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MongooseMatt February 16th, 2018 06:10 AM

Element Cruiser Box Set Kickstarter - Now Live!
The Kickstarter for the Element Class Cruiser Ship Builder's Blueprints box set has just gone live!

This Kickstarter project is to create a brand new box set for the Traveller roleplaying game, detailing the three main classes of cruiser within the Element cruiser family, together with 10 massive double-sided blueprints that will allow you walk through each deck of the ships as if you were there...

As things stand, the box set contains the core book presenting the Element cruisers, and ten massive (28" x 40") double-sided blueprints - but we want to add a lot more to the box. To begin with, we want to include a handbook that helps referees run naval/bridge crew campaigns, using one of the Element class cruisers - or any other capital ship in the game.

This set has the potential to greatly increase in size and weight, just like the Great Rift set we did previously, with your help.

Hope to see you there!

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