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kafka47 June 18th, 2005 10:52 PM

Rather than clutter up the posting on the original LARP page. Players (and occasionally I will post details). So go ahead do a character sheet but keep your public face in the narrative format.

Eg. Character Tim Warnex UPP 7A89AD Ex Navy 1 Term
Gambling-1 Pilot-2 Navigation-1

Would be rewritten as:

Tim Warner is a bright young Noble Navy serviceman who got tired after only short time in the navy having learnt his way around a starship. But his life in the Navy introduced him to some of the seedier aspects of ships life with having lost a portion of fief in a game of Elimination Tonk.

Also, I figured that at some point we might have to engage in Combat. CT would seem to have the easier system and deadliness necessary for the LARP. Just does anyone know where a unified table (from Mercenary as well as the main book) of all weapons are (damage tables & effects of different armour). This will done on the basis of trust. Roll in private and accept ruling and play in character. We will use PMs to indicate the numbers.

kafka47 June 18th, 2005 11:01 PM

Thanks to Far Trader for doing some of the legwork...there are a few more surprises than what is naturally revealled here.

Pride of Naasirka

TL-15 - J6, M4, P6

Meson Screen F9; Armor F15; 20 Heavy Fighters Screen

Spinal Meson FT; 3,000tons misc weapons and defenses with 1,000EP available

Fuel for 8 weeks of operation and up to 8 parsecs of jump.

100 ship hangers of 130tons and larger, total 50,000tons, full launch capability is 1 ship per hanger per turn.

Crew breakdown:

Command: 50 sophonts, 450 ai
Engineering: 240 sophonts, 2160 limited ai
Gunnery/Defense: 10 sophonts, 90 limited ai
Flight Control: 10 sophonts, 90 limited ai
Ship Security: 100 sophonts, 900 limited ai
Ship Services: 200 sophonts, 1800 limited ai
Special Auxiliary: 10 superior ai

Sophont Crew staterooms x610+ (includes 305tons of baggage allowance, and 60tons of extra appointments for the officers)

AI Crew closets x5500 (1/2ton each)

Passenger quarters x16,000 luxury staterooms (calculated as 4x volume)

Cargo capacity of 36,000tons (includes 16,000tons of passenger baggage allowance)

So why so much firepower and such on a "liner" you ask? Well, just try filling 16,000 staterooms and 20,000tons of freight on a weekly basis I had to do something with all that volume and more passengers and/or cargo didn't seem feasible to me.

I see the ship hangers being used by travellers to park their yachts (and possibly traders) while they enjoy a vacation. In fact making some of the cargo or other volume the equivalent of a starport for maintenance just hit me. That way annual maintenance can be done for the passenger while they get a vacation.

The ship also has just over 90 "stores" mainly boutiques but some stores usefully for Travellers which may sell things like Holocameras and other assorted items for planetside adventures.

The liner has an effective Law Level banishing everything but small personal weapons. And, even those, it is considered poor taste to display them openly. However, Far Point has a highly restrictive Law Level.

far-trader June 18th, 2005 11:06 PM

far-trader's character:


Public Data File - Subject: Sawter, Jeffiery - Human Male, Age 43, Single.

Service Record - 20 years Interstellar Navy aboard the cruiser Richard Easton, Engineering Branch, Retired. Final rank Master Chief. MCUF and Naval Honor Sword.

High rating as Engineer with full sub-discipline competency and vacuum suit training. Flight rated for small craft operations.

Retired to Farpoint with Navy Relocation Assistance. Returned after four years to take assignment aboard the Pride of Naasirka. Completed one year orientation just in time for maiden voyage.

Current employment as a Chief Petty Officer, Engineering Section One, aboard the Pride of Naasirka.

Excellent physical health with the exception of Harper's Malignancy. Average intelligence. Basic education. Average income.

Library File addendum - Harper's Malignancy: A rare temporal lobe tumour usually occurring in both sides at the same time but occasionally only one. Fatal unless treated. No cure. Treatment requires regular subdural injection of tailored drugs, typically administered by patient using an autoinjector. Harper's Malignancy is not transmissible and the cause is unknown. Most cases seem to originate on Farpoint and usually present at about age 18. The disease only affects humans. Cases in later years and off-world are very rare.

kafka47 June 18th, 2005 11:12 PM

Piper's character

Character color and disclosure
E-mail transcript from 3 days prior to departure:

To: Bookings_computer@Naasirka Passenger Services, Security Office

From: Precinct_computer@Terra Prime Internal Security Service
Office of: Sub-Inspector V. Shaarunshan
Re: Routine passenger screening, case# Echo-1337-B

download: racial profile;Droyne/Chirper
download: image; Echo-1337-B_17-32
download: biometrics; Echo-1337-B

Sophont interface summary:
Subject name: Usssep
Caste: Sport
Physicals: height; 1.376m; mass,27.36kg; coloration, medium grey (ICF 75589) with subtle reticulated markings in black.

Surveillance findings: Subject has been on-planet 6 local weeks. He is an authorized representative of his clan (see query, file att.) and is functioning as a sales agent. His clan produces small electronic devices with a high level of sophistication (ref. std. TL14+) and he has managed to arrange several trade agreements.
Subject has never been observed engaging in illegal or suspicious activity and appears to be legitimate. Subject has shown no evidence of psionic ability.

Subject has demonstrated skill in electronics, computer and robot operation, and displays a marked ability to function in, what is effectively an alien society.

Subject is deemed threat level Aqua 479 and is cleared by this office for boarding.

Advisory: there are three gaps in the surveillance record totaling 57.64 minutes. Investigation revealed these to be due to random technical failures.

Instruction: download seeker_worm
Instruction: download alt.data_file
Instruction: delete "Advisory"
Instruction: delete instruction, last_in, 4


Jame June 19th, 2005 10:11 AM

Character Description

Name: Hereditary Countess Dorotea Innes other human female
str dex end int edu soc Home World: star port = B
7 9 10 8 9 13 size = large
age: 30 atmosphere = dense
appearent age: 30 hydro = wet
population = moderate
law = moderate
government = civ. bureaucracy
tech lvl = early stellar
Career: Marines Infantry branch
Rank: E6 Gunnery Sargent
Wheeled Vehicle - 2, Computer - 0, Stealth - 1, Dance - 1,
Herding - 1, Small Boat - 1, Trader - 1, Rifleman - 1,
Vacc Suit - 0, Long Blade - 1, Hunting - 1, Heavy Weap - 2,
Mechanical - 1, Tactics - 1, Recon - 1, Leadership - 1,

Property: Credits: 40000

The trio met up during their service and are, having all recently mustered
out, are travelling for a short time before they go their separate ways.
Baron Benson is the "viewpoint" character. He's unaware of the affection
with which Countess Innes views him.
Character Description

