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Blue Ghost November 6th, 2017 12:30 AM

Dragon Lance
So, when the Dragon Lance series first came out, I bought the first few modules. I'd played D&D with a few friends before Traveller, and thought it was interesting, but the whole level thing had me tacitly shaking my head from the get go.

In the meantime I played Traveller and a couple others. But, as a lark, I rolled up some characters, and took them through DL1, "Dragons of Despair".

A most interesting time was had by all :)

I also tried to do Gamma Worlds "Epsilon Cyborgs" with the really cool cover art which promised to be a most incredible adventure;

Alas, the cover art was highly deceptive ... :mad: There was no massive treaded fortress thingy, and the dungeon crawl part at the end proved to be a cake walk for properly armed Traveller characters.

One module I wanted to do, but never got a chance to, was D&D's "City of the Gods" It was part of the Blackmoore series (really only two adventures, I think the second publishing was simply a sourcebook). Here's DA3;

Perhaps someday.

I've also thought about doing some adventures based on some of the books I've read ... Lord Valentines Castle, Helliconia Winter, War Planet, a few others. I keep hearing about Honor Harrington, which is very early interstellar TL for Traveller, but would make for a nearly perfect fit in many regards.

Just thought I'd share.

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