Dtons (Full Ops Four Weeks)
Field Fuel Purifier

Gunnery (Tech 13)
10 BBB Turrets
Configurable Batteries - Factor 9 x1, 7 x2, 5 x5
3 Gunner's Stations + Bridge Station
Full Backup Power
3 MMM Turrets
Fixed Batteries - Factor 3 x3
3 Gunner's Stations
Full Backup Power/Reload

Defenses (Tech 13)
Armor Rating 3+0 (Tech 11)
Nuclear Damper Rating 1
Screen Station
6 SSS Turrrets
Fixed Batteries - Factor 6 x3
3 Gunner's Stations
Full Backup Power/Reload

Auxilliary Craft
3 Lifeboats
1 Pax Gig
1 Cargo Gig
1 Infantry Gig
Boat Deck (20 dtons)

6 Months
28 dtons Cargo Space

Personnel Spaces
1 Captain's Stateroom
6 Senior Officer's Staterooms
13 Junior Officer's Staterooms
22 Senior Enlisted Cabins
12 Junior Enlisted 4-Berths
2 Guest Quarters (8 dtons)

8 Department Offices (25 dtons)
Officer's Wardroom (16 dtons)
Chief's Bay (12 dtons)
Crew Mess Bay (24 dtons)

14 Armory Lockers (21 dtons)
14 Holobooths (35 dtons)

Medical Bay (20 dtons)
16 Lowberths (12 dtons)
Brig (6 dtons)

Engineering Operating Station
Maintenance / Welding Shop (12 dtons)
4 Damage Control Lockers (16 dtons)
3 Central Life Support Modules (6 dtons)

flykiller August 26th, 2019 11:28 PM

the crew.

Captain (commander)

Executive Officer (lieutanant commander)
command master chief
office manager (petty officer)

Flight Officer (lieutenant)
flight senior chief
Senior Pilot (lieutenant)
Second Pilot (lieutenant)
Third Pilot (ensign)
Senior Navigator (lieutenant)
Second Navigator (ensign)
Bridge Officer (ensign)
computer chief
computer tech (enlisted)
communications chief
communications tech (enlisted)
sensors chief
sensors tech (enlisted)

Chief Engineer (lieutenant commander)
engineering senior chief
Drives Officer (lieutenant)
jump chief
jump tech (petty officer)
jump tech (enlisted)
maneuver chief
maneuver tech (petty officer)
maneuver tech (enlisted)
maneuver tech (enlisted)
power plant chief
power plant tech (petty officer)
power plant tech (petty officer)
power plant tech (enlisted)
power plant tech (enlisted)
Hull Officer (ensign)
fuel chief
fuel systems tech (petty officer)
fuel systems tech (enlisted)
hull chief
hull tech (petty officer)
hull tech (petty officer)
hull tech (enlisted)
hull tech (enlisted)

Gunnery Officer (lieutenant)
gunnery senior chief
laser chief
laser gunner (petty officer)
laser gunner (enlisted)
missile chief
missile gunner (petty officer)
missile gunner (enlisted)
sand chief
sand gunner (petty officer)
sand gunner (enlisted)
screen chief
screen tech (petty officer)
screen tech (petty officer)
screen tech (enlisted)
screen tech (enlisted)

Operations Officer (lieutenant)
operations senior chief
senior boat pilot (lieutenant)
second boat pilot (ensign)
third boat pilot (ensign)
fourth boat pilot (ensign)
mess chief
mess tech (enlisted)
mess tech (enlisted)
supply chief
supply tech (petty officer)
supply tech (enlisted)
supply tech (enlisted)
supply tech (enlisted)

Ship's Surgeon (commander)
medical senior chief
medical tech (enlisted)
medical tech (enlisted)

Security Officer (ensign)
security chief
weapons tech (petty officer)
weapons tech (enlisted)
weapons tech (enlisted)
weapons tech (enlisted)
weapons tech (petty officer)
weapons tech (enlisted)
weapons tech (enlisted)
weapons tech (enlisted)
weapons tech (petty officer)
weapons tech (enlisted)
weapons tech (enlisted)
weapons tech (enlisted)

flykiller August 27th, 2019 08:48 PM


energy point distribution regimes

                      maximum          fast
component  combat    offense  jump  jump
sensors          7          7      7      7
agility 2                  38
agility 3                                57
agility 4      76                76
lasers          30        30
dbl fire                  30
damper 1        10        10    10    10
j1                                19
j1 fast                                  38
total          123        115    112    112
remain          0          8    11    11

flykiller August 29th, 2019 11:46 PM

flykiller August 30th, 2019 04:06 PM

my plans are firming up. before I lock it down is there something in particular you'd like to see in the game?

vegas August 30th, 2019 04:10 PM

Go ahead and lock away. I'll follow your lead.

One comment - the closest I've gotten to the military is Avalon Hill, Traveller, and the internet, so excuse my ignorance as I play at captain.

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