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Creation Date: September 6th, 2008 07:14 PM
Magnus von Thornwood Magnus von Thornwood is offline
Citizen: SOC-14
What it says in the Title, various rambling, musings and such of one Magnus von Thornwood, Baron Regina and his alter ego (or is the other way around, I get confused about it sometimes), basic boring blog stuff, really are you still reading this? Good for you.
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In Moot Member Blogs I have no idea if this has been brought up... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #3 New December 7th, 2008 09:10 PM
...or not, but, people might want to think about mouthing off and more importantly, bring the themselves (in sort of bad way) to the Captain's Attention, we are after all Citizens, Travelling on the Ancient One's Personal Yacht for free (most, though some of us chose to take a Middle or High Passage).

I figure if we put in Traveller terms, when you piss off the Captain and question his Rights of Command on his Vessel, (frankly, just about anything that requires for the well being of the vessel, passengers and crew) *shrug* well, by Rights, he can Space you. Frankly, I rather like this place.

Thanks Hunter for letting me hang out here and totally dork out on my all time favorite game ever (even over mine *shrug*, his is older, more time to work on it).

BTW, frankly I think all this complaining about Moderator X is so mean is a case of "I was p.o.ed and now I am saving face for having been caught speeding...". Really, I think all of them are pretty cool, and way more lenient than I would be at times. And down, in the Pit, well, It's like one of those high speed highways, you can get to about 90 mph before they start flashing the lights at you, with that classic cop (NYPD, anyway, it's like their secret motto) "HEY< YOU!". Upstairs, on the Passenger decks they come out a lot, I got two and if you count the two Counts on the one, three tickets already. Oops, sorry.'s is a Ramble after all...funny thing is I am typing this (first draft anyway) in the Venting thread, hold on Navigation Time...Plots Course to Blog, having found something to write about after all...*and the lights dim*

*and return to full brightness*

Anyway, back from completing the Jump and now I am back, and by the way...ummm, we don't close some of the Ports, so you too, can dig on Jumpspace....ahhhh, Jumpspace. *looks up* What sorry, um, where was I oh, yeah. The Mods here are pretty cool and Hunter, I am guessing is very Type A, I am doing about a billion different things and right now this is one of them. I know one...*shameless self-promotion and plugging to follow, hey, it is in My Blog, folks, any, Rank Hath Its Privileges.*

My Type A Friend, Mr. a Thousand Projects that I am doing and actually care a lot about., and again. And the source for the last one. Oh, and just for ease of use and and cut and paste. Because they may know everything about us...they love to share. Why is that disturbing?

I am in there some where. *grins* Oh, and that is just some of the stuff that he does, Rustin that is and again guessing, Hunter is doing similar type stuff, and since he wrote a gaming program, he might be on the GRiP forum, since that might pay for this nice boat we are all in. Then there is the whole thing, etc., etc., etc.

Another thing here that I dig ts my Fellow Citizens. Now is where I tempt the Wrath again, fair warning and please, read on.

For instance, down in the forbidden lands of the aptly named Pit....

I have found that I want to hit Supplement Four in the head with a stick and make him read a bunch a books and stuff...uhhh, we, shall we say, differ on certain matters.

Now Upstairs, here on the Passenger decks, I totally dig him (using it loosely and this being the 'net and all, still not having posted my Portrait *sigh* still have to get to that).

Most cruel Referee, ever, but it rocked my world, him and his leaving the crew under Pirate fire and watching as a Good Citizen fire a missile salvo and keeps on flying by say, "we'll let them what happened...". Wow, that still chokes me up, that is awesome Reffing. I should hope to be that good...*shrugs and grins* OK, there was this one game...but that was not Traveller....I never get to play, mostly I Ref, and then the Navy kills them, or there is some damned new video game...or that damned old ass, D&D, or worse yet, that damned World of Darkness, I mean, what the hell is the damned want to be Monster come from?! Really!?

Well, again, my blog, my cabin, my rules....*puffs up happily* I am after all, the Baron Regina.

I guess the point is, some times you, have to remember that while Rank hath Privileges, it also comes with commensurate Responsibilities. Sometimes, this means, the higher up the Chain of Command, the more requires His Time, which is probably more valuable than even our tiny subscriptions are bringing, we might pay our way in Fuel...maybe.

So basically, guys, gals, being and fellow Citizens, mellow out on the Mods and most of all, Hunter. And no, this is not some cheese eating BS either, this is a Citizen of a lot more than this forum, I mean after all, that is what it is, a place of pubic gathering and speaking and as Citizens and Passengers on lot of different vessels, this merely being one, maybe we all need to remember to try and remember, that oddly enough, a lot of us, do have lives outside of this place.

Sorry, I just got home from work, thank God on the early bus no less, rocking *does a happy chair dance* Oh and I have found a cool, neato (and for right now, till I complete my and much beloved Classic Traveller set of LLBs, any waySource for Traveller stuff, I already got and played five turns, (what? It was late, and sadly the Ziru Sirka, was in fact far too conservative with the Terran Barbarians, one forgets how they breed and produce) of Imperium, the source of RUs Resource Units (of what I thought was Pocket Empires fame, oh well) tee hee, and I am getting *time for another happy chair dance* the Spinward Marches Campaign! Supplement Three is in the US First Class Mail as I write this, ah, happiness is living ones dreams...ya know, I think I am actually really glad it took the five plus Terms do it, frankly I have a lot more skills and knowledge than I did when I was eighteen. I mean *even more shameless I love Me coming* I made the Emperor's Birthday Honors List. That right there is like the culmination of Terms of reading, rereading and thinking and mapping and building and wondering and digesting The First Setting of Which to Aspire To. No, really, Traveller and the Forgotten Realms. *grins* Magnus' Birth Realm, me the other side of the...crap, I suppose that I should get that little chore done..excuse me one moment, be right back. *wanders off to yet another tab of CotI*

<<insert favorite in-flight, hold media of choice we will shortly resume course after this interaction with Port Authority, IISS X-Boat Service and Regina Customs IDent Checks, thank you again>>

OK, some where in the stack might actually be pic for me and for Mags, Bio and Official Portrait.

Anyway, all that work and nothing to show, hopefully I didn't send dupes, if so sorry Hunter. *shrugs* User, not techie, though I suspect some where you might have another box running hopefully, but that's why you test them upgrades to the software and such.

Also am perhaps a smidge hungry and the cat wants attention since I didn't come home on Saturday and give him (and me *grins*) Quality Pets and Sleep Time, mostly sleep since I am back up and at work at 2300 local, cuts into the sleep sked on weekends but now I have all week to hang out. So lucky you I am done for a minute and would like to close by saying again, thank you to Hunter and the Mods and My Fellow Citizens and now I go hang out with the cat, a book, and some grub. Then I get to post some things in the T5 forums, and deal with all the posts I missed yesterday and today. Yikes, still not as bad as when I moved...two months is a lot here.

Oh, ummm. Right.


PS: Somewhen I will come back and check this for errors and such....I think.
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