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LandasCortas February 19th, 2019 05:28 PM

Landas Cortas
Currently playing a Mongoose 2nd Edition that is set in the Babylon 5 universe that we put show live on twitch. Playing a Centauri Noble and, let just say most of my stats are duff apart from my social which is a 13.

So my character has found himself on Babylon 5 and it just the start of the attack of Raghesh 3, leading to my character seeking an audience with the Ambassador Mollari, to see if I can offer my services. I think to of trying out the casino to see if he is there and see 2 well dressed Centauri, one by the bar, the other is surrounded by a crowd at a table. I head to the table declaring I have a suspicion that This may be Mollari based on stories that I have heard about him about being the centre of attention.

Find out it not the ambassador but a young pup of a man who I think is too arrogant for his own good, we swap scathing insults back and forth and I walk away before both of get in the situation where we both think that we have to demand our satisfaction.

I head to the bar, make my comments about the kid at the table being trash, The Older Centauri male turns to me and informs me that is his son I was talking about. Oops foot in mouth. Some apologies, I advise that I was looking for Mollari, the Gentleman points me in the right direction if I promise to talk to him later. It is only at that point I get the man name he belongs to the House of Refa, let just say there is members of that family in my backstory I haven't had the nicest run in with.

No dice or very little dice rolled and my heart was pounding, the GM loves to torture me I think.

ShawnDriscoll February 21st, 2019 09:41 PM

That's the kind of role-play I do. As long as I'm doing/saying stuff in-character. No dice being used.

LandasCortas February 22nd, 2019 03:29 PM

It is nice to move away from games where they are run to the point it feels like the dice roll is interrupting some nice characterization. Actually having the dice rolls where it feels appropriate. Everything i think from dice rolls, to players roleplaying, to the mechanics should all aid in telling a story.

LandasCortas February 23rd, 2019 05:30 PM

Babylon Project Episode 01: Jacaranda

At the beginning of the Third Age of man, a group of four shareholders of the recenty refurbished space yach Yacaranda gather to marvel at their fresh coat of paint at Mars Spacedock, when a call from pilot Landas Cortas' wife propels the crew to fulfil an urgent diplomatic mission on behalf of the mighty Centauri Republic. After picking up the ambassador Vir Cotto from Centauri prime, the crew's illustrious captain decides to host a sensitivity training meeting to resolve a dispute between engineer Miana Vesa and mechanic Du'gar. Effect of the training still under scrutiny. Upon reaching the Epsilon Eridani system, group's telepath Femi Dran instructs the ship to engage a shuttle transportin stolen goods. After disabling the shuttle, crew boards it and in the opening volley marine colonel Noah Malone is shot and incapacitated, ship decompressed as an illict Centauri weapon creates a hole in the shuttle's bow. Unknown to rest of the crew, a corpse of an Earth telepath is discovered by Femi as he clears the ship of valuables.

Babylon Project Episode 02: Private Malone

After being shot to a state similar to swiss cheese Malone finds himself, not on the shuttle but back in the lecture hall at Westpoint Academy, looking around he finds a very confused Landas Cortas is sitting near him. The two try to discreetly talk about what is happening but find that a woman from Psi Corps is looking at them, before anything can be done, the scenery around them changes.
This leads to the two of them finding themselves in various different scenes of Malone life, during each scene Malone is disorientated but Landas who was not present at these events notices that the events do not match the stories Malone has told him. Seeing the woman from Psyi Corp leads to the two of them finding themselves on Mars.
Following the chain of events they find the woman again who introduces herself as Talia, she advises the memories are being corrupted by an entity that she is trying to fight. She asks for Malone and Cortas aid in fighting the creature. They agree to stop running and confront the creature, a high stakes battle ensues as Malone and Cortas confront the creature head on and eventually kill it.

