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Forum Rules
1) No personal attacks.
You may attack ideas, subjects, or documentation. However you will not get personal at all.
2) Stay on topic when responding in the thread/topic.
A certain amount of digression is allowed and even expected, but not too much. If you want to go off on a tangent, start a new thread (in the appropriate forum!).
  • In-character additions to a thread will not be considered off-topic when they are relevant to the current discussion.
  • On-line game play belongs in the appropriate sections.
3) Politics & Religion
All discussion of Politics and Religion unrelated to a specific game is prohibited. Take it elsewhere.
  • Politics includes ALL Real-World Politics, including budgets. Exceptions for space related may be granted thread by thread
  • Religion includes ALL Real-World religion
  • Politics or religion of the OTU may be deemed political, so tread carefully.
4) Treat others as you would be treated yourself.
Keep the language PG, avoid racial or ethnic terms.
5) Respect Copyright
No advocating nor soliciting of real-world violations of intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademark, or patent. Violations of FFE's copyrights, Mongoose's Copyrights, or SJG's Copyrights gets especially harshly treated - suspension is the default.
6) Do not undertake any action to the detriment of the community
(this is vague so there can be no loopholes).

The list of forbidden actions includes, but is not limited to:

  • Trying to pull fans away from here to other forums.
  • Trashing other forums, games, companies, or their products. Constructive criticism of such is allowed of course, but there can be a fine line between constructive criticism and trashing. What you think is acceptable may not be to others. If you think it might be borderline, don't post it. And don't complain if you do and you get called on it by a moderator.
  • Responding to snark or insults with snark or insults...
  • Attempting to solicit personal information.
  • Encouraging breaking board rules.
  • Nitpicking the indicators of kelvin scale measurements. _K is fine, as is _K.
  • Citing your real world credentials (real or imagined) as part of a discussion in the open. The exceptions are found posted here
  • Using moderator text by non-staff.
7) No advertising for commercial sites, even Traveller ones, without a Mod's approval.
For clarification, it's ok to mention other sites and products in discussions, but don't do things like copy and paste parts or all of a press release or similar. If you are unsure of whether or not it's appropriate to post, email or PM a moderator first. Links in your sig to your own sites or your personal favorite sites are ok as long as they don't link to adult content or otherwise less than tasteful content.
  • Linking directly to a commercial product for purchase or directly to a commercial website for the purpose of promoting it is prohibited.
  • Linking to related discussion on outside forums is permissible. This does not include linking to discussions of activities forbidden on CotI or otherwise listed as prohibited within these FAQs.
  • Announcements for new commercial and fan produced Traveller material MAY be posted in the TAS News Feed section. This is the ONLY place you may advertise commercial material without permission and you are limited to a single announcement per product.
8) Arguing with Moderators or Administrators about these rules.
This is the absolute fastest way to get a ban here other than spamming.
  • If you want to appeal an infraction, PM the assigning moderator or an Admin. Do not respond in the thread.
  • Polite appeals via private message will not be infractions.
  • If you disagree with an infraction, state why calmly in the private message to the admins or moderator.
  • Snarking, insults, invective, or sarcasm at the issuing moderator in a PM is an infraction itself.
  • Use of threats or harsh language in an appeal is an infraction itself.
9) Language
The board's language is set for English only. Posts entirely in other languages may be presumed to be spam by staff. Short quotes in other languages are permitted when appropriate.
10) Posting and Copyright:
When you post, you are granting a royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-revokable license for the original material posted to Far Future Enterprises to retain and to display that material on the bulletin board system.
11) Clear Link Requirement
Links must clearly indicate both the type of content (video, HTML, PDF, other document type), and destination (to at least the http://xxx.xx.xx level.)

Remember: This is Marc's board and we are his guests here, Aramis is his representative. Marc and Aramis' word is the law of COTI.

What is Political for COTI purposes - A clarification

The general rule for this has been no post 1950 politics outside the "pit" - a section formally entitled Political Pulpit, but only visible to the paid moot members.

Up through World War II is allowed outside the pit as history

The use of allegory and inference to discuss modern politics masquerading as historical ones is a politics outside the pit infraction, which usually carries a posting ban.

Real world religions are off limits outside the pit. Period.

Game use is allowed in play-by-post areas

A partial exception is posted for the Twilight:2000 area.

A special allowance for political elements directly relating to the space industry is longstanding.

Software Solutions Section - Special Rules

Clarification on the board rules as they apply to the Software Solutions area

Several behaviors are not acceptable in the software solutions area.

The following are off topic and may be infracted as such under rules 1 & 2:

  • Responding to help requests with unsolicited suggestions of other programming languages, environments, or IDEs.
  • Implying or stating that someone else's chosen laguage, envoronement, or IDE is inferior
  • Requesting to be paid for help.

The following have long been prohibited under rule 5:

  • Asking for copies of non-freeware non-open-source software.
  • Asking for proprietary code.
  • Posting code you are unwilling to share.

It is fine to:

  • offer to pay for help. It is fine to respond to such requests.
  • to ask for commentary on specific software, and to suggest alternatives if it's clear alternatives are in scope of the discussion.
  • to discuss the merits and flaws of specific languages, environments and IDEs.
  • to post bug reports on traveller related software
  • to point out known incompatibilities of specific environments when in scope.

Some ethics - Not binding, but suggested

  • If you use code someone else posted, they should be credited in the project and product.
  • If you want to suggest alternatives to a language, environment, or IDE that someone is asking for help with, do so in a separate thread.
  • If you don't know the language, environment, or IDE, make it clear when offering suggestions.