Name: Honor Baron Jame Benson Imperial human male
str dex end int edu soc Home World: star port = B
7 8 9 9 11 12 size = small
age: 34 atmosphere = dense
appearent age: 34 hydro = wet
population = moderate
University grad NOTC law = moderate
government = char. dictator
tech lvl = early stellar
Career: Marines Cavalry branch
Rank: O4 Force Commander
Awards: MCUF, Purple Heart, Combat Ribbonsx2,
Wheeled Vehicle - 2, Computer - 0, Farming - 1, Hunting - 1,
Electronics - 1, Genetics - 1, Archaeology - 1, Physics - 1,
Disguise - 1, Energy Weap - 2, Vacc Suit - 0, Long Blade - 1,
Heavy Weap - 2, Mechanical - 2, Cmbt. Rifleman-1
Property: Credits: 20000
Character Description

Name: Honor Sir Harold Calis, M.D. Imperial human male
str dex end int edu soc Home World: star port = C
11 13 11 8 12 11 size = medium
age: 34 atmosphere = thin
appearent age: 34 hydro = dry
population = moderate
Tech School honors grad law = low
Medical School graduate honors government = balkanization
tech lvl = industrial
Career: Navy Imperial Navy Engineering branch medic
Rank: O4 Lieutenant Commander(Doctor O3 ret.)
Awards: Purple Heart, Command Clusters, Combat Ribbonsx2,
Wheeled Vehicle - 0, Survival - 1, Computer - 3, Jack-o-Trades - 1,
Robot Ops - 1, Sensor Ops - 1, Medical - 6, Admin - 1,
Handgun - 0, Polearm - 1, Streetwise - 1, Vacc Suit - 1,
Engineering - 1, Electronics - 1, Ship Tactics - 1,
Property: Credits: 30000

What exactly is a Gold ticket? Would any of my characters have one?

kafka47 June 20th, 2005 07:58 PM

UWP, at a glance



Code General Description

0 vacuum
1 vacuum (trace atmosphere)
2 vacuum (very thin tainted atmosphere)
3 vacuum (very thin atmosphere)
4 thin (tainted atmosphere)
5 thin
6 standard
7 standard (tainted atmosphere)
8 dense
9 dense (tainted atmosphere)
A exotic
B exotic (corrosive atmosphere)
C exotic (insidious atmosphere)
D exotic
E exotic
F exotic


Code General Description

0 desert world
1 dry world 5 % 14 %
2 dry world 15 24 %
3 wet world 25 % 34 %
4 wet world 35 % 44 %
5 wet world 45 % 54 %
6 wet world 55 % 64 %
7 wet world 65 % 74 %
8 wet world 75 % 84 %
9 wet world 85 % 94 %
A water world 95 % 100 %


Code General Description Population

0 low less than ten
1 low tens
2 low hundreds
3 low thousands
4 mod ten thousands
5 mod hundred thousands
6 mod millions
7 mod ten millions
8 mod hundred millions
9 high billions
A high ten billions


Code General Description

0 NO GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE: In many cases,but not all, family bonds predominate
1 COMPANY/CORPORATION: Government by a company or corporation managerial elite; citizens are company employees.
2 PARTICIPATING DEMOCRACY: Government by advice and consent of citizen.
3 SELF-PERPETUATING OLIGARCHY: Government by a restricted minority, with little or no input from the masses.
4 REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY: Government by elected representatives.
5 FEUDAL TECHNOCRACY: Government by specific individuals for those who agreed to be ruled. Relationships are based on the performance of technical activities which are mutually beneficial.
6 CAPTIVE GOVERNMENT/COLONY: Government by a leadership answerable to an outside group; a colony or conquered area.
7 BALKANIZATION: No central ruling authority exists; rival governments compete for control.
8 CIVIL SERVICE BUREAUCRACY: Government by agencies employing individuals selected for their expertise.
9 IMPERSONAL BUREAUCRACY: Government by agencies which are insulated from the governed.
A CHARISMATIC DICTATOR: Government by a single leader enjoying the confidence of the citizens.
B NON-CHARISMATIC LEADER: A previous charismatic dictator has been replaced by a leader through normal channels.
C CHARISMATIC OLIGARCHY: Government by a select group, organization, or class enjoying overwhelming confidence of the citizens.
D RELIGIOUS DICTATORSHIP: Government by a religious minority which has little regard for the needs of the citizens.
E RELIGIOUS AUTOCRACY: Government by a single religious leader having absolute power over the citizens.
F TOTALITARIAN OLIGARCHY: Government by an all-powerful minority which maintains absolute control through widespread coercion and oppression.


Code General Description

0 NO LAW (no prohibitions)
1 LOW LAW (body pistols and explosives restricted)
2 LOW LAW (man portable energy and laser weapons restricted)
3 LOW LAW (machineguns and automatic weapons restricted)
4 MODERATE LAW (light assault weapons restricted)
5 MODERATE LAW (personal concealable weapons restricted)
6 MODERATE LAW (all firearms except shotguns restricted)
7 MODERATE LAW (shotguns restricted)
8 HIGH LAW (blade weapons controlled, no open display)
9 HIGH LAW (weapon possession outside home restricted)
A EXTREME LAW (weapon possession restricted)
B EXTREME LAW (rigid control of civilian movement)
C EXTREME LAW (unrestricted invasion of privacy)
D EXTREME LAW (paramilitary law enforcement)


Code General Description

0 pre-industrial (primitive)
1 pre-industrial (bronze or iron age)
2 pre-industrial (printing press)
3 pre-industrial (basic science)
4 industrial (internal combustion)
5 industrial (mass production)
6 pre-stellar (nuclear power)
7 pre-stellar (miniature electronics)
8 pre-stellar (super conductors)
9 early stellar (fusion power)
A early stellar (jump drive)
B average stellar (large starships)
C average stellar (sophisticated robots)
D average stellar (holographic data storage)
E high stellar (anti-grav cities)
F high stellar (anagathics)
G high stellar (global terraforming)
H extreme stellar


Code General Description

A All options available
B All options available
C All options available
D All options available
F Only DISK, BANK, PERSONNEL and CARGO available
G Only DISK, BANK and CARGO available
H Only DISK available
X No starport facilities other than landing pads

If some can figure out a way of getting world sizes I would appreciate it greatly

far-trader June 20th, 2005 09:45 PM

Not sure I follow by what you mean figure out but here's the table I know (LBB6 mostly):


0 Asteroid/Planetoid Belt
R Ring (around a larger world)
S Worldlet - 800km d
1 Small World - 1,600km d
2 Small World - 3,200km d
3 Small World - 4,800km d
4 Small World - 6,400km d
5 Medium World - 8,000km d
6 Medium World - 9,600km d
7 Medium World - 11,200km d
8 Large World - 12,800km d
9 Large World - 14,400km d
A Large World - 16,000km d

SGG - 20-60,000km d
LGG - 60-120,000km d

kafka47 June 22nd, 2005 09:58 AM

Thanks, again to Far Trader who has compiled a representative of weapons for Combat. Generally, we will follow CT cmbt rules (penetration ratings to come). For those that don't know. A successful hit needs 8+ (on a 2D6) modified by the below mentioned factors.

