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Sir Brad May 15th, 2015 11:32 AM

My latest Twilight Warriors
Ok kicking off a a T2K campaign and these are the characters.

Sergent First Class Kyle Davis, 3rd Armor Detachment, 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized), US XI Corps, German3rd Army

Born in to a New-England middle class family, in school he was a member of the computer club through the end of junior high and bounced around a number of martial arts before settling on karate around age twelve. in high school he was part of the Aquatics Squad and spent a year as an exchange student in Germany.

Upon graduation not liking the study options available from the scholarships offered he instead joined the army hoping that a few years in uniform would give him prospective and fatten his collage fund through savings and his GI Bill. he passed the OCS entrance exam but open billets filled with more qualified recruits, after Basic he went on to Ft. Knox where he graduated Armor School (top 20% Driver, top 15% Gunner) wile waiting his first deployment to Iraq he studied Arabic through the Army Learning Annex, on his return from deployment he decided to go Career and attended NCO and Tank Commander Schools.

Wile Stateside he would complete his his collage diploma via external education and go on hunting, fishing and camping trips with other career NCO's and over the next few years he would deploy twice more to Iraq.

Wile returning from his last middle east deployment his unit was diverted to Germany to fight in the war that had just broke out in Europe and would fight the first year of the war with his Desert Equipment and Camouflage before being reequipped and bean given enough time to allow to repaint in to theater appropriate camouflage. After losing his TUSK modified M1A1 he for a tome he commanded a M60 before receiving a replacement M1A1 that he would command for the next few years until it would fall prey to an accumulation of minor battle damage and operational stress since then he and his crew have bean re-assigned to acting as an ad-hock scout detachment that they have had to train themselves to be on the move.

Corporeal Tucker Blane, Echo Company, 11th Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized), US XI Corps, German 3rd Army, Detached to 3rd Armor Detachment

Born in to a mid-west farming family he grew up working on his family farm, hunting and fishing in his spare time, after he left school he got a job in the County Works Department as a heavy equipment operator until he lost his job to subcontractors.

when his unemployment ran our he joined the army since no one else was hieing, wile in the army he got in to Civil War Reenactment, after his four year term was up he was getting ready to muster out when the war in Europe broke out.

Among the first troops shipped from the US mainland he spent the first three years of the war rolling back and forth across Germany and Poland in the back of a LAV-25 until his unit converted to M113's due to increasing mechanical failures and combat attrition of the LAVs, since he was a Tracked Vehicle Operator in civilian life he was nominated to drive one of the replacement APC's until they too was withdrawn from service due to mechanical failure, around six months ago he was stolen by one of the 5th's attached Armor units to replace a driver injured during Tank maintenance.

Plutonowy Gerek Abram, late of the 4th Battery, 16th Mechanized Division, 2nd Mechanized Corps, Free Polish Army, currently attached to 3rd Armor Detachment, 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized), US XI Corps, German 3rd Army

The son of public servants he had a Russian grandfather and a number of relatives claimed German or Jewish blood family gatherings where muilty lingual to say the least, he also had a number of pen palls and online acquaintances from the English speaking world. After he spent some time backing through Europe England and Ireland before joining the army.

He wanted to join the supply branch so as to get some experience in logistics to carry skills in to his post service life, but he ended up in the Artillery serving initially with POLUKRBAT then the 12th Infantry Division as part of Multinational Corps Northeast before transferring to the 16th Mechanized Division just as the civil disturbances started to escalate.

In the first few months of the war he found himself fighting Germans, Russians and other Poles before the 16th Mechanized Division could bring themselves under the authority of the government in exile and be integrated in to the NATO army massing in Eastern Germany, he would eventually find himself attached to US XI Corps as acting Gunner on an American M1A1 tank.

PFC Elly Rigby, Motor Transport Battalion, Ohio Army National Guard, currently attached to 3rd Armor Detachment, 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized), US XI Corps German 3rd Army

Born and raised in Allen county just outside Lima Ohio, after a childhood of hunting and camping with her brothers she dropped out of high school to take work as an apprentice fabricator at the M1 factory in nearby Lima not long after her 19th birthday her Guard unit was deployed to Europe, due to manpower shortages it was almost immediately broken up and scattered amongst US XI Corps, initially she worked in the 5th Infantry Divisions Motor Transport Battalion, but she was soon stolen by the 3rd Armor Detachment to try and keep some of there M1's running.

Sir Brad May 17th, 2015 03:26 AM

the Driver (Tucker) gets around in a Union Army Kepi and has a couple of Springfield Rifled Muskets strapped to the side of the HMMWV, he also has also got a couple of Kepi made up in UCP.

I've also got a couple of other players interested in joining, they have characters one is a Pre-Med student that had the war brake out in her first term so she went enlisted medic, and the other is the missing loader who's first term turned out to be his War term.

Putraack May 23rd, 2015 02:46 PM

Nice to see some people are still playing the game. I presume you are starting from the Kalisz scenario; what vehicle(s) will they have?

If it's an M1, I did that with a group once, I assume you know they will be spending a lot of time down for fuel-brewing.

Sir Brad May 23rd, 2015 09:54 PM

Just one fully restored HWMMV with Gunshield and trailer, the characters I have in game ATM started with Last Battle and have done Kalisz, though they have pushed hard to get back to Germany, heading away from Krakow, even with the two and a half full tanks of fuel they have after their last raid they are too far away to believably find the first encounter.

they have gone through all there NATO ammo, the Polish character is regretting his decision to take a karabinek wz. 1996 Mini-Beryl over an older AK series weapon (though he did buy one of them to), they have burnt through thousands of 5.56N rounds, all the .50 cal, 40mm and 9mmP and LAW's. Gerek is using his AKMS and everyone else has picked up Eastern Block weapons for themselves but nothing for the turret, and they are burning through Ex-Pact ammo almost as fast as they can loot it. Hell Tucker is out of Powder and Shot.

the other two characters I'm yet to drop in are in a Deuce and a Half.

Sir Brad May 25th, 2015 11:03 AM

Ok the others

PFC Emmi Duke B.Sc (Hon.) (Medicine), 487th Evac-Hospital currently attached to 3rd Armor Detachment, 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized), US XI Corps German 3rd Army

Of mixed Chinese and Anglo-American heritage she grew up in San Fransisco for most of her life, her Father had bean an Air-force pilot before becoming an Environmental Scientist/Lobbyist and her mother a Chinese language journalist.
Emmi did her Collage Diploma at UC Berkeley before going on to do a double degree in in Bio-Medical Science and Pre-Med Science at MIT, between her diploma and her degree she spent a year in Europe at the start of the war as an aid worker with American Aid Abroad in Germany working with German and Polish refugees. she was in the last undergraduate class before the collapse of the American higher education system. She volunteered for FEMA service but was redirected to the army and sent to the European theater

Putraack May 30th, 2015 01:02 PM

Cool, I've not had a group head back to Germany directly. Someday, I'd like to see one stop-over in Krakow and then head east, using the rivers.

Looted ammo, yep, that's going to happen sooner or later.

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