Babylon Project Episode 03: Crisis Management

The crew find themselves in a sticky situation trying to explain themselves to the local authorities, with the options either to allow the authorities to escort them to Babylon 5 for questioning or running and forfeiting their money for getting Vir Cotto to the station, the party decides that money is more important. Despite Zadora's initial attempts trying to argue that Babylon 5 had no right to board his ship, a initial investigation results in the crew neing asked preliminary questions about what happened.
At this Landas declares that the ship a is a diplomatic courier for the Centauri government and he suspects the dead Narns were an attempt to kills his Brother in Law Vir Cotto. While station security leaves for the interim, Landas organizes for the diplomatic status to be added retroactively.
Due to Malone injuries the crew transport him to the station to get immediate attention, also sent along with him is Landas who has fainted a few times in the last day.
The crew hand Vir over to Ambassador Mollari, and get agreement for the Embassy to cover the medical bills of what has happened. Before the party can attempt to profit for their adventures are interrupted by galactic events take hold as Landas finds out that Raghesh 3 has been occupied and he thinks he sees an opportunity to profit from it.

Babylon Project Episode 4: The Moaning Lisa

The group are still at Babylon 5 trying to take advantage of opportunities or make sense of what has happened. Landas attempts to make plans with Ambassador Mollari about what to do about Raghesh 3. Zadaro tries to find buyers for pieces of art that the group have obtained, meanwhile Malone while in recovery is interrogated by a Mr Garibaldi.
At a meeting on the Jacaranda, 2 potential plans emerge, they could either go to Raghesh 3 and investigate the attack on behalf of the Ambassador and Landas or they go about selling the goof they have obtained. Both plans have merit and worth, the group tries to have it cake and eat it, they head back to the station to organise a deal for the goods and then head on their way to Raghesh 3.
The group however on boarding finds themselves under arrest for piracy, murder and theft, despite their best efforts to talk themselves out of the situation, they are later informed that they and their ship will be escorted to Proxima for the authorities there to deal with.
On arrival at Proxima they discover that Femi has been able to pull strings with Psi Corps to get them released, but the goods they had obtained had been seized and returned to their right places with no remuneration for Zadora's efforts, also incident at Raghesh 3 had been resolved without any aid from Landas. But Psi Corps were not acting out of charity they were wanting the Jacaranda to do a mission for them.

Babylon Project Episode 5: The Icarus

The crew of the Jacaranda find themselves stuck at Proxima, while the ship is upgraded so that she fulfil the mission they have for him. She is to head out past the rim of known space and find the out what happened to ship that belongs to IPX called the Icarus. Not a lot is explained why Psi Corps is helping the corporation, but the corporation is offering 1.5 million credit reward for info on the ship and further 100,000 credits for the rescue of any of it crew.
The group head to Jericho the last recorded place that Icarus was seen, gather some intelligence and then head off into the unknown to find the ship. Praying against the odds, the Jacaranda heads to the reported final destination hoping that whatever befell Icarus occurred there and no where else.
When they finally arrive they find that they are not the only ones in the system, another ship has found the wreckage of the Icarus. Despite the protests of Landas. Zadora negotiates with with the Markab vessel, they pay the Markab for the retrieval of the Icarus black box and what appears to the only surviving member of the crew.
The Jacaranda leaves the area in haste, when Femi advises that something is wrong. As the crew seems to the surviving member state they learn his name Mr Morden.

LandasCortas February 25th, 2019 04:34 PM

Babylon Project Episode 6: Crossroads

The crew of the Jacaranda make all haste to get back to known space with their retrieved cargo, after a few weeks recovering, a certain Mr Morden ends up conversing with members of the crew which has them puzzled as he simply catches them off guard with “What do you want?”
When they return queries with IPX, leads to the Jacaranda making it way to Earth. Landas and Malone bring Morden and the black box to the IPX representative, a Mr Ivan Valenkov. While Mr Valenkov checks the authenticity of the returned items, Landas makes a call to Vir Cotto.
During the conversation, Vir asks about obtaining Star Laces for the Ambassador, Landas advises he will have a look and finishes the call.
Arriving back, Landas finds that Mr Valenkov talking about a potential job run for the Jacaranda to a planet call Ikarra, Malone advises he will raise it with the crew.
During this time Femi makes a diversion to visit his wife on Mars and Zadora makes preparations for receiving his father. Despite Zadaro's best efforts to talk up his recent accomplishments during dinner, his father is not impressed and before he leaves expresses how much of a disappointment he is.
As the owners get together they discuss their options for work, Landas has secretly purchased Star Laces and was hoping to transport them to the station and complete the Ikarra job on the same run as Landas had been lead to believe they were in the same direction. This was not the case, attempts by Landas to send the Star Laces on was not possible due to his credit being maxed out with a purchase of property by his wife. The fee was covered by his fellow ship owners and Landas left a message to Vir to expect the flowers.
After a week of travel the Jacaranda finds itself in orbit with jacaranda, while they are scanning the planet and discussing what to do, another ship jumps in system close by, it's weapons ready to go.