Pickles June 23rd, 2005 09:38 AM

Dementos Bromgrev
Detached Duty Scout 7C8A7B Age 34 4 terms Cr 50,000

Computer-1, Engineer-2, Forgery-1, JOT-1, Pilot-1, Snub Pistol-2, Streetwise-1, Sword-0, Vacc-0

Hereditary member of the Order of the Lens.
Operator of the detached duty scout/courier Bad Moon Rising berthed in hangar #42.

kafka47 June 24th, 2005 02:11 AM

Library Data

Black Deth: A Heavy Punk Metal popular in the early part of the 12 century Imperia. Much of their melodies seem to be ripped from other more successful artists. They cultivate a loyal following of 30-40 years who are often habitual drug users and wear jet black jumpsuits as a way of projecting their loyalty to the band.

Various Religious authorities and certain governments have taken the extra ordinary step of banning the group from visiting their worlds. The Band usually responds with some massive publicity stunt or charitable cause that forces most governments to relent. There are rumours that the Band is merely a front for the Yakovlev Crime Syndicate who has been known to cooperate with certain Vargr pirate bands. Investigations are ongoing.

Ref: It is not so much as the groupies are chronic drug users as chemical analysis of the blood shows but the devices that the Band sells to play its music is somehow affecting the psycho-neural systems. The Band's links to Organized Crime syndicates beyond the Imperial border has been investigated numerous times and each time refuted.

OOC: All are welcome to contribute Library Data, just send a PM before posting for approval. The background is the Imperial-Zhodani frontier in the Foreven Sector. Before action will move more Coreward. Entries should reflect the era of CT although the time-line is currently set 1110. Ref notes are optional.

kafka47 June 25th, 2005 10:24 AM

Library Data

Data Security Cards: An updated version of a boarding or hoteliers pass which passengers/hotel guests are required to carry with them at all times. It is the size and durability of a standard credit card. The card contains a small tamper-proof circuit that contains a biometric scanner and bio-data of the passenger/guest to allow quick identification. Imbedded in the card is a RFID tag that allows the ship's computer to monitor the whereabouts of passengers and staff to allow access or deny access. Any tampering of the said devices sends a warning to the security protocols to the ship’s computer that alerts security.

Typically, the cards come in 4 variations

Platinium: Very High Passage (Elite)/Top Officers
Gold: Very High Passage/Department Heads
Silver: High Passage/Departmental Officers
Bronze: Middle Passage/Deck Hands
Copper: Low Passage/Support Staff e.g. Cargo Handlers, Busboys, etc.

Those caught without Security atacards or found with a tampered Datacard would be treated as unwelcome guests. Punishment range from confinement to spacing. Such is the fate of stowaways or squatters.

Ref: Whilst, the security protocols are activated response varies from situation to situation. On some ships/hotel the immediate response would be send in ship's security to investigate others would merely stop the offending passenger and not allow him access anywhere (including, for those areas that (s)he had previously had clearance allowing the Steward(s) to take appropriate action. The card themselves are manufactured at a TL G consorta from the Vanguard Reaches using solid state electronics.

kafka47 June 25th, 2005 07:09 PM

Ok, I think I found my picture of the Pride of Naasirka.

Viewed from another angle...thanks must go Paul Alexander for killer art.

far-trader June 25th, 2005 07:37 PM

Verra Nice :D




to do,




kafka47 June 26th, 2005 06:00 PM

Deckplans would be appreciated as I couldn't possibly draw them to save my life.

If you are inclined to deckplans combine regular liner with that of the King Richard remembering there is at least 50 decks (passenger cabins dominate so one will cover all). In addition to berthing for 15 yachts.

kafka47 July 18th, 2005 06:45 PM

Library Data

Visions, Jumpspace: It is a well known fact that during certain jumpspace runs that individuals seem to be gifted with an otherworldly sense of preminition and some would argue prophesy.

Whether this phenomena is linked to the larger phenomena of psioncs, scientists are spilt on the matter. However, often these visions often occur during REM sleep. This could be simply passed off as a simple dream, however, what distinguishes these visions from dreams is their persistance in the memory of the individual for days & months afterwards. In several rare instances, these visions have been known to occur during waking hours.

For Imperial Research into Dream analysis, see also: Dreams, Analysis, Imperial; Zhodani

kafka47 July 21st, 2005 04:41 PM

As the ship approaches Farpoint, some images are in order...

kafka47 July 21st, 2005 04:43 PM

write up...for world coming soon...

kafka47 July 25th, 2005 12:27 PM

SA8A1C-E Ic Lo Ni

This world was first settled in the late 800s by a Duke who had disgraced himself in the Imperial Court. Determined to make the best of it, he decided to make Farpoint the natural diplomatic haven between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate in the Foreven Sector.

With an iron hand and stern laws, he created the current headquarters for Foreven School of Diplomacy which graduates a less than a hundred each year. The brutal weather conditions and tough discipline makes this school, not a favorite amongst members of the soft nobility. However, diplomats who have graduated from this school find positions in the highest levels of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps very quickly.

Recently, the Baron has overseen the slow introduction of tourism to planet, mainly skiing, ice boating across the frozen oceans of the planet.

The world is a satellite of a Brown Dwarf and despite its small size, it is geological active with several large masses replete with mountain ranges in the polar regions.

The Hinterworlds Rambler August 2nd, 2005 04:57 PM

Here is a Rough of the Mass Areas of the Pride. Each Square represents 1000 tons of displacement. The ship is broken up into two major decks, Upper and Lower. Each area is color coded to show function. The Command Areas include Bridge, Computers, Crew Staterooms, Flight Facilities, bzasically anything the Passengers should not touch. Green Passenger Areas also include all amenities like Staterooms, Casinos, Restaurants, Sickbays, And other entertainment Areas. All ship weapons are part of the 7000 ton Spinal mount complex running along the bottom of the ship

The Hinterworlds Rambler August 2nd, 2005 10:19 PM

M.Franklin was spawned in the Zeldar System in the Spica Sector in the year 1067. From a very early stage in development he displayed a keen intrest in the technology that drove interstellar society and what many forms and effects it took in the various cultures.

