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Creation Date: September 10th, 2009 03:16 PM
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  #1 New September 10th, 2009 09:35 PM
Well, this is strange for me. I can't possible fathom why anyone might wander here and have and interest in what I have to say, but since this link has shown up in my forum entries I thought I should at least enter something here as a welcome and thanks for dropping by if nothing else.

I'm an old traveller newbie still working to chart his path. What I mean is that I played traveller [CT] a bit in high school, then joined the Army and never really picked it back up again. I did buy a copy of the MT boxed set when I was a cadet, and kept it over several years without ever doing more than glancing through the initial 3-book set.

Then, just over two years back, I found that boxed set while unpacking from yet another PCS (permanent change of station) and for reasons I can't explain, got excited about traveller again. I also dug out all of my original LBBs and rediscovered the fun and excitement that I remembered.

Then I was transferred to an assignment in the Pentagon, where a escape from reality was a crucial element for survival. Thinking about Traveller started to take up the time of my commute to and from work and helped me survive my year of exile in the 5-sided hell. That is when I found CotI and started to get real, unadulterated feedback on all of my wild ideas generated over long subway rides. What a thrill!

So now, I'm still a devotee of the MT system if not the setting and I am surprised to find myself a pretty active gearhead though I never thought of myself as such (I majored in history to avoid the extra math requirements for a science major at West Point).

But most importantly, I'm happy to be back in the fold, among friends who understand the excitement of crafting a real adventure that will allow the players to suspend their disbelief, among those who understand that the details add necessary flavor and enhance the overall experience, and most importantly, among those who love the world(s) of Traveller and want to continue their adventure no matter what the passing of the years may do to our aging rolls.

Yours in keeping with the fun,
Mike (Major B)
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#2 January 30th, 2011 12:24 AM
I hated it up there with the beltway bandits. We have a Condo in Mclean we are still trying to get rid of.
#1 May 12th, 2010 05:10 AM
"Then I was transferred to an assignment in the Pentagon, where a escape from reality was a crucial element for survival. " Wait the Pentagon is in this reality? I mean one wonders sometimes. Not to mention those rumors of a Gate there in the sub-basements. Funny you should refer to it as a five sided hell, I had heard that was what it was containing, not functioning as. Might be some leakage in the Seals...I would talk to someone about that. Laterness, Mags. (I just remembered we paying Travellers have these, I should probably go and do a more recent post in mine now.)

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