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Creation Date: September 6th, 2008 06:14 PM
Magnus von Thornwood Magnus von Thornwood is offline
Citizen: SOC-14
What it says in the Title, various rambling, musings and such of one Magnus von Thornwood, Baron Regina and his alter ego (or is the other way around, I get confused about it sometimes), basic boring blog stuff, really are you still reading this? Good for you.
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In Moot Member Blogs My second hand life. Entry Tools Rating: 5 Stars!
  #7 New May 12th, 2010 05:47 AM
So here I am working on the newest and best computer I have yet to purchase (having found out that the "keyboard" on the iPad bites rocks for those of us old enough to have been trained to keep our fingers resting on the home row, do that on the iPad and well, you get a nice long line of gibberish) when I realize most of the awesome things in my life are second hand (which since Victoria is a refurbish, she counts too. Yeah, I don't have a car, so as Ambassador to the Machines and a mild transhumanist, I anthropomorphize my computers. She is in fact the first computer of mine to have human style name. Not to mention I have yet to blind her, though that has less to do with my liking cameras, which I hate, but more to do with my not wanting to be blinded by the Machines when I venture into their Realm.)

Funny thing, when I was a kid, as the first born I always got new stuff, now as an adult (no really, it is true, I am a grown up ), hardly ever. Probably a symptom of being one of the many working poor. Now I am not bitching, okay, not much anyway. I mean it is not like I have the "I can't have nice things" syndrome, I used to but not now. In fact, I love all the stuff I have got second hand.

Yep, furniture, TV, futon, desk, computers and of course my beloved cat, all of it came to me second hand.

Funny thing is that when I do buy something neato and new, say like my CTL 2go PC, they tend to end up being crap and breaking way sooner than the second hand stuff. Seriously, I have Victoria because the CTL died like four times in one year, badly. (BTW, in case you didn't get it yet, DO NOT BUY A CTL! Sure they seem real cool, a netbook with a really good camera set-up, it swivels, and a touch screen that folds over making the netbook a small tablet, but this crapping out thing really makes all that worthless in the end. Oh and the proprietary restore (Which really sucks since most of it is online. Not to helpful if you can't get the wireless to work off the disk they give.) that is built so that you can't even upgrade to Win XP Tablet or something better than the crappy XP Home they ship with. *shrugs* Maybe the Linux version is better, but I suck at command line. Which sorta bites since I now have multiple OSes that I can use command line with)

Anyway, that was pretty much the ramble today. Second hand is not so bad.

Okay, I guess there is a bit more left. I think the thing that really changed it for me was Rustin taking me dumpster diving behind the Pottery Barn in Midtown (NYC). After watching him pull all sorts of things out of that dumpster and seeing how in NYC folks will toss just about anything that might be a PITA to move, I mean once I found an entire office in a dumpster, but we just didn't have the room *sigh*, I came to realize that buying stuff is fun and cool, but that there is a certain pride to be able to do with out the new if you can find it second hand.

Funny thing is that oddly seems right for someone from Regina or so I have heard, them having something of gleaning society, though not sure how Canon that is.

Well off to devour a CJ Cherryh site with all sorts of cool discussions of her universe. Funny I keep seeing quite few refs to the TML and Traveller in general. Heartening it is.

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RSS Feed 2 Responses to "My second hand life."
#2 September 4th, 2015 03:11 PM
Yes, eventually I will be publishing several new ship designs. Or at least that is the plan.
#1 July 2nd, 2012 04:18 PM
savage Says:
Nice Blog Magnus. Long time no chat... anyhow I like the ship design are you publishing it?

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