He eagerly entered service in the Explorer arm of the Hive Federation Development Agency. He began this career as a Secondary Rank 1 Engineer aboard the famed Explorer 614 on its 8-year comparative study of the Water Worlds in the Third Imperium. This mission was a joint Federation-Imperium Funded one, With Explorer 614 being almost entirely funded by the Guaran Hydrographic Statistic Club, an extremely sucessful hydrographic terraforming collective.

Franklin was satisfied with Explorer Service. After his first eight years of steady career advancement, Franklin found himself next assigned as Primary Engineer aboard Explorer 233 on its historic data-gathering tour of the Systems of the so-named "Claw", the cultures and facilites that surround the Great Rift. This Mission lasted a further 12 Years.

It was during this long and often hazardous mission that Franklin managed to secure for him self not only Explorer Rank 6, but also the title of Manipulator for his shrewd and able management of engineering activities during a breakdown in the ships Command Structure. The venture soon disbanded and a majority of Explorer 233's crew was assigned to the Mora Hydrographic Studies Institute in the Spinward Marches, as part of a Technical exchange program with the Imperium.

Franklin's curiosity of his new surroundings soon got the best of him, and he decided he would undertake activities as a engineer for hire, to better experience independent travel in this famous area of known space.

Franklin belongs to six Topical Clubs in his society:

The Federation Robotics Club
The Federation Development Agency
The Inventors Club of Zeldar
The Federation Manipulators Club
The Federation Engineers Club
The Federation Computer Club

Name: M. Franklin UPP: 99BBFB Age 38
Served 5 Terms Hiver Explorer Service

Zeldar (Kurfane/Spica)
2133 B898864-F Tp O:2235 804 Hv

Strength 9
Dexterity 9
Endurance 11
Intelligence 11
Education 15
Curiosity 11

Smell Sense-1,
Engineering 3,
Vacc Suit-3,
Grav Vehicle-1,

NOTE: All attacks are at -2


Cr 5000 Wrist Computer*
Cr 2000 Voder Translator*
Cr 15000 Vacc Suit TL15
Cr 2500 Spare Life Support Kits
(Suit Maintennance, O2 Tanks, etc)
Cr 1200 Inertial Locator*
Cr 500 Long Range Communicator*
Cr 1500 Mechanical Tools (Hiver Configured)
Cr 5000 Engineering Tools (Hiver Configured)
Cr 250 Radiation Detector*
Cr 2000 Electronic Tools (Hiver Configured)
Cr 200 Hiver Chair
Cr 1500 Video Recorder*
Cr 2000 Hiver Food Combine Fungus Culturer
Cr 5000 Hiver Hormonal Replacement Device
(Like a human's vitamin cabinet)

*= Item is worn on bandolier

The Hinterworlds Rambler August 7th, 2005 05:29 PM

Which would be more appropriate in description of the Pride?





I am also working on doing Common or Standard areas for the Deckplan, rather than doing huge plans (16,000 staterooms is a LOT of cutting and pasting!) A typical Sickbay, MedLab, Stateroom Blocks, Vehicle hangers, etc. That sort of thing.

Also, what sort of craft does she carry? Can I design that kind of stuff to with GM help? Any Pointers?

kafka47 August 15th, 2005 02:47 PM

Modifications made to Task System (please use this during course of adventure) - Ref.

Although, OOC commands will be given in the adventure. It is expected that players roll off the boards and role play the results. If a ref ruling is needed then use PM.


The 3-Task System
This is a modification of the MegaTraveller Task system, whose one and only requisite is to remember the multiples of three: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 21.

Character actions are evaluated through check rolls and Tasks. Check rolls are simply rolls against a given attribute, e.g. Dexterity. Tasks involve generally one skill and one attribute.

Difficulty, Skill, Attribute, (Time increment)
2D6+Skill+(Attribute/3) >= (Difficulty)
(Round fractions down)
Maximum allowed DM: +10
Time: (3D-DMs) x (Time increment)

Difficulty Code Roll
Easy 6+
Average 9+
Difficult 12+
Formidable 15+
Staggering 18+
Impossible 21+

There is a 3:1 relation ship between skills and attributes, which gives more DMs than in other systems, but the difficulty levels are consequently a bit higher. Average and Difficult tasks are roughly equivalent to Routine and Difficult tasks in MT, while an MT formidable Task would be between Formidable and Staggering in this system.

Since the difficulties advance in +3 increments, it does not make much sense under this system to give special DMs in excess of +1. Anything yielding a DM in excess of +1/-1 should be better thought as decreasing or increasing the difficulty level.

Note: Average characters have a DM of +2 from a level-7 attribute, which explains Average being 9+.

Spectacular Success: When the actual roll makes the next difficulty level (i.e. exceeds the required level by 3+). Example: Rolling 12+ in an Average task.

Spectacular Failure: When the actual roll does NOT make the previous difficulty level (i.e. fails by 4+). Can give rise to a 2D mishap. Example: Not rolling 6+ in an Average task.

Marginal success: If the roll equals the required level exactly. Example: Rolling exactly 9 in an Average task.

Fumble: An exact roll of 2 is always a failure, regardless of DMs. Can give rise to a 3D mishap.

Hazardous tasks: Failure implies automatic 3D mishap.

Uncertain tasks: Both the referee and the player roll the task. Total Truth: Both succeed. Some Truth: One succeeds. No truth: None succeeds. On PBEM: Uncertain means purely In-Character results, no rules explanation.

Hasty tasks: Halve the time increment, increase difficulty one level.

Cautious tasks: Double the time increment, decrease difficulty one level.
Confrontation tasks: The acting character provides positive ("offensive") DMs, the reacting one provides negative ("defensive") ones.

Retrying failed tasks: If a second try is possible, difficulty is increase one level. If the character has JOT, difficulty remains the same. Each level of JOT allows one retry without increase in the difficulty level. Sometimes, a Determination roll is required before retrying.
Determination roll: Roll against (End+Int)/2.

Alternative: Treat as a task of the appropriate difficulty, DMs (End+Int)/3.

Mishaps: Whenever a Mishap occurs, the player rolls in the following table:

Mishap table (2D or 3D)
2 Reroll
3+ No damage
6+ Superficial (e.g. 1 hit)
9+ Minor (e.g. 2 hits)
12+ Major (e.g. 4 hits)
15+ Really serious (e.g. 8 hits)
18+ Destroyed (e.g. 16 hits)

The Hinterworlds Rambler August 15th, 2005 08:14 PM

So the formula for Franks Airlock Bypass is:

18+ (Staggering), +1 for Electronics, and +3 for Dex? That makes the total 14+? No Chance?

