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Magnus von Thornwood February 4th, 2019 03:14 PM

Round 2. SANDBOX!
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This is the Thread for information regarding the worlds of the play area for the second Permatic Imperium game setting (currently titled Round 2).
Also the Player's Mission Summary.

The Player Characters will be starting at Bohen [FARS 1224].

Attached is the Mission Summary that goes along with this starchart. The PCs will be aboard the ISV Whatever's Clever as shown by the revised doc. The ISV Whatever's Clever is a class mate of the ISV Something Cool having been crafted in the same yard in the original Vault Fleet that The Emperor Vladimir II came to the Far Stars sector in. The Whatever's Clever is a Block 1 Type-S that will get its own thread: Round 2. STARSHIPS!.

Magnus von Thornwood February 22nd, 2019 02:13 AM

Bohen [FARS 1224]
Bohen [FARS 1224], C 666 656-8.
Local Time: 1200 (360-0195 PI).

Bohen is an agricultural world with a small population and Banner with a long view. Located in the rimward end of Greater Empty, part of the Lonely Trio (Shesser [FARS 1223], Bohen [FARS 1224], and Camp Oftsy [FARS 1323]) it has the only local starport worth anything. While it is a only a Class C port it does boast a newly completed high port, Bohen Heights which orbits above Bohen Downs (or as it is already being referred to by the locals as "the Old Port"). The world does a brisk trade in agricultural goods and has a trade agreement with its neighbor Shesser. Shesser's extremely small community specializes in rare grains and other ag goods and have good relations with the Banner.

Said Banner, Lord von Ryer is the 10th of his linage to hold the title since the founding of the Permatic Imperium and has designs to bring his world into the larger scale of interstellar trade. He has invested and was mostly responsible for the building of the high port to allow unstreamllined bulk carriers to visit without having to bring their own smallcraft. He's got a contract with Camp Ofsty to supply them with foodstuffs, and he's invested as partner in Fliskin Transport. He is eager to bring trade and colonists to his world and he's put the word out in the Traveller circles and so it has come to you.

Thus it stands as you, freshly Mustered Out of your Imperial service, step off the highport courtesy shuttle on to the concrete of the port having arrived at Bohen Downs with an invitation to the see the Banner at his Manor a few days before Holiday, or New Year's Eve as the Terran traditionalist call it.

It is noon and Ryersville, the largest urban site on the world boasts more than the 50K population than is listed in the old guides and around the port it is bustling and the aromas of various food carts just outside the Line and the crowds around them show that noon here is still prime eating time.

The day is new and the world is open.

Remarks: Sir Wilfred von Ryer, 10th Banner Bohen has been doing much to increase the value of his holdings and those of his constituents. This world is still roomy as most of the population is spread across it in various agricultural arenas that support the planet. The Banner is said to offer excellent conditions for those who chose to settle there. So far the results appear to be paying off. The Banner is also the leader of the world’s feudal technocracy which enjoys the support of the people due to the new wealth created by access to the interstellar markets created by the just completed construction of the highport, Bohen Heights. Supporting this addition to Bohen Downs, the Main starport will hopefully lead to the planet developing the infrastructure to support starships, currently they have only local planetary travel systems in place.

This sudden burst of wealth is actually being drawn from the Banner's Privy Purse as the Peer attempts to bring this world into the interstellar sphere. It is also costing the Banner some political capital as well. It so far has resulted in the building and maintenance of the highport Bohen Heights, a Class C Starport. This starport has become the center point of budding interstellar trade. The wines, alcohols, oils, dried foods, cheeses, and grains of this planet are seeing rise in export across the stars. The Banner's ventures may yet pay well for its investors.

There is Knight of the Empire in service here and the Order maintains a Chapter House here. The local Banneret Agnes hault-Smith is said to be a Patron of the Chapter House and has a Page of the Order on her Household Staff.

The Banner Bohen’s residence is a working farm/ranch roughly 50 Km southeast from the central city and the down port.

The Banner Bohen has several vehicles in his baronial fleet including a 6-person grav limo (for important guests), a couple of surplus G-Carriers (a mobile Command Post and a utility carrier), plus 4 combat cars (militarized air/rafts). All except the limo are off doing various errands. At this time they are dealing with the recent landings by the Imperial Navy. Mostly they are trying to get new shipments together to fulfill there off-world contracts with the merchant factors. How the Banner (who has only held the fief for some two years after the assassination of his uncle, the previous Banner, and was elevated out of the Imperial Navy) feels about this is unknown at this time.

