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Independence Games September 2nd, 2018 10:37 AM

GKG News Sept. 2 Edition
Hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying your weekend. I thought I would drop in a bit of news concerning Gypsy Knights Games.

1> Don't forget that all of our books concerning character generation, careers, and character building are on sale until this Tuesday (Sept 4). You can head over to DTRPG or RPGNow and get 30% off those books.

2> Hell's Paradise, our horror/exploration adventure, will be available for purchase in PDF form on September 7. This is an adventure that was originally written for our Mongoose Traveller version of Clement Sector and has been run at conventions all over the Eastern portion of the US since then. This new version for the CS:R/CE version of the game has been informed by all of those games.

3> We have a new game coming along soon that will be a bit of change from our usual fare. It's called "Action Movie Physics" and, hopefully, you'll see this in mid to late October (perhaps a little later). It is an adventure game designed to allow you to play in the "Action Movie" style. There will be more on this later.

4> The GKG Road Show will be heading to TravellerCon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for October 5-6. I'll be running a Clement Sector game there and we'll have two tables full of books for sale.

5> On October 27, as part of Epikos Midtown's (Chattanooga, TN) Halloween festivities, I will be running Hell's Paradise. The exact time has not yet been decided. More on this as the time draws near.

6> On November 2-3, I will be at Post-Apocalypticon in Cleveland, TN. This is a great games day put on by the fine folks at Dicehead Games. I'll be running two games there.

7> On November 10, the GKG Road Show will be back at Epikos Midtown to run a game as part of their 48 Hours of Gaming. An exact time for this game is not known but we will have more information as the time grows near.

That's our news for this week. I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend (especially those in the States who will also have a holiday tomorrow).

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