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Travellerspud July 5th, 2020 11:09 AM

combining adventure 2 with double adventure 1
Topic is a little vague in case my players are looking where they should not

I have a new campaign that kicked of in District 268 with "Divine Intervention" (party was successful). They are now heading into Egryn subsector (Trojan Reaches). I am thinking of combining Annic Nova with Shadows and Research Station Gamma....perhaps even morphing Twilights Peak to fit this region and also using Leviathin and maybe Kinunir as sightings/clues, and culminating with Secret of the Ancients...

The basic idea is they find the Annic Nova, the crew were Droyne and they made the ship to escape Tktk and search for Grandfather to ask for help (foolish, but hey). They picked up the virus along the way, but also explored the Shadows site and this is in the ships log (in MTU scout sensors can search the E-band to sometimes find ancient sites...this fact is not generally known, but the leader of this Droyne dreskay is also a genetic freak, not as much as Grandfather but very smart, and has figured this fact out). Since "Shadows" is not an ancient site, they moved on. They then discovered the virus, the captain and doctor died, the remaining crew abandoned ship in pinnace #3 and landed on a world with the "Research Station", where they quickly were captured and sold to to station by locals. Annic Nova was sent jumping, along the way was visited by pirates and looted (they also got the disease, perhaps becoming the ship the party looks for in "Twilights Peak"). Assuming the party either chases after the pirate ship or rescues the Droyne (only a few remain alive), they then start learning about the Ancients and into "Secret of the Ancients".

any thoughts on how to meld all this together?

Madmax July 12th, 2020 04:34 PM

Sounds great to me!
I think that is a great idea, or set of ideas.
How to do it?
Well I think you have already done it, really. Now you just need to work out the details, and of course the devil is in the details.
What I would tend to do is let all the threads you have mentioned be present, put clues in each adventure that can lead the players to Secret of the Ancients, then let the players decide which paths to pursue/ignore. This way they will all eventually lead to the Secret of the Ancients if the players don't just ignore everything. It might be interesting to see just which path the players end up using. The disadvantage to this method is of course that you will have to be prepared for all the adventures and it might be a bit frustrating if the players skip over one or more of them. That is something you have to decide for yourself.
Personally I hate railroading my players, so this is the sort of setup I always prefer, lots of potentially interlocking adventures, and let the players wander around as they choose. It IS a lot of work though.

I am personally preparing a campaign that is somewhat similar. It is set in the Regina and adjacent subsectors and combines Annic Nova, Twilight's Peak, Across the Bright Face, 76 Patrons, The Traveller Adventure, and Flaming Eye (modified to fit in the Spinward Marches). I'm also going to try to include the FFW and a modified version of Knightfall. I have probably bitten off more than I can chew, so will likely be cutting back on this list.

Best of luck with your project!

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