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Creation Date: January 28th, 2009 10:59 PM
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  #4 New March 29th, 2009 03:22 PM
Her feet flailed, trapped in the rotted splat-wall, as Seriva worked herself back up. Her good, strong kick had sent her feet straight through the wall and hadn’t moved it an inch. She levered her feet out and under her, slammed her shoulder into the wall and charged into complete chaos. The strobes had kicked off although she knew the darkness wouldn’t last long. The place had been swept by explosive sniffers and harm-scans but a collection of simple strobe lights had never been detected. Linear thinking always loses. The SMG came up to her shoulder and she moved around another splat-wall to look out on the stage.

The spotlight was dancing around the auditorium and she could see the two guards, far right and far left, racing across the stage towards the podium. She dotted one of them and sent three 10mm slugs into his face and neck. The guards were wearing CF buff coats and she didn’t want to take any chances. The silenced slugs popped his head back in a spray of blood and he careened to the floor. The other guard, still partially blinded, didn’t have a chance as she repeated the action with him. Her movement never stopped and she came out onto the stage in time to see Kestrel’s entrance.

The two minders had moved quickly and covered the Margrave when the strobes went off. But they hadn’t reacted fast enough to get her moving when the stage floor erupted 5m from them. The hydraulic lift under the floor had slammed through the stage and sent a bulky figure in black harness onto the ground in front of them. The newcomer rolled and slammed into the three huddled at the podium before they could avoid him. Seriva battle-walked towards them, heel to toe, gun centered, as Kestrel moved amongst them. The first minder to react stood straight into a snap kick that took his knee out, a swing of the baton cracked his face aside and only one of the minders was left. To her credit, the Margrave wasn’t screaming and instead moved to put the guard between her and the intruder.

Seriva moved closer and caught a burst of movement from the stage edge. They had known there would be agents within the crowd and one of them launched herself onto the stage. Dressed in ganger rags, the woman brought a bulky handgun to bear on the struggle ahead of her. Seriva pivoted to her knee and fired two bursts, center-mass, at the woman. There was no sign of armor but the gang clothes were bulky and could have hidden a shock vest. The woman’s gun flew from her fingers as she jerked back under the fusillade. She spun backwards and off the stage into the surging crowd.

Seriva jumped back to her feet and kept moving as she scanned the edge of the stage for more opponents. Seeing none, she glanced back to Kestrel and the Margrave in time to see him put the final guard down for good. The black-garbed man spun around to face the handgun in the woman’s hand. Ellima’s face was calm as she drew a bead on him. The man snapped backwards and dropped to the ground as her gun fired into the empty air. A scissor kick dropped her down next to him and rolled on top of her clamping his gloved hand onto her face. Seriva moved to his side as the noblewoman’s legs kicked as her synapses shuddered under Kestrel’s shockglove.

His voice slid through her earbud. “Kitten in the bag. Kestrel and Gyrhawk, ready to exfil.”

The response was smooth. “River approaching, Osprey out.”
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