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CaptRet July 7th, 2019 01:39 PM

Are the ancillary vehicles standard on new ships ?
Various standardized ship types (e.g. the 200-ton Yacht, the Safari Ship) are listed as having ancillary vehicles (Launch, Ship's Boat, ATV, Air Raft, etc.). When a Traveller receives a ship through mustering-out benefits (either outright or via exercise of Ship Shares), are the listed ancillary vehicles automatically included (and their costs pro-rated into paying down the mortgage) ? Or does the neophyte Traveller have to purchase those ?

AnotherDilbert July 7th, 2019 02:31 PM

I have always assumed they are included in the price of the ship.

Let's see, a LBB2 Mercenary Cruiser costs MCr 445.95. Recreating it we can come close, but only if the small craft are included:

Single Occupancy                                    64    466,6
                                    USP    #      Dton      Cost
Hull                Custom            8            800         
Configuration      Cylinder          3                      80
Scoops              Partial                                  0,8
Armour                                0                       
Jump Drive          M                  3    1        65      120
Manoeuvre D        M                  3    1        23        48
Power Plant        M                  3    1        37        96
Fuel, #J, #weeks    J-3, 10,4 weeks        3      318         
Bridge                                      1        20        4
Computer            m/5                5    1        5        45
Staterooms                                25      100      12,5
Cargo                                                64         
Empty hardpoint                            8        8         
Cutter              50 Dton                2      100      56,2
Cutter Module      30 Dton                2        60      4,1
Nominal Cost        MCr 466,62          Sum:        64    466,6
Class Cost          MCr  85,39          Valid        ≥0        ≥0
Ship Cost          MCr 385,3

Condottiere July 7th, 2019 02:32 PM

The ordnance is usually missing; the assumption is that everything else on the inventory is included and presumed working.

coliver988 July 7th, 2019 02:35 PM

I've played it both ways. Sometimes they get an older ship and it is missing more than just the shuttle or air/raft. Other times they get it all.

I borrowed from a Mongoose adventure and 1 game the characters had to go and fetch the ship which had been basically shot down on a xenophobic planet. It was not in great shape...

Two games after that, using the Mongoose character system, one player kept rolling lab ship and ship shares. As she was a noble, I ended up using one of my deck plans and minis (far too many Kickstarters!) as he lab ship. While 20 some years old, it was a Navy/Scout lab ship, and she got it in tip-top shape, including the shuttle. It was partially political: her mother was the Imperium's Noble located there. She pulled some strings for her darling daughter.

flykiller July 7th, 2019 02:40 PM


she pulled some strings
yet another under-appreciated and under-used aspect of social standing.

kilemall July 7th, 2019 03:18 PM

I agree with the others- default new yes, older vessels or salvaged/won, maybe not or certainly not in pristine condition.

One option is a redo and piling on the cost of the small craft to the redo. Example, the CT default Type Y while making a certain amount of sense especially the getaway aspect of the pinnace, seems a waste of precious space on a smallish ACS like that, I would tend to streamline and jump up the M-drive of the yacht and reuse the space for more drive/plant and luxury/capability, possibly armor.

sabredog July 8th, 2019 03:10 AM

If you want them to be.

I include them, or some similar craft if whimsy strikes.

Last time the players got a battered old cutter that had been painted with a huge wrap-around dragon breathing fire across the bow, and with a red-headed warrior amazon wielding a flaming sword and no clothing. The thing had a small remote turret on top with the controls jury-rigged to a seat behind the pilot's, and a small still in what used to be the restroom.

Once a case of hallucinogens fell out from under the pilot's control panel during some hard maneuvering in combat which led to a very thorough search of the craft when they had time. They found a small arsenal of pistols and SMG's, magazines stashed all over, and several more cases of narcotic and proscribed street drugs. They decided the cutter was some old in-system smuggler's craft that had been confiscated from or sold by the old owner.

After that they argued about repainting the ship to avoid anyone who might recognize it, but decided the artwork was just too awesome to get rid of.

CaptRet July 8th, 2019 01:57 PM

Thanks. I ask because I'm rolling up some new characters with Mongoose 2d ed. One is a retired Naval Captain (started life Soc 11; Naval Academy honors grad with wide clique of Allies), who then served one term as a Noble (Diplomat; he had also served on a diplomatic mission during his naval career). One of his life events was an inheritance from a rich relative, and one of his benefits from the Noble career was a Yacht (mulling over whether it will be a Yacht or a Safari ship), so I see that as being his inheritance from "Aunt Agatha" (really his grandfather's first cousin, but the family always called her Aunt). I like the fact that the Safari Ship comes with a turret, Jump-2, is streamlined and has fuel processors, etc. , but the cargo capacity and Launch are inferior to the Ship's Boat and cargo f the Yacht. I suppose one could always sacrifice one or both of the Safari Ship's special environment tanks to provide more cargo space/and or more staterooms.

Condottiere July 8th, 2019 02:03 PM

I've always maintained that the ship could have a character generation of it's own.

GypsyComet July 8th, 2019 02:18 PM


Originally Posted by CaptRet (Post 603917)
I suppose one could always sacrifice one or both of the Safari Ship's special environment tanks to provide more cargo space/and or more staterooms.

Tinkering between the two (Yacht and Safari Ship) for a final design, especially if inherited from an eccentric noble relative, is completely acceptable. Use the aging ship rules in Mongoose 1 for even more flavor.


(Assumes, for the sake of color, that Aunt Aggie is an Imperial era equivalent of David Attenborough.)

"Aggie's Broom" (the name SHE gave it, mind you) is an older Safari Ship/Yacht hybrid. More of a zoo collector and photographer than an outright hunter, Aunt Aggie had the aft capture tank torn out and the launch berth widened to accommodate a similarly shaped Ship's Boat fitted with specially sound-damped drives, a wild pneumatic troop drop bay she claimed was of old Terran design (think Shirow's drop ladders from Black Magic M66), a top-side retractable sentinel platform, and lots of windows. Her photo safaris were legendary. The remainder of the ship has been optimized for over occupancy (to support a one-time desire to haul around a full documentary film crew). The ship and boat both have extraordinary external "security" systems that allow high quality video capture literally anywhere on or around the ship and with detection and multi-spectral observation possible away from the hull. Both ship and boat are combination expedition craft, camera trap, and comfortable home base.

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