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Creation Date: January 28th, 2009 11:59 PM
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  #5 New March 29th, 2009 04:52 PM
As Kestrel’s voice echoed in her ear, Remy took two strong steps and slid to her knees, coming out on the other side of the hanging pile. The assassin had moved backwards, but was still ready with his gun. Their guns went off simultaneously to neither one’s enjoyment. A stitching of dark spatter created a line up the man’s chest as Remy’s machine pistol emptied the last half-dozen rounds into him. She didn’t have time to smile as a round slammed into her shoulder and sent her backwards. The slug hung up on the bodysuit beneath her cover garments but the impact sent shock patterns down her left arm. She rolled over and had time to see the man’s body topple off the scaffolding into the inky, moving mass below them.

Cursing she got to her feet and shook out her left arm, it was numbing up fast from the impact and she settled back against a girder, fumbling at her belt. A snap-hypo materialized and she jammed it into her wrist, the only place not protected by the bodysuit. She felt the container empty and a warming sensation spread up her left arm. The stay-med would last at least an hour and already the numbness was fading. She dropped the empty clip to the ground and reloaded the Hunvar 77 in her hand. The 8mm rounds were compact and filled each clip with a blistering amount of firepower but the rate of fire made it easy to deplete. Twenty-six rounds in almost 4 seconds of combat. Collecting herself, Remy looked out over the surging crowd below to the stage and the other members of the team. Kestrel had thrown the Margrave over his shoulder and Seriva was walking him, providing cover against the individuals who were now starting to storm the stage.

Looking in the other direction, she could see that front three guards were down or missing. Two of them lay crumpled next to the wall, obviously dead so Weyr had done his part. The other guard was nowhere to be seen although the mass exodus through the front doors once the trouble started could have trampled anything that had gotten in its way. She moved over to the sniper rifle and checked for anything left behind but there was nothing that could have traced the hired killer. She headed back onto the main catwalk and started for the locus of tangled cables hanging in the center of the ceiling.

“Mouse down. Kite heading to exfil.”

“Acknowledged, Kite. Osprey enroute.”
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