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SpaceBadger August 10th, 2013 02:03 AM


Originally Posted by Fritz_Brown (Post 448204)
OK, that's fine. She's dealt with sailors before. ;)

As to the grid: wireless data nets, and wireless communications? Does it extend into the harbor/off the coast a bit?

(Your call on GPS - if Reavers destroyed the highport, they might go with land-based radio locators, instead of satellites.)

I think they'd put satellites back up, and there is enough ship traffic to justify it. So yeah, they have sats for comm and GPS.

Also I think TL 8 should have wireless, at least in the metro area and harbor. Might have to buy a satellite hookup to get wireless very far out at sea.

Here is probably a good place for me to paste in some stuff I just wrote in an email to you, but might be of general interest to other players, too:

************************************************** *

Subsector chart w UWPs is on my list for tomorrow, or Sunday at the latest. You can actually have a look at system locations on Travellermap, as I haven't moved anything around, but the Pop-Govt-Law-Tech parts of the UWPs will be all wrong. More world descriptions to follow soon in the "Library Data" wiki for our campaign.

Sources of weapons will depend on what TL you are looking for. I'll be doing a subsector map and UWPs for Zhemi subsector (next one to trailing in Daibei) so that y'all can duck back and forth on runs as you like. Eventually I want to have all of the Deep and Daibei both accessible as Library Data; it is backdating the UWPs that takes time.

Air Cushion Vehicles, yeah, definitely available by TL 8, although Devonia probably has to import them as the Pop is too low for much industry. And if they are importing ACVs, might as well buy gravs - except the ACVs would have the advantage that they could at least be maintained w local parts instead of having to import all that as well, as they would for gravs. So, they have ACVs, and they have some gravs, but both are imported and therefore expensive.

Hmm, metro area of 1.5 million, TL 8, but no real industry on planet. If the city was well planned they'd have public transport like trolleys or light rail. Individual transport might be a mix of bicycles, horses, and various imports such as cars, trucks, ACVs, and gravs. Out on the water, locally built boats plus imported ACVs.

SpaceBadger August 10th, 2013 03:51 AM

I have a couple more notes to add on the Ship, some items of equipment and whatnot. I think I will just keep the same filename so the same link will work, and just let the new PDF overwrite the old one.

I'll put up a note here in OOC whenever I change something on it, so you can take a look if interested, or DL a new copy if you prefer to keep it current on your own machine rather than just read it online (don't worry, I am that exact kind of paranoid myself).

SpaceBadger August 10th, 2013 07:45 PM

Anybody planning to respond to Captain's call for volunteers to go out in vaccsuit and clean the scoop filters?

All crew now have at least Vaccsuit-0 if you didn't already have it from your career, but if all you have is skill-0, this would be a good one to work on improving at least to skill-1, to improve your PC's survival chances in EVA situations.

I don't recall the exact rules for improving skills in CT, but this would definitely be a good one, bc I expect that dying out in space from a mishap is a lonely way to go.

EDIT: Do any of you have your own custom vaccsuits, or all using ship's issue?

EDIT 2: I still haven't written my vaccsuit stuff into the equipment page, but TLs are all lower than CT books say. If you had the cash for a tailored vaccsuit (the kind you can wear as your daily uniform), reduce required TL to 11. For skinsuits (worn under regular clothes for emergencies or short trips outside, but not really good work suits), reduce TL to 8.


sabredog August 10th, 2013 08:06 PM

BTW: what does the ship have for cash right now? I couldn't find it in the ship papers.

SpaceBadger August 10th, 2013 08:09 PM


Originally Posted by sabredog (Post 448308)
BTW: what does the ship have for cash right now? I couldn't find it in the ship papers.

Ummm... I'll try to have that for you tonight, for planning purposes, but definitely before you get close enough to the mainworld to be calling people and making deals.

I'll also be figuring what cargo you have on board, although I would welcome suggestions on that.

sabredog August 10th, 2013 08:17 PM

As far as speculative cargoes go I would imagine those high society oligarchs might like some high tech luxury goods we could bring in that their subjects wouldn't be able to afford?

I like the idea of bringing in some grav parts and equipment, too.

Fritz_Brown August 10th, 2013 11:58 PM

Yes, on both skinsuit and personal vacc suit.

SpaceBadger August 11th, 2013 12:39 AM

As scruffy free traders, I doubt that y'all wear ship uniforms, but what about a work-vest or jacket for dirtside wear, with either a logo or the name of the ship embroidered? If you figure that you have been too rushed since the change of ship's name, it is still something to think about if y'all want.

SpaceBadger August 11th, 2013 12:44 AM

I am finding basic CT cargo/trade rules a bit primitive, however I have no desire to dig deeply into the calculations of GT: Far Trader.

Other trade rules that I own but have not delved into are LBB7: Merchant Prince, and the MegaTraveller Ref's Manual. I also have MT Hard Times, which might have some appropriate info on trading as Hard Times is not a whole lot different from The Long Night (just more war-torn).

Any recommendations before I dig more into these to decide what to use?

samuelvss August 11th, 2013 12:53 AM

Henry does not own a vacc suit, and has one of the ship's crew suits that he has fitted to him, and marked "L.P. HENRY" on in tape in about 5 places.

He is looking to get his own suit when he can once again afford it.

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