The Hinterworlds Rambler August 15th, 2005 08:24 PM

I rolled a 10 (double fives) Raw...

kafka47 September 3rd, 2005 09:27 PM

Library Data

Green Spiders: A notorious pirate band operating throughout the Foreven Sector. They are mostly high profile thieves who wish to constantly gain celebrity and fame by pulling the most outrageous heists and daring raids often right under the noises of officials. Because, they make the havens in poor rundown worlds and spend lavishly often fencing goods at a fraction their original price they are very popular amongst the local populations.

Silence is also bought with a strict death code. If anyone is found to snitch on the pirate band, that person's entire family will be systematically hunted down and strangled with their own entrails with a green spider tattooed to their forehead. Often it is a local noble who has abused his privileges gets a representative tarring down in this manner making them ever popular and feared with plebeian classes.

Ref notes: It is rumoured that the pirate band actually holds a letter of marque from the Third Imperium with the purpose of harrying shipping within the Avalon Consulate.

Jame September 5th, 2005 07:33 AM

Hey Kafka, have you ever read Starliner by David Drake?

The Hinterworlds Rambler September 9th, 2005 10:38 AM

Ok, what other corridor? I thought the scout ship was falling apart? I have to go with normal hiver reactions, of which running from trouble is a big one. This game needs maps! Am I out of the game?

kafka47 September 10th, 2005 09:24 AM

Roll Results

Apply the damage rolls, I already rolled to hit:

You requested that 1 roll of a 12-sided die be rolled. The total for each roll has 1 added to it.

Roll them bones ... your dice are

Roll 1: 12.

You requested that 1 roll of 12 6-sided dice be rolled.

Roll them bones ... your dice are

Roll 6: 4, 6, 6, 3, 3, 6, 4, 6, 6, 5, 3, 4 = 56.

Thanks to online dice roller located,

An aside

If death has occurred you may generate another character.

Agreed, that maps would be an aid but this was a standard Scoutship, reproduced in hundreds of publications. Plus, you never asked any questions...either through PM (preferred method) or the board.

You also went for the easiest escape route despite the way being blocked. The lasers pointed at you should have given sufficient warning.

Sorry. But, if we don't keep this "real" they we are merely shooting the breeze.

The Hinterworlds Rambler September 10th, 2005 02:04 PM

I wasn't to clear on where I was supposed to go. It looked like to me that they were behind us then blocking us.

Also, where are we supposed to go in the ship after being given odds of 8 billion to 1 against
That the ship will stay together? That gave me the impression that to retreat into the ship would be death.

Jame September 10th, 2005 03:36 PM

My PCs are dead. Eventually, I shall create new ones, and after a PMed discussion with our Ref may be returning to the game.

kafka47 September 10th, 2005 04:13 PM

Is the sense that I am getting that you two want a second chance?

If so, what I would need is a really convincing argument via PM. {First PM each other to get one story straight and then one of submit your petition complete with how the storyline would have to be altered to accomodate "the change in history".}

I am usually quite mean, but I guess old age has softened me a bit. Traveller is a game of deadly and absolute combat. Heroics aside, the type of play that I am used to personifies this.

Notwithstanding, I will really compelling argument and a sacrifice or two.

As it seems that you were taking the Death Wish oath more than a couple of times...

kafka47 September 13th, 2005 04:38 PM

Ok, a recap…

The rules of this game follow loosely a modified MT task system, outlined in an earlier part of this thread.

Save they will be written out in CAPS whenever they appear. Players are expected to roll off the game screen using either an online die roller or their own dice (crooked dice will be severely punished by unilateral action by the Referee).

Combat follows CT rules. Otherwise, don’t draw a sword or argue with a gun, unless there are no other alternatives. As it means quick and deadly death. Disputes between player characters will be resolved by the Referee Only. Many situations require brain over brawn.

I have opted for a “Take 20 rule” lifted from the D20 rules. This will allow a total of 3 miracles per character/group of characters. If a player finds themselves in a life threatening or dying situation.

They must undertake the following steps to avoid deadly peril…

  • [1.] Inform the Referee that they wish to use the Take 20 rule by inserting the following phrase: “I guess there only X ways to skin a Cat…” X being the number of “lives” that you have left.</font>

  • [2.] Provide a reasonable explanation to the Ref. how you would want to see the situation resolve itself (it will be up to the Ref. to decide whether or not to adopt the reason or not). The Ref. still retains the right to kill a particular character, if the player has been abusing power. This communication is to be done via PERSONAL MESSAGE, not on the Open Boards.</font>

  • [3.] In the PERSONAL MESSAGE, there should be something given up as a sacrifice, as a token of goodwill between the Ref, other players and reflecting the enormity of the cosmic change of the timelines.</font>

  • [4.] Player must continue to play with this handicap throughout the gaming session.</font>

  • [5.] Player will note on his/her character sheet the number of lives life.</font>
Comments, questions, don't hesitate to PM.

Jame September 16th, 2005 04:22 PM

Here's my new character. I'm just waiting for the Ref to introduce her (yes, her; I used an MTCG program again and that's what she came up as).

Character Description

Name: Julianne E. Okeefe Ph.D. other human female UWP=B7758C59
str dex end int edu soc Home World: star port = B
9 11 12 11 15 8 size = medium
age: 34 atmosphere = standard
appearent age: 34 hydro = wet
population = moderate
University honors grad NOTC law = moderate
Graduate School graduate honors government = char. oligarchy
tech lvl = early stellar
Homeworld: Tharver/Arconna/Gateway, Galian Federation
Career: Navy Reserve Fleet Engineering branch medic
Rank: O3 Lieutenant; MCUF & MCG
Wheeled Vehicle - 1, Computer - 2, History - 3, Medical - 2,
Archaeology - 1, Commo - 2, Acting - 1, Legal - 1,
Handgun - 1, Vacc Suit - 2, Electronics - 1, Fleet Tactics - 1,
Liaison - 1, Robot Ops - 1, Ship Tactics - 1, Tactics - 1,

Property: Credits: 1465
Travellers Aid Society, Cold Weather Clothing, TL 12 Continental Range Commo, Hand Computer, TL 12 Protective Mask, TL 12 Air Tanks*2, TL 10 Flashlight, TL 12 Computer Language Translator

Julianne Enikaali Okeefe is a native of Tharver, in the Galian Federation.
She served in the Galian Navy after college, having joined the NOTC as a
way to pay for classes. She stayed on after finding that she liked it, and
improved her medical skills as well.

