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flykiller October 13th, 2015 05:24 PM

tank bots

flykiller October 14th, 2015 03:00 PM

cyber war

flykiller October 15th, 2015 06:12 PM

semi-smart munitions

Travellerspud October 16th, 2015 08:38 AM


Originally Posted by Blue Ghost (Post 27386)
Just think of all the social security money they're due [img]graemlins/file_23.gif[/img] :eek: [img]graemlins/file_22.gif[/img]

the "dark matter" of the universe is really just the old tax forms of these bacteria for all those audits

flykiller October 21st, 2015 07:48 PM

feel free to jump in and add your own links, it ain't MY thread.

aramis December 25th, 2015 10:20 PM

Synaptic Processor at TL 8?


BEIJING: Scientists from China's Zhejiang province have developed a computer chip that works much like the brain, the media reported on Thursday.

Deldarius January 27th, 2016 05:48 PM

Reactionless drives?

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