There is a "French" Edendextu vineyard about 30 straight line from Bohen Downs to banner's ranch. The residents speak French or as it is spoken by non-human aliens thousands of years distant both by light and time. The vineyard is hoping to make it into the interstellar trade. Right now they are local.

Exports: Meats, wines, alcohols, oils, dried foods, cheeses, and grains. The world also is under contract with Redsm [FARS 0925] to provide them with soil for growing both food and decorative plants.

Imports: High technology infrastructure, tool manufacturing systems, computers, and colonists. They have also recently begun to import starship components and shipyard equipment suitable for atmosphere and surface use.

Transport on Bohen: A grav-taxi is (Cr 200 or Cr 2.5/Km for trips longer than 100 Km) and the bus (Cr 50, twice daily) will take one on a route that covers the city highlights, startown, the port, and then on to several rural stops including the Banner's Keep*.

Travellers' Aid Society Bohen does have a small TAS Hostel. It is located just outside the XT line, in fact you can see it from the taxi stand as it is directly across from Bohen Downs.

Library Data B – Bohen Riesling 150.

A semi-dry white wine of some standing in the finer circles this vintage has only recently come to the awareness of the general wine drinking public. What was decades ago a reasonably price wine (Cr 25 to 50 per bottle) has in recent times become more expensive vintage (Cr 75 to Cr 250 per bottle) as it has been discovered and consumed by members of the Imperial Court. The Jump-2 gap between Bohen and its nearest neighbors makes it difficult for the average Jump-1 Free Trader to get a hold of a few cases so it isn’t seen as often as some wines that are more easily acquired.

Library Data M – Martinique of Bohen.

Known on Bohen as a Tailor of great craftsmanship. If you are looking for excellent tailoring, might I suggest Martinique of Bohen? He recently did a suit for His Excellency Rudolf Interhaus, the Count Jowern and has done a few suits for His Majesty, The Emperor as well.

* A Keep is the term used for what in the OTU would be a Barony. As a Baron in the ATU of the Permatic Imperium is styled a Banner their holding needed a new title as well. Because the title of Banner has a military origin (it was a junior officer rank in the old Imperial Army) the holding became a Keep.

A Note Regarding Law Level

Non-lethal weapons such shock-sticks or electro-knuckles are also prohibited as they are considered augmented melee weapons and a provocation. The theory being that the weapons can still be used in a harmful manner without the stunning capability.

While the world is Law Level-6 which allows open carry of small arms such as pistols like many worlds that is for those areas outside of urban zones while in the wilderness. Inside the urban zones most worlds, Bohen included, prohibit open carry of any weapons while inside the settled areas of the world. It is rather like being able to have a rifle on a farm but bringing into town is frowned upon.

Lethal weapons are allowed outside the limits of Ryersville but not within them, nor are they allowed in the Banner's Keep though exceptions may be made with the Banner's permission. Permits for lethal weapons may be requested from the local authorities for carry outside city limits.

Rumor 45.

From a Merchant or Scout. The Banner is beginning to turn his world towards using its Ag produce to do things like build natural fiber composite vehicles. He needs to build up the world's infrastructure to do so, as the programs for CAD/CAM are much better than those Bohen can currently create natively. He is looking to market the custom crafted vehicles to various world's and patron's across the Imperium.

Magnus von Thornwood February 22nd, 2019 06:48 AM

Shesser [FARS 1223]
Shesser [FARS 1223], E 685 400-8.
Ga Lo Amber 923 {-3} (610+1) 12 [3196] B Transients ImpC F8 V 8 0.75G Planet.

Remarks: Shesser is known in the Imperium as a planet of hustlers who take great pleasure in dealing with Travellers but have to be watched or they will cheat you some way.

This in not entirely true. Most of the type who are dishonest tend to cluster around the starport line because the rest of society had enough of them already and sent them to fend for themselves. Once you get into the various communities on Shesser and spend sometime time there cultivating the connections a Traveller can build a rather fine business in botany and automated agriculture wares. This can require a long time and it takes many years, decades and some say lifetimes to build real bonds of trust and friendship with the Families, but is well worth the journey to certain Travellers.