Claims of Authoritativeness or Expertise
There are only a handful people on the board who may use the self-endorsing as expert, and then in limited areas:
  • Ancient (Marc Miller) on OTU, CT, MT, TNE, T4, T5, and 2300 canon
  • Mongoose Matt on MGT (he is the head of that company)
  • DonM on what is official CT/MT/TNE/T4/T5 errata
  • Cryton, McPerth and Aramis on board rules
  • tjoneslo for thw Traveller Wiki and its rules.
  • Spica's account on what is canon for their ATUs.
  • GM's in the PBF games, but only in their game.
  • Colin Dunn on MGT2300 and 2320AD - he is the man doing those.
Any other form of "i'm an expert, you aren't" is going to be treated as trolling.

Any other "expertise" claimed is untestable and not authoritative, and is an action to the detriment of the boards;
it has no place in on-board arguments unless specifically asked for.

This is relaxed in the Software Solutions area.

A Few Guidelines On Posts
Please do not imbed large images (over 400 pixels wide) in posts using the [img]filename[/img] tag. Please, use either a [url]filename[/url] or [imgw=400]filename[/imgw] tag.
Inappropriate images
Several types of images are not appropriate. Lewd, gender demeaning, highly sexualized, or portraying sexual activity are flat out not acceptable.
Copyright Concerns
Since the servers are in the US, COTI is subject to US Copyright laws. This means (amongst other things), you should not use people's artwork in inline images. Certain exceptions are book or product covers, images hosted on a site owned by the posting individual, and images in collections that explicitly allow such deep-linking (eg: wikimedia commons).
Even when the use is fair, consider a link back to the hosting site, as it allows easier access for tracking.
One or two images is also easier on people's bandwidth.
Bandwidth Concerns
Be respectful of other sites' bandwidth when linking images. COTI can generate (at times) up to a few thousand hits per day. For example, a thread with 10 people participating, and rapid posting, can hit 100 posts in a day - the posters alone can be 1000 hits right there.
Likewise, be considerate of other users' bandwidth, too.
Image Gallery
Using the Image Gallery images, no attribution nor link is needed. Note that various sizes are generated by the image gallery, so the thumbnails in the filmstrip can be directly used. (Right-click, "copy image location", and in thread, paste it between [img] and [b][/img][/b].) If you're really nice, you then wrap that with a link to the image page. EG: [url=imagepageURL][img]thumbnailURL[/img][/url]
Posts are limited to 10000 characters, including tags and quotes. You must also have at least 10 characters minimum not counting tags and quotes. Plan accordingly
Links need to have a clear indication where it goes to in the link text.

"Click here" (and anything similar) is not an acceptable link text. No use of URL proxies like or - those are not clear.

A video needs to mention what the content of the video is. A document file should have a title reference.

Moderation of the Forums

When moderators note an offense, they have the option to issue a warning, or issue an infraction point (sometimes more), or suspend a member.

Infractions are not exactly private. All moderators and administrators can see each and every warning and infraction issued in the system. Many are discussed by staff in private in the administration forum, and when a mod or admin has made an error, it will be reversed.

Warnings are just that, warnings. They are a notice that you've pushed the rules too far, or even broken them, but are not being punished. Correct the error, and please edit the offending post. All mods will see if you have had any recent warnings. Warning titles also tell you what rule has been broken.
Warnings are automatically copied to all moderators and admins, including Marc Miller.
When an infraction is issued, it also has a point value. The infraction remains in the system permanently unless reversed. They also assign infraction points. Infraction points accumulate and expire. Most infractions are 1 point, some (violation of FFE Copyrights, public arguing with mods about rules or infractions) are more. Points do expire, after a period (usually 30 days). At 3, you get a 1 day suspension. At 4, a 7 day. At 6, a year.
Infractions are automatically copied to all moderators and admins, including Marc Miller. If you wish to appeal the infraction, using the report post button is an excellent way to do so.
Note also that further warnings or infractions of a given rule extend the duration of all infraction points under that rule.
Posters with 3+ current infraction points are automatically subject to moderated posting.
Immediate Suspension:
Mods also have the ability to directly suspend users. This is only likely if a user does something right after a warning, or is a repeat offender. It is hoped that this will not be needed. Getting snarky over an infraction can and will get you suspended.
Thread & Post manipulation:
Moderators noticing a thread going astray can pull specific off topic posts to a new thread, to a thread in a different board section, or to delete or edit posts.

Only moderators and admins can actually delete a post from the system, but members can mark posts for deletion, at which point they will not be readable by anyone except the staff. Staff will delete these as we notice them.

If a thread is having major issues, moderators can and will issue a statement and lock the thread.

If you post a thread to the wrong area, just report the thread's first post, mention where it is and where it should be, and one of us will move it.

How to Identify Staff
Aramis is the current Board Admin. Account issues should be directed to him. Final appeal of board actions.
Super Moderator
Moderator for whole board.
Moderator for specific areas of the boards.

Moderators or admins posting in bold red text or moderator text are giving directives to be followed. Please don't use Bold Red text unless you're a moderator. using the boxed moderator text by a non-moderator is an infraction, under rule 6.

Image Gallery Rules
You are only allowed to add images that meet one or more criteria:
  • You are the artist who created the work and still own the rights.
  • You own the rights to the artwork created by another artist.
  • You have the express permission of the owner/artist to post the work here.
  • The image is in the public domain.
  • The image is from a QLI Traveller product.

You should always add the name of the artist in the description as well as any applicable copyright information.

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