LandasCortas February 26th, 2019 02:35 PM

Corrections to Recaps so far

For Episode 4 the items that Zadora was trying to sell were art antiquities that the Earth Government had sold so as to purchase weaponry to face the Minbari, the prize of the collection taken off the shuttle was the Mona Lisa.

In Episode 6, the mission to Ikarra is to meet up with the dig led by Dr Vance Hendricks and transport him and his findings. Further Instructions would be provided by Dr Hendricks.

Of course the Jacaranda finds itself in orbit of Ikarra and not the Jacaranda.

LandasCortas March 2nd, 2019 01:19 PM

Babylon Project Episode 7: Turn Left for Battle Stations

Picking up from the last episode the crew of the Jacaranda find themselves facing off against an hostile vessel that has jumped into orbit with them above Ikarra. The crew ready themselves for battle with Noah Malone and Landas Cortas manning the stations for the space Yacht pulse turrets.
Femi sets himself up at one of the navigation stations and and Zadora takes his place at the captain's chair.
The opposing ship launches 2 fighters at the Jacaranda. Landas seeing the danger the fighters could pose to the Yacht shouts out to target the fighters first as he proceeds to target the that catches his eye first, as the ships come in range Noah follows the advise of Landas and targets the other fighter and both sides open fire.
Du'Gar tries to keep the Jacaranda weaving as best it can through the fire that is pouring on enemy ships, a few light hits are scored on the Jacaranda but Malone and Landas score more hits on the more manoeuvrable fighters eventually destroying one of them in the process.
The opposing mother ship attempted to up the ante by launching missiles at the Yacht, but some quick work from Femi working on Yacht sensors force the missiles to explode prematurely. The launch of the missiles bring Malone's Turret focus on the Mother ship and starts to fire away as much as he can. Landas eventually brings his own turret to bear on the opposing mother ship.
The sustained fire from the Jacaranda cause damage to the opposing ship that make the attackers decide that staying around will not be in their best interests, start to form a jump point. Noah and Landas desperately try to get in a last few hits in an attempt to destroy the ship before it can escape while Malone last burst hit the ship, Landas shots hit some floating debris from the enemy ship allowing it to escape. Just the ship escapes it last shot finally does some damage to the Jacaranda.
The ship owners quickly gear up to pick up Dr Vance Hendricks before any more ships arrive, from scans done on the planet they gain indications that the camp of the good Doctor is under assault from the ground. The y put on their heaviest gear and Landas pilots the shuttle down, the decision is made to land the shuttle behind the attackers of the camp and attack from behind. As the group moves up Landas and Malone can recognise the clatter of very heavy energy weaponry.
As the group runs up they find that they have surprised the camp attackers. Landas and Zadora spot heavy weapons operator and decide to try and take him out at once. Meanwhile Noah and Femi rush up to take on 3 infantry men that are 20 metres or so to the left of where Zadora and Landas are.
The firefight begins in Earnest while the party got the element of surprise the heavier armour of the heavy weapons operator allows him to absorb the shot from both Landas and Zadora and they slowly but surely find themselves pinned under heavy fire. Noah and Femi have greater success in taking out 2 of the 3 infantrymen in quick succession but the 3rd hides behind some rocks to make it harder for them to take him out with ease.
Despite the valiant attempts of Landas and Zadora, their weaponry is having trouble penetrating the armour of the “heavy”, and both find themselves getting hit and going to ground heavily injured.
Malone decides to cover Femi who runs to the other 2 in an attempt to save their lives, using his superior armour to withstand shots from his own opponent.

