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SpaceBadger August 1st, 2014 06:02 PM

SoloTrav: Flykiller: Efate-ful Encounters
SoloTrav: Flykiller:

GM: SpaceBadger

Player: Flykiller

PC: Lora Lei


Setting: Spinward Marches, pre-war

Starting Place and Date:

SpaceBadger August 5th, 2014 05:23 PM

Status: Flykiller has his PC generated, I just need to sit down and come up with a good introduction to begin the adventure.

flykiller August 5th, 2014 06:28 PM

be careful how good it is. if it's too good you create unrealistic expectations ....

SpaceBadger August 7th, 2014 04:14 AM


Originally Posted by flykiller
Lora Lei, 7B9BCD, age 46 (6 in lowberth) 40, regen to bio-age 20
Scout 7 tours, Psi 11/11 telepath/telekin
Skills: pilot 3 navigation 1 engineering 1 damagecontrol 1 vaccsuit 2 0g 2 instructor 2 liaison 1 equestrian 2 sidearm 2 combatives 3 Forgery-0, Investigation-1, Search/Hide-1, Security/Intrusion-1
Muster: Baronette/pension, Scoutship

Exiting Jump into Efate (SM 1705) system, Retired Scout Lora Lei checks her indicators and finds them all showing Green, and breathes a sigh of relief. She uses the ship's PA to advise her passengers of their safe arrival in-system, and begins her sensor scan to determine her exact position in-system, preparatory to making a comm to the Scout Way Station on the mainworld to see if they have a berth available.

A good jump, only 110 diameters out from the mainworld, a mere 1,050,000 km, about 4 hours at 2-G, less if she can use the atmo for some final deceleration. As she aims her laser comm to contact the Way Station, she is startled as her board pings with an incoming comm from... Scout Way Station, Efate?

She taps the Receive icon and her holo-field lights up with the image of a woman in neat Scout office uniform with Admin tabs. The woman looks up at her and appears startled. "Excuse me, may I speak with Retired Scout Lora Lei?" Upon Lora's identification of herself, the woman appears even more perplexed. "There must be some mistake. Maybe it is your mother I need? Is she a Retired Scout? Does the Service know that you're flying her detached duty Scoutship?"

flykiller August 7th, 2014 03:45 PM

An atmo-decel. She looks forward to that, if she can find a low-population area where it would be permitted by the port authority. She locates the Efate nav beacons and starts planning two approaches, one boring and one fun. "Will she or will she not? Only her flight director knows for sure."

"No mistake. My mother is a lady of the house of Lei of Strouden and has been all her life and is not retired. Perhaps the graphics you have of me are outdated but I am sure you note the scar." She passes her hand by the scar across her right eye, reaching from her eyebrow to her cheek. She speaks formally but not as if she takes it seriously. Typical pilot. She selects a few files on the computer and posts them. "Sending you an update. And how is it that someone is calling for me the instant I am in-system? I cannot recall owing anyone any money."

[who are the passengers?]

SpaceBadger August 7th, 2014 04:15 PM

Ah, yes, the passengers. The life of a retired Scout in between adventures; friends looks at your "free" starship and free fuel and tend to ask for rides to places they could not afford to travel otherwise. Beverly Cleary and her daughter Ramona, good friends of Lora's from her various times visiting Regina, had requested a ride to Efate and Lora agreed. They plan to stay for several months visiting family there, so they understand that Lora may want or need to leave and they may need to pay for passage back to Regina - unless they can find another friend with a "free" starship, that is.

The woman at the Way Station takes time to examine the files Lora sent, then calls up more info, then looks up, "I'm sorry, I still don't understand. You are retired Senior Scout Lora Lei, 7 terms, born in 1059 Imp? Ma'am, you just appear much younger than the images that I have. Would you mind sending me a current biometric scan of your hand? This is a classified matter, and I really must be sure I am speaking to the right person."

flykiller August 7th, 2014 08:45 PM

Lora regards the admin a little more formally but smiling. "It cannot be very serious if you are broadcasting that and my name and career over the entire system. In any case I have no bioscanner aboard that I know of. If I may have an approach vector and permission to land and a hall-pass to your office perhaps we may discuss the issue face to face?"

[having the ship was unexpected. is it a type S or shall we use a tech 12 or 13 Maus? and I should know its capabilities if they are going to be relevant.]

She pages Beverly and Ramona. "If you like you can come to the bridge and watch the approach. If they give me permission I will turn off internal gravity and we can have a roller-coaster ride." She was glad to have them aboard, someone real to talk to. She still was not yet used to travelling alone again.

SpaceBadger August 8th, 2014 04:05 AM

[Might want to edit the "broadcasting" bit, as its a laser comm. There still might be someone in line to receive it due to beam-spread, but it is incredibly unlikely for that to occur by accident. As to ship, I thought you wanted a Type S, but maybe I am confusing that with discussion w Sprinward Scout. I will look at these Maus ships. Which would you prefer, given the choice?]

The administrator agrees to Lora's suggestion, muttering under her breath that they must have stuck Lora with an old ship, as almost all are equipped with biometric scanners for a multitude of security purposes nowadays. She transfers Lora to Traffic Control for an approach vector and pad assignment. The young man handling the call grins at Lora's request for aerobraking, and assigns an approach in over the ocean, high up until most velocity has been dumped, then diving steeply to level off near the coast and come in for a sedate approach to the Scout Way Station on the edge of the port itself. "That work for you, hotshot?"

SpaceBadger August 8th, 2014 04:13 AM

Looking at the Maus scoutships, I don't see any problems right away. Specs look a lot like a Type S, with different deckplans. What is "FP" in the specs, maybe Fuel Processor? Why does the TL 12 version have PP3 and the TL 13 version have PP 4 when they only need PP2 for the drives that are mounted? Is there any armament?

Is there any guide to the deckplan? I think I can figure most out; bridge toward the bow, followed aft on the port side by an airlock with hatches up and down; what is that across from the airlock on the starboard side? Next aft we have four staterooms, then drive room with a hatch in the ceiling leading up to - what? another small airlock, with a berth for a grav vehicle to the rear, but what is that forward? Fire control for a turret?

flykiller August 8th, 2014 08:21 PM

[missed that the comm was laser]

[I suggested the Maus only because I'm unaware of any type S deckplan on the site. which ship is used is entirely up to you.]

[fp is fuel purifier, yes. pp3 allows use of a laser without having to drop to m1, pp4 allows double-fire of the laser. armament is up to you, but lora never learned any gunnery. should have posted a labeled version of the mausen. the items across from the airlock are a vacc suit locker (3 vaccs, parts, charging station) and a general purpose locker. and yes the space forward of the access hatch in the "second story" is a gunnery station. there is no computer because imtu the computer simply is part of the bridge, you may rule differently.]


"That work for you, hotshot?"
"Absolutely. Thank you ground." She checks the route, running a few equations just to verify how it looks to her, and lines up. So much more fun than simple space flight. Press a button, go here. Turn a dial, go there. And more than fun, this is a great opportunity to feel the ship underneath her, to see how this one handles and turns and responds. Like getting to know a horse as it steps and twitches and starts.

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