Julianne managed to get sponsored into the TAS from the Galian Navy, and
used it to travel from Gateway to the Spinward Marches, usually working her
way across the Imperium as a doctor or commo operator, in part because she
always wanted to see the Zhodani Consulate.

kafka47 October 1st, 2005 12:02 AM

Notes of a Senior Planetologist
By Solomon Engnii

The moon LV-426 presents us with a wonderful case of a so-called Hollow World, as densometeric analysis shows us. It is not so rare for a world to evolve with a tiny molten Core, despite what my esteemed colleagues in the archeology department may say not all of these worlds are the work of the so-called “Ancients”. Rather they form through natural processes over the course of the millennia. In this case, the tidal forces exerted by Mother, the Large Brown Dwarf that LV-426 revolves around. The fact this moon is tidal locked in a 90 degree plane similar to the planet Uranus in the Terran system and evidence of past volcanic activity, witness, for example the towering colossal peaks that form around the Northern & Southern poles almost in a perfect circle bears witness to a turbulent past. Furthermore, an analysis of the pearl-like rings of Mother exemplifies the classic drawing out of magma from several of her moons.

The absence of a Core has led to some consequences… Namely, the complete lack of Van Allen’s Belt causing the surface of the world to be continuously bombarded with cosmic radiation and radioactive particles from Mother and Deep Space; its rather Thin Atmosphere has allowed for some limited protection however, a specifically designed Hostile Environment Suit will allow safe excursions onto the surface for periods of up to three hours. Naturally, most vehicles in our great Imperium can withstand the hostile environment without any experiencing problems. The second consequence is of benefit to the Imperium. The high radiation has led to a venerable explosion of life forms beneath the ice of the world circling oceans. From the findings of the Verne expeditions, it is speculated that life first evolved around the deep sea geothermal vents in the form of anaerobic bacteria and plants and from there evolved rapidly into multi-cellular organisms. Amongst the rich diversity of flora and fauna, no intelligent life has been found, as confirmed by repeated Neural Activity Scanning of various specimens on the surface and in their native environment. The size of populations must be counted in their thousands. The “Dog-Eat-Dog” environment has led to a great variety of predators depleting one entire species only to find themselves threatened by a larger, more cunning, swifter, etc. predator. This continual preying and prey is another reason for the exclusion of intelligent life. Therefore, the stories of “Yetimen” that circulates around starport bars is clearly the stuff of overactive imagination or too much Scout’s Brew. Naturally, we have not catalogued all the species of the great depths but there the pressure is too great for anything but simple invertebrates to exist and none of shown any traces of sentience. The ocean floor has proven to be a treasure trove in terms of minerals discovered.

Almost every conceivable element and mineral has been found in abundance ocean floor, including rare heavy elements. However, the perils of deep sea mining make these resources unfeasible in the short run or the Ministry of the Environment grants permission for wholesale strip mining. Therefore, one is limited to the continental shelves and their narrow shallows. Feasible navigation of the honeycomb and lattice of underworld is nearly impossible. The original colonists were restricted to prospecting amongst the surface veins and so-called skiddle-sphering.

Skiddle-sphering was the original form of prospecting done by earliest colonists. This involved rather treacherous journeys in rickety ATV across the frozen wastes picking up perfectly spheres of pure elements. It is speculated that these are formed volcanic action and the pressure from the ocean and currents pushing the lighter elements up to the surface. As these finds were essentially random, large scale exploitation of LV-426 is not possible. The idea of a prospector who finds an entire mother lode of ore remains one of more persistent myths circulated by the inhabitants.

The original inhabitants remain fiercely independent, however dependent they are on for its services. Therefore, the Imperium ought to exercise a fair but firm hand when considering admitting their representatives into the Imperium. In the meantime, a caretaker government with substantial local autonomy given over to planetary authorities, even to the extent to allow the local authorities to have greater jurisdictions than Imperial institutions. The preservation of their independence is our best safeguard against further Zhodani incursion into this Sector.

Lastly, I hope that this committee looks favorably upon my request for naming this world, Luidhilda, after my wife, as like this moon, she is one frigid, nasty bitch. But, you are probably going to bow to tradition and name it something boring like, Farpoint or some such thing.

kafka47 October 4th, 2005 11:29 AM

OOC: For the player willing to take on the role of Crown Prince Varian, some background information. Plus familiarize oneself with GT &MT materials and PM me for more details.

Foreven Sector - report by Sector Admiral of Imperial Naval Intelligence Branch
Circa 1109
Alpha-Beta-76598-976879-98794-encription key deactivated

For Emperor's Eyes Only


In addition to the usual procurements of materials, I felt it was necessary to include this report. I fear that we are in danger of losing this Sector to the Zhodani. Whilst, not as important as the Marches, perhaps, we nonetheless must take active measures to defend what is ours.

The Zhodani have masterly set up a wide array of client states and pocket empires along their Rimward flank in this Sector. The Zhodani may claim that these are governments in their own right but they continue to receive Zhodani military and technical assistance in addition to favorable terms of trade. However, it must be said that the border, unlike the Marches is much more porous and Zhodani-Imperial trade has actually contributed to the overall stability. The worlds that fall into this category are quite versed in the arts of psionics and institutes are quite common even if the teachers are local, it is clear that this represents a clear and present danger to the Imperial frontier.

In response to our numerical inferiority in the face of the enemy, may I suggest that we begin to fund our client states to the level that the Zhodani fund their allies. Most notably, I suggest that we also ferment conflict between the League of Suns (one of ours) and the Avalon (nee Avalar) Consulate as a way drawing the enemy out and exposing the Zhodani duplicity to the neutral worlds of the sector akin to our operations in Far Frontiers Sector. Furthermore, I suggest an increase of Scouts to be sent into the Pocket Empires for "mapping missions" as per the Querion Accords that allows for an Open Space provision.

Furthermore, we could engage in Naval maneuvers within the realm of the neutral worlds as a way our showing our flag. The Zhodani have done similar actions already and I fear that there might be many that are impressed with the direct and remote control technologies (via psionic interface) that is standard on board their ships.

Furthermore, I suggest that we continue our campaign our tacitly encouraging insurrection against the fringe worlds through liberally posting tickets for Merc groups from the Marches who may wish to expand their base of operations.

As a trustee to many Imperial Megacorporations, you must be aware that the corporate headquarters of many of these companies are relocating many enterprises out here through the buy up of existing companies and creation of subsidiaries. Whilst, I realize that does affect the Imperial tax base, I would strongly urge that you encourage more companies to come this way. First, as Imperial citizens in their own right, we in the Armed Forces have the right to defend our citizens against aggression. Secondly, when the locals see our superior products they are less likely to trade with the Zhodani but more with our Core worlds. Thirdly, as locals acquire meaningful employment in our enterprises we gain a constituency that will not want see us depart and will defend our common interests. Lastly, the same reasoning that Boards of Directors have already made - it is cheaper to make products here as we are in need of cheaper materials from trustworthy sources.