LandasCortas March 3rd, 2019 07:33 AM

Well last night session was fun, continuing on from last session we found ourselves in dire straights, somehow we survived, we helped smuggle some items on to Babylon 5. Our telepath found himself listening to his inner demons and found himself possessed.

Shame that this is our last episode on Lawful Stupid RPG, but we all been having so much fun playing the game and sharing it with people willing to watch that we are moving on to our own twitch channel to support it called 2D4 RPG.

I will be at some point putting up the recap for last session which is called "Dead man's tale".

There is no session on the 09/03/2019, so it be the week after before there is further recaps, I hope people have been enjoying them.

If people are wanting to watch Game starts at 8:30pm GMT on a Saturday but next game is on the 16/03/2019.

LandasCortas March 14th, 2019 03:17 PM

Babylon Project Episode 8: Dead Man's Tales

Continuing from the previous episode the situation the group looks dire until the brave intervention of both Femi in seeking to provide medical aid to Landas and Wesley and a Mr Nelson Drake in attacking the pirate group from behind allows the group to eventually overcome the hostile forces.
Nelson brings the group to Dr Hendricks and plans are made for the group and the expedition party to escape from Ikarra, but due to limitations of the Firoro, the shuttle will have to make 2 journeys to get everyone aboard the Jacaranda. The crew of Jacaranda escape with their passengers but not before taking some damage to their shuttle.
Dr Hendricks thanks the crew and asks that the expedition members are dropped off at Proxima 3 while the crew along with Dr Hendricks and Nelson Drake head on to Babylon 5. Dr Hendricks admits he will need to smuggle some items aboard the station, but is able to make sufficient persuasion to get the group to agree.
Landas and Noah head on to Babylon 5 with Dr Hendricks and Nelson Drake and ensure that a decent enough distraction is caused for Nelson to ensure the items are smuggled past security. After this Noah and Landas head their separate ways, Landas seeking to speak to Vir and Noah seeking to speak to Garibaldi.
Meanwhile while this is happening Femi is busy investigating an orb of darkness in his mental landscape that he retrieved from Noah. Despite his best attempts to fully assert control he finds himself without the mental strength required to accomplish his goal, he sends a communique to a Mr Alfred Bester to discuss the sitaution.

LandasCortas March 23rd, 2019 03:45 PM

Babylon Project Episode 9: Sins of the Past

Zadora and Cortas find themselves waking up in the same room worse for wear, but it is obvious that something is happening as thy find they are in one of the Jacaranada cells with all the other members of the crew minus Femi and Malone. During the attempts to find out what has happened the crew are interrupted by a Centauri backed by some Narn.
The Centauri introduces himself as Soran Virini, a man that Zadora has encountered before to the point that Virini is seeking revenge and doesn't care about the collateral damage incurred.
The crew hatch a plot to get out but the console they need to access is not easily reachable by most of the crew. Landas takes advantage of his Cenaturi Biology to access the said console but when one of the Narn guards stops Landas in the middle of his attempt, Landas lulls the guard into a false sense of security and attacks the guard.
The crew decide to rearm from the armoury (Malone's Quarters) and taking advantage of the material obtained, they proceed to retake the ship, during the course of this Virini makes his escape in an manner that alerts Babylon 5 to some irregular activity.
The crew doesn't resist when Babylon 5 security take them in for questioning, Landas and Zadora are questioned together by Officer Welch, afterwards they are visited by Vir and Ambassador G'Kar. Landas has Vir set up a welcome home party for Virini and G'Kar wants Landas and Zadora to investigate the possibility of their being a mole in his embassy as he suspects the mole to be working for the man that the Narn that were on the Jacaranda answered to ultimately.
Landas and Zadora investigate and have reason to be suspect the mole is Ko D'Ath despite their attempts to bring B5 security in to some aspects of her activities of her illicit dealings they don't have enough evidence for them to act on. Creating the situation that Landas and Zadora decide they may have to potentially abduct G'Kar own Ambassadorial Aide.

This was the first episode hosted on the 2D4 RPG twitch channel.

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