AMBER: The sophonts on this world hold to no standard laws. Law such as there are can be very quick and arbitrary. There are no Imperial authorities currently resident planet-side. Travellers land here at their own risk understanding that the Imperium will make every possible effort to recover you or your remains (most likely via a polite note from a Deputy Undersecretary of Client Affairs).

The local “starport” is a Navy rated Beacon. The Scouts had to stop leaving the standard Astrogation Beacon as the “locals” would strip them down for parts. The current Beacon is buried in a nuke hardened bunker. It is defended by a section of Marine-bots held in a vault within silo for emergencies. Travellers are warned to stay well clear (500m) of the Beacon when landing and planet-side.


A sparesly populated garden world, Shesser is mostly populated by farmers who are standoffish to new folks. These are sophonts looking for the simple uncomplicated life compared to those of the Core worlds. The mix of the almost one thousand sophonts who call Shesser home is predominately human and Edendextu with a scattering of other species.

The bare hexagonal landing pad has a TL-8 kiosk for information, a couple of repurposed cargo containers serve as the Port Authority office (which may or may not be staffed, call ahead and the staff is notified), and there is a laser-sheet fence surrounding the area, all of which were put in place by the Banner Bohen at the request of the locals who he trades with. Also within the fence is the Navy rated Beacon, which replaced the old one that was regularly stripped down by the less savory elements of Shesser society. A small cluster of dining establishments, trade houses, warehouses, and other assorted startown amenities crowd around the gate of the Port.

The startown has maybe two to three hundred sophonts of which some fifty or so are outright criminals with another hundred or so hustlers rounding out the bad elements. The rest of the population are honest people trying to make a living. They tend to run the shops and food stands or restaurants. A Traveller with the right Letter of Introduction might be able to begin forming the kind of close relationship required to do business with the farming community. Recommendations from the Banner or Banneret Bohen pull great weight with Shesserites as both nobles have been responsive to requests for aid.

While there is no written laws, Shesserites do have a series of unwritten codes of conduct. If one lands and expects to run riot on the unsuspecting startown and get away with it, they will quickly find that the locals do generally observe the ethical norms regarding killing and felony crimes against sophonts or property. Also, if things get particularly rambunctious the Imperial Knight of Shesser is said to respond with BattleDress, armed with a neural stun rifle with a squad of combat armored, gauss rifle toting attendants. All on grav-belts of course, military grav-belts; high-g, agile, maybe have personal screens. While the Imperial Knight can arrest and hold persons for extradition to Bohen for trial or further processing, they have no authority to try individuals not of their order so must transfer any detainees to Bohen. As the Imperial Knight of Shesser does not have access to a starship they will often charter Travellers to make such transfers when a ship from Bohen or elsewhere is not expected for some time. The pay is KCr 12 per sophont transfered, however there haven't been problems for some time so Travellers are not advised to count on that income.

Magnus von Thornwood February 22nd, 2019 07:20 AM

Poldi [FARS 1023]
Poldi [FARS 1023], D 312 6B6-7.
S Ic Na Ni - 912 ImpC K6 V K0 V {-3} (852+2) 160 [5828] B Settlers 15 0.25G Planet.

Scout Base: 18th Scout Regiment

Remarks: The survivors of an Interregnum era Imperial Navy Assault Cruiser, INS Poldi (CA-3753) supposedly lost in jump and written off, reside here in the salvaged remains of their ancestors' crashed starship. One of the last battle class starships of galactic tech and tremendous size it was a terrible loss for the crumbling Imperium, however it was these assets that allowed the survivors to construct the habitats that still, barely, shelter the ancestors of the original mishap. The survivors where discovered when a Scout expedition was investigating what they thought to be ruins. Sadly for salvagers it appears all the famed galactic tech has degraded beyond use and repair, the natives having created an astonishing array of various tech levels to keep themselves alive as a result of these failures. The resulting society has since expanded the original habitat areas with a web of tunnels throughout (both horizontally and vertically) the small, almost airless world they live in.

Because there is no longer working galactic tech the residents will gladly trade relics and pieces of galactic tech that no longer functions for goods of all sorts from high tech household goods to luxury items, art, food, and liquor to hydro and areoponic systems and supplies. They like the Bibickians of Redsm pay well for good top soil for growing plant life (which they test rigorously before purchase with devices the Scouts helped them obtain).

