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SpaceBadger July 25th, 2014 10:50 PM

Players! Solo PbP Opportunities: Read Me!
I have lots of time on my hands.[1] Traveller is one of the main things that I do for distraction. Even as GM of my SBRD: Reavers' Deep campaign, and as player in several more campaigns, I find that I am often waiting for someone else to post something before I can do anything further.

Thanks to inspiration from flykiller, I have decided that I could run a few more Play-by-Post games, not for groups but as solo games for one player. (This offer is also open for SBRD players who would like a solo game on the side.)

I am pretty much open to whatever type of game you'd like to play in, with the exception of hard-core crime or anything that in a fantasy setting would earn the label of Evil. Want to be a solo Scout exploring unknown worlds? A law enforcement or megacorporate Agent solving mysteries or troubleshooting difficult situations? A Free Trader just trying to make ends meet? Something else?

I like to GM in a well-developed setting, so to save me the time-intensive setting development, the setting options will be:
1) SBRD setting (Reavers' Deep and Daibei sectors during the Long Night);

2) Spinward Marches or Solomani Rim in 1105 (before Fifth Frontier War);

3) Spinward Marches or Solomani Rim in 1115 (after Fifth Frontier War);

4) Unexplored frontier sector (slightly ATU, for Scout or Trade Pioneer adventures).
Game system would be Classic Traveller (CT) or Mongoose Traveller (MgT), with some house rules and borrowings from T5 either way.

The advantage of solo play is that the game would be self-paced; when you have time and inclination to post you do it, and when I have time I'll respond (should usually be pretty quick turnaround). The disadvantage is the lack of group social contact; these would just be for one player and a universe full of NPCs.

It would be up to you to move your PC along and make things happen. You'd have reasonable support from NPCs depending on the type of adventure, but they'd be strictly supporting cast. As stated in my GM Maxim #1: If I wanted to tell the whole story myself, I could just write fiction. What I want to do in gaming is set out a detailed stage, and then see what kinds of stories the Players choose to tell on that stage.

If interested, reply here or send me a PM; we can take it to email or a new thread from there.

[1] I am disabled by Trigeminal Neuralgia and side-effects of associated medication. I have crazy hours because a lot of the time the pain keeps me from sleeping, so I am awake for 24, 36, 48 hours, then crash for 24, then repeat. It is incredibly boring to lie awake and stare at the ceiling when I can't sleep, and distraction helps with the pain, so I'd rather be gaming. :D

SpaceBadger July 30th, 2014 11:25 AM

Wow! I just got four responses to my offer in the Recruiting Office subforum. Four possible solo adventures is probably pushing my limits, so I think I'd better put my offer on Hold for further sign-ups until we get all of these started and see how that goes.

Yay for more Traveller gaming! :D

flykiller July 30th, 2014 02:55 PM


Four possible solo adventures is probably pushing my limits
you could run one game with four players.

SpaceBadger July 30th, 2014 04:02 PM


Originally Posted by flykiller (Post 485604)
you could run one game with four players.

True, but I'm already running SBRD with eight players. Not sure I could do another game like that, although I will think about it.

The main idea here is to try out PbP as a format for solo games (one GM, one Player). I suspect it will work very well for that, as there would be none of the frustrating wait for other players to post something.

This will also be a chance to try out some types of adventures that don't necessarily work well for groups, such as espionage or mysteries.

EDIT: The current situation in SBRD shows the hazards of splitting the party: half the PCs are on a world for a rescue mission (moving rather slowly) while the other half are aboard ship in space on a five-day journey, and currently stuck with nothing to do while they wait for game-time to advance to where they can do something.

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