Should we fail in our efforts, I fear an incident in Terran history known, as Finlandization will be the fate our colonies out here. Our recent conflict in the Marches only proves that the Zhodani have hostile intent and are bent upon expansion Rimward.

On the issue that you raised, in regard to the Green Spiders…I regret to inform you that something of coup d'etait has occurred in the leadership circle when the Council of Captains last met. They refused to entertain our liaison, Mr. Thatcher who had the authority to increase their share of Zhodani Prizes citing that they have found a new benefactor. I would suggest that we continue with our agreement with them for no other reason, save, they continue to be a nuisance to the Zhodani merchant marine in this Sector. If I should come across the whereabouts of their lair, I will send a taskforce to deal with it fore with, to remove any lingering doubts who holds the leash and who wears the collar.

Your envoy, the new Count of Farpoint is settling very nicely into his new fief. Starting up a school for future diplomats seems to be a perfect cover for our operations, as we have been able to recruit many talented minds from the Sector and beyond into our branch. Furthermore, the Count seems to be a moral and upright man, and his knowledge of the Zhodani has spared many a diplomatic incident from becoming a full-blown crisis. Might I be so undiplomatic to ask why he was posted so far from Capitol?

I am also requesting that we also begin to commence with a ship rotation, as many of these TL D hulks have seen their day. Replacement with TL E & TL F ships would give us the competitive advantage over the Zhodani out here, which predominantly still use their TL C ships to man the line. The increase in Jump capacity would allow us tactical superiority, should this Cold War ever turn Hot. Furthermore, I have included in a separate documentation the psych for all my key officers. Some of which I have indicated that I would like replaced, as much as I value an Officer from a good family, I fear that they may not have want it takes for combat. Or at the very least, sire, I ask that they be given search and recovery assignments.

In conclusion, I would like to inform you of the situation on Nu Earth is most troubling our efforts at bringing about a just peace between the Southers and the Norts have failed. I would suggest an immediate blockade of the planet to prevent an escalation of the conflict, as I am currently sourcing rumors that thermonuclear devices have been smuggled to each party. Our covert Strike Team Alpha did manage to take out one of the local facilities, however, the same plant was used to power several small cities. Fortunately, the locals have been so embroiled with their own conflicts; I scarcely believe that they suspect our involvement.

Your humble servant,

Sasori Xavier

Alpha-Beta-76598-976879-98794-encription key activated

ditzie October 5th, 2005 04:20 PM

Dizamer "Ditzie" Spofulam is a youthful research tech. Grown from a test tube, she is an odd juxtaposition between classical Sylean values and Imperial Navy genetic engineering. Working for her uncle, Hengabar, of Famille Spofulam [VTT Nipaar Spofulam NSP 53.8 +0.12], she has helped develop several uniquely niche products with infantry support weapons (including an elephant-mounted particle accelerator) and small grav vehicles (the orbit-achievable grav pogo stick comes to mind). Granted, such design work is often accompanied by a tightly regulated medication regime.

Her upbringing, young age, and early technical employment has caused her to be rather narrow in her skill set; however her creative problem solving skills and trained reflexes have saved her in the past.

Her confrontational style is usually direct, but she never relies on strength to win any contests.

Patents Pending
  • Elephant mounted PAW</font>
  • High speed racing forklift</font>
  • Fusion-powered pogo stick</font>
  • Fusion-powered slingshot</font>
  • Insystem-travel-capable grav pickup truck</font>
  • Meson "shotgun"</font>
  • 1000mj Yacht-mounted "hunting laser"</font>

Klaus October 18th, 2005 12:34 PM

Panthera Kraycene, Traveller, human female, 24


BSc Xeno-Biology, University of Regina

Athletics: Skiing 2
Survival 1
Xeno-Biology 1
Liaison 1
Computer 1
Vac 1
Shp Boat 0

Gear: Hand computer, personal comm, TL12 cold weather sports-suit (yellow and orange tiger stripe, rad certified), trekking backpack, 2 sets of pro skis, combi-mask, 12 outfits varying from casual to cocktail, 20 pairs of shoes (not essential, but good to have), TL12 tailored vac-suit, 100m poly-rope, ceramic ice axe, IR/LI binox + 2D camera, mPod media player, anti-rad smart poncho, 4 man tent, micro-stove, 3-4 days worth of dehydrated rations, first aid kit (contains med slow, med heal, anti-rads, anti-tox and some stims), inertial compass, medium range comm, Xenobiology database (portable only).
Creds: 18k

Panthera is the daughter of famed (or so he would like to think!) free trader Viglen Kraycene, although he abandoned her and her mother when she was 10. He occasionally sent a com for her birthday, but she has recieved nothing since she turned 18.

Her mother grafted hard and sent her daughter to good schools, where Panthera found a talent for athletics and skiiing in particular and a vague interest in biology. She chose Xeno-biology to study at college as it offered the best field trips to planets with good skiing. Despite herself she did develop a real interest in alien lifeforms.

Panthera is no fighter, yet she won't shy from trouble, attempting to diffuse the situation or shame any belligerents into submission. She has a sharp tongue, and doesn't suffer fools gladly, though she generally has a pleasant disposition. Attractive with big eyes, dark hair, and long slender limbs, Panthera gets enough attention from the opposite sex: she has high standards so doesn't indulge often.

Panthera is on Farpoint for the skiing. She came with her minor noble boyfriend, but he didn't have the stamina so she ditched him off piste, with no regrets. She then embarked with a small group on a challenging Nordic skiing expedition across a glacier, and is only just returning to the port (hence her lack of knowledge of recent events).

Klaus October 19th, 2005 11:41 AM

Anti-rad Smart Poncho

A simple device for protection against cosmic rays, utilising REFLEC technology. A 2.2m diameter sheet with a whole in the middle, with hood and goggles. The 'smart' aspect is that it changes colour to represent the rad danger. White is normal/safe, amber means the rad level is reaching the failiure rate, red is beyond failiure rate, black is a fatal dose.

sinistral October 26th, 2005 03:00 PM

Owen Heron, journalist 36, UPP 7E9DB6, solomani ex-Imperial Navy (Gunnery/Force Recon) Rank O4 Lt.Cmdr.
Homeworld:Macene/Rhylanor [B000453-E N Ni As]

Skills: Combat Rifleman - 3, Cryptography - 1 *, Electronics - 2, Forensics - 1, Handgun - 1, Navigation - 1, Sensor Ops - 2, Ship's Boat - 3, Tactics - 2, Vacc Suit - 3, Zero-G Tolerance - 3 ...and at zero; Communication, Grav Vehicle, Forward Observer, Legal , Gunnery (turrets).

Equipment:(all up to CT TL 14);

Tailored quality vacc suit, spares, patches, tools and manual, protective case.
Cheap emergency vacc suit in starport carrier bag (just remembered to buy a spare)
2 packs temporary hull sealant patches
Hand computer - PDA sized

[in bond] Gauss sniper rifle, sling, lockable hardcase, IR laser, protective case, 8x40 4mmLong magazines, spares tools and manual, weapon permit.
[in bond] Snub autopistol, 5x20rnd mags 10mm HEAT, 2x10rnd mags 10mm tranq, belt holster, lockable case, tools and manual, weapon permit.

Flak jacket with reflec lining, visored light infantry helmet with communications gear, tools and manual.
"Ultra-Harsh" (tm) All Weather Environment Jacket, Trousers, Nice Hat And Serious Boots, with temperature control, (impulse buy at starport)
Filter mask and respirator
Lightweight collapsible stilts (hands-free kind)
Gadget: Inertial Compass/ automap/ hand communicator/ atmosphere tester.
5 days military ration packs
5 litres distilled water
Cleaning equipment
Clothes and stuff. Mostly shipboard/expeditionary wear. 1 change formal clothes.
A small bag with stuff in it. More gadgets.
More stuff in pockets.
electronic sight for rifle (dismounted)
A bag half full of snacks.
A comandeered starport handcart

half a dozen modified short-range commos

Cash: about 1450

keys to rental grav.

Documentation: Professional and military certification, Imperial weapon permits, vehicle licence, identity papers, journalist accreditation

From Macene [2612 B000453-E N Ni As.

Imperial Navy College master's degree, mostly on cryptography/sensor theory. Has published minor but well-received papers in the field. Served 8 years in the Imperial navy, completed naval college, officer training, commissioned and assigned to communications, Imperial Marines Efate/Regina. (Police action/counter-insurgency).As part of that duty served 3 years on fleet recon vessel Abraxas. Distinguished career. Broke 3 terrorist codes. Final rank Lt Cmdr. After military service spent last 5 years working as a freelance journalist and occasional security consultant.

sinistral October 31st, 2005 12:39 PM

Candidate for ref's approval:Gauss sniper rifle -

as CT gauss rifle, but slower ROF, no burst mode, heavier, longer, increased range and damage, less accurate at short and medium range. Ammunition not compatible with standard gauss rifle.

kafka47 November 6th, 2005 01:49 PM

Library Data

Live 34: An independent news station who's corporate headquarters is on the world of Farpoint. Known to be critical of Imperial policies, at times but never overly critical of the Imperium itself. Believed to be a recipient of funds from the pan-Humaniti party within the Zhodani Consulate.

Several times during the last Frontier War, broadcasts had to jammed by Imperial authorities for spreading malicious lies about the Imperium's use of nuclear weapons against civilian infrastructure on the Consulate's territory.

When reporting events and happenings in the Consulate, Live 34 often provides a human angle portraying life in the Zhodani Consulate. It characterizes the present government of the Zhodani as a psionic dictatorship.

A series of in depth reports from the Avalon Consulate won several journalist awards in the Vanguard Reaches press associations for uncovering a pro-Imperial plot to destabilize the government (naturally, this report was censored in Imperial Space).

kafka47 November 12th, 2005 11:01 PM

Library Data

Skiddle-sphering: A form of prospecting in which a lone prospector and sometimes his/her family goes on a trek across the frozen oceanic wastes of LV-426 in modified ATV. Often in tow, they have portable living quarters, a lab to crack different alloys in a accompanying trailers that look something like this: or an ancient form of locomotive.

sinistral November 23rd, 2005 03:19 PM

Library data: Santa
Santa is the popular name for ex-Admiral Santocheev, who has made a living since his retirement making personal appearances at malls, where he distributes presents to children.

MadGav December 16th, 2005 08:36 AM


Ex-Scout Felix Concorda 5B95F4 Age 36 5 terms KCr60
Electronics-1, Mechanical-1, Medical-1, Pilot-1, Ground Car-1, VaccSuit-3

Tierrennes January 11th, 2006 04:14 PM

Introducing:Ezekiel Thaddius Rhodes (Zeke)
Age:34 Ht:6'3" Wt:235Lbs. Hair:Dark Brown Eyes:Green Homeworld:Terra/Houston,Tx.
UPP:C8AAB9 Occupation:Mercinary
Graduated with Honors from the Imperial Military Academy.Spent three term in the Army;starting out in the Infantry Zeke served his second year in training at Commando School.He then transfered to the Commandos.He served in two police actions as a team leader.After he was discharged he Became a Free-lance Soldier;Not wanting to squander the valuable training he recievd.Final Rank:Major
2 Combat Srevice Ribbons w/Command Clusters
1 Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry (MCG)
1 Starburst for Extreme Heroism (SEH)
Cbt Rifleman-1,Tactics-1,Leader-2,Admin-1,Hvy Wpns-1,Gun Cbt-3,Blade Cbt-2,Brawling-2,Demo-1,Instruction-1,Intrusion-1,(Environ:Stealth-1,Survival-2,Recon-2)
Altough he's no saint,Money is not the only deciding factor for Zeke when accepting a Job.There has to be alot of action,intrigue,cool toys,and other perks.He also has to like the employer in one way or another.The last stipulation;No work that's going to take him to Terra!Zeke's team was hand-picked and is extremely loyal.The five of them are like family.
The Black Dragons Elite Combat/Insurgency Team
Ezekiel Thaddius Rhodes "Zeke": C.O.
Kurt Harris: X.O./Transpotion Coordinator
David Hogue: Communications/Electronics/Medic
Mitchell Ross "Mitch": Recon/Demo/EOD
Erin Catherine Fontaine:Hvy Wpns/Sniper
Zeke's Team is fully capable of handling a vast array of missions

kafka47 January 31st, 2006 09:13 AM

Some images to help the imagination along...

Klaus April 18th, 2006 04:22 PM

Klaus May 15th, 2006 07:06 PM

ditzie May 16th, 2006 12:11 PM

Um, sorry all, I've been away from the internet for some time now. I'm sorry about not being able to contribute to the LARP, but I thought I'd have more time than I actually have.


kafka47 May 16th, 2006 02:12 PM


Originally posted by Ditzie:
Um, sorry all, I've been away from the internet for some time now. I'm sorry about not being able to contribute to the LARP, but I thought I'd have more time than I actually have.


Am I to take this as permission to kill off your character? Don't worry you can always rejoin later or just make appearances as a NPC. Just not as Ditzie.

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