The government is non-charismatic dictatorship which came to power when the government changed due to a successful mutiny (called such as the residents still keep to a Navy style of law). The current Admiral of Poldi was put in power when the old Admiral was beginning to regulate trade and put in place certain restrictions on what could be traded to Travellers, this was very unpopular with the Quartermasters Division who hold the monopoly on trade within the state and with Travellers. They with the backing and help of the Engineering Division who control power and life support managed to keep the Marine Division out of the coup by splitting their loyalties between state and leader. By the time the Marines had made their decision, the mutiny was over and the Quartermaster-Captain Quincella Longjarns was "Promoted" to Admiral of Poldi. What makes her government so unpopular is that she reinstated her predecessor's restrictions shortly after obtaining office. While she both publicly and privately maintains that she didn't have access to all the information and now she understands why the previous Admiral put the new regulations in place, and she may in fact be required to put further restrictions in place. This is seen by the other Divisions as a play to tighten the monopoly of her former Division who see her as a traitor to their ideas of freer trade with Travellers not less. She has maintained power by beginning to loosen the Quartermasters Division's monopoly on trade some basic goods, mostly foodstuffs and household goods.

Magnus von Thornwood February 22nd, 2019 07:23 AM

Caugis [FARS 1024]
Caugis [FARS 1024], B 543 420-A.
Ni Po 902 Im G8V D {+1} (532+2) 60 [157F] B Settlers 9 0.63G Planet.

Remarks: "On paper" as they still say in the distant future is has a rather small population about 90,000 sophont Citizens of the Imperium. (Since the world is TL-A and has technological infrastructure to build and maintain Jump Drives it is a Member State of the Imperium. Those that can't do so are Client States.) They think it small because they miss the local significance of having a Government Type 2 or Participating Democracy. The Caugislings (the plural form for citizens of their world) form of a participating democracy means adhering to a code that includes service to the state, in this case their world and the Imperium and their fellow Citizens of the Stars. Much of Caugis' actual population is off-world either in the Imperial Armed Forces (whether active Army, Navy, Marines, Scouts and the rare Space Guard) or Attached National Forces (ANFs). Those not enrolled in government forces are found in the better mid-level mercenary companies, some of which are headquartered on Caugis. If the actual number of native Citizens of the Imperium that are listed on the Census Rolls were actually all resident on the world then Caugis would have a Population 5 or hundreds of thousands.

About seventy-five or so of those participating citizens were pulling duty in one of Caugis' many ANFs, the 25th Lift Infantry Recon Company, attached to the 2d Recon Battalion of the 7th IPKF stationed on what was still then Pixiant after the Second Rebellion ended (182 PI) in an armistice with the rebels and the Imperial Guaranteed Provisional Government where they would get representation. They did get their demands but the Imperium reserved the right to chose those representatives to the new provisional government and tended not to favor the more radical rebel elements obviously. Also obviously those same radicals used this as an "example of the constant oppression by occupying Imperial forces and denied our rights as Citizens" to start the Third Rebellion. It was during this rebellion that the 25th who had been issued the weapons from a Threts factory without having been device conditioned experienced major malfunctions that cost the lives of half the effective strength of the unit. Needless to say this did not go well at home and shortly there after their Senator raised the issue with Imperial High Command, who then had it out with the Threts executives. Threats of Senate investigations and civil lawsuits for negligence caused the corporation-wide raise in its minimum manufacturing standards.

They vote in everything! Well, okay that may be the popular saying, but there is truth to it. For example when a ship lands it and the crew are given a "Party Identity" and are expected to "campaign" for better pricing on everything from berthing and fuel fees to supply costs to gaining passengers. Needless to say, ad/campaign management agencies do big business here and there are agencies completely devoted to running campaigns for Travellers. Most are indeed honest if of average results, the rest hover on both its ends of the spectrum; good and bad.

Magnus von Thornwood February 22nd, 2019 07:27 AM

Woollee [FARS 1025]
Woollee , [FARS 1025] A 651 7A7-B.
Po - 831 ImpM K7 V M0 V {+2} (B68+4) 2112 [394A] B Natives 13 0.75G Planet.

Remarks: The Native Intelligent Life is a four gender, carnivore pouncer, with bilateral symmetry with two legs and four arms. They have multiple social groups which can change often due matters of charisma and mating. The only strangeness that can truly be attributed to the Woolleens is mostly due to the nature of their fluid language and societal constructs.

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