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Creation Date: January 28th, 2009 11:59 PM
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  #6 New March 30th, 2009 11:15 PM
Seriva swung her gun around behind them as footsteps approached. A familiar figure waved in greeting and she nodded to Kite as the younger woman joined them on the rooftop. Clad in a cover clothes, Kite looked worse for wear although her electric blue hair was a counterpoint to her drab clothing. Seriva had her optics back on and gestured towards the tear exposing her bodysuit in the shoulder.

“I’m fine. It’ll hurt more in a couple hours. Everything go well?” The younger woman settled back on her haunches as she looked at the supine form of the Margrave. Aiden kneeled by her head with his shockglove ready. His broad face didn’t change expression but he nodded curtly. Seriva had to smile at that, he was not pleased about this job. “Everything went well. I think Weyr did his part although I never saw him.”

“His guards were down,” Kite nodded, “but I never saw him either.” Weyr had been in the crowd and chose not to wear a comm-bud for security reasons. He was stubborn about some things like that. He hadn’t spent any time in the military and had a bit of trouble with their protocols. Weyr’s expertise was in working the streets and shadows alone, that was his preferred option. He had been the one to track down the location and timing of the Margrave’s little garden party about two systems back. The man could find the lost treasure of the Annic Nova in the seamiest bar if he put his mind to it. Seriva didn’t worry about him and brought her attention back to their predicament. Any minute now, she thought. Osprey was supposed to be on the spot for pick-up but they hadn’t seen any sign of her.

“She running late?” Kite just had to comment on it, Seriva knew. There was no way around those two and it was going to have to be dealt with sooner or later.

Aiden kept his head down, his attention on unconscious target of the operation. His shockglove had taken the fight right out of her but he was ready with another shot, if needed. Closer up, Seriva could see that the woman was classically beautiful with high cheekbones, lush lips and pale skin. That kind of look was either highly paid for or the culmination of generations of breeding. Or both, she figured, the Dav Gorn family had been a name to be reckoned with for over three hundred years. Originating from Julin III, back rimward in the Fedati sector, the Dav Gorn family had become one of the major players in sector politics and industry. In Fedati, the mere mention of the name was enough to have people falling all over you. Even this far out, the name had weight to it.

“There she is.” Aiden’s voice was low in the wind. Seriva looked up to see a darker shape descending from the sky. The whine of turbofans became clear as the flyer came closer. It slid to the side of the roof and descended until the top of it was level with the ledge around the roof-edge. The aircar’s canopy slid back and Seriva waved to the pilot. Kim was another young army bitch like Remy, small wonder that the two of them had been hissing like cats since they had picked up a new trade agent. Seriva slung her gun around behind her as Kim angled the side of the craft up close. Aiden shifted the woman back onto his shoulder and stepped onto the side of the vehicle and slipped in through canopy. Remy followed quickly after him and Seriva, with a last look around the rooftop, walked into it and heard the canopy slide shut behind her.

“River loaded, in-flight.” Kim’s voice was echoed in several earbuds around the aircar and so was the response.

“Roger. Eagle Two at meet. Kingfisher checked in safe.” Seriva nodded as she strapped herself into the front passenger seat and flipped up the navigational display. As it hummed images onto the windshield, she spun around to see Aiden and Remy fitting the woman into a black bag. It looked like a cadaver bag except for the circuitry inlaid along the fabric and the Margrave was now sporting a small mask connected to a tank. The sleeper agent would keep their quarry out of it until they could get off-planet. The stealth bag was government-grade and should trap any signals sent off by a security chip implanted in the Margrave. Seriva pored over the nav-map as the two in the back secured their harnesses. The fan-whine increased as acceleration pushed them all back into their seats.

In just a few moments, the aircar was hissing past the derelict buildings of Downgraft’s Empty Quarter. What windows remained would have shuddered as the craft shot, at low altitude, through the rooftops. There had been promises of sensor blackout but extra precaution was considered the best possible route. Newalis kept putting pressure on the throttle and the buildings began to blur past. A quarter of a minute later, she pushed the craft outside the urban environment and shot the craft into a vertical climb.

“Any trouble coming in?” Seriva checked the sensors for surveillance or pursuit as Kim shook her head. “Not a whisper. No contacts and no aerial surveillance, ma’am.” The pilot’s voice was tight as she brought the craft into a level flight for transit to the rendevouz point.

Seriva nodded and spent the remainder of the flight surveying the sensor read-out. The man who had hired them had promised a sensor black-out for the duration of their mission and it appeared to have worked. She wasn’t sure how he did it but there was no doubt, considering his position, that